Slow On The Uptake


This morning.

Taoiseach, Micheál Martin told the Dail that last week 180,000 appointments for booster jabs were issued, but that just 93,000 people had attended.

Via RTÉ News:

The HSE said that in order to give people maximum opportunity to get a booster and to use all capacity in the programme, the HSE is using vaccination centres, GPs and pharmacies as vaccination channels.

It said that in comparison to the primary vaccination programme, it is taking longer to vaccinate people in some groups with the boosters.

It added that this is evident in lower attendance rates at both scheduled clinics, and at walk-in clinics.

“Even allowing for acknowledged issues with notification across the different vaccination systems, it is evident that it is taking longer for people to attend for the booster vaccination.,” the HSE said.

HSE urges people to attend for booster vaccines (RTÉ)

Graph: Ireland Vaccine Progress

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40 thoughts on “Slow On The Uptake

    1. just millie

      Why wouldn’t they, Giggidy?

      I’m curious because I received the Pfizer jab over the summer, and am due to get a booster soon.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The thought process Millie. You’re already in that process as you’re questioning it. For the sake of a month, many Pfizer folk will wait I’d think. They don’t want to mix vaccines, as they’re not exactly alike.

      2. Cian

        There are two schools of thought (for those that are open to getting the booster) on this:

        1. I had Pfizer already and no bad side-effects; I’ll rather get the Pfizer booster (better the devil you know).
        2.I had Pfizer already, if i get a Moderna booster then I’ve broader protection.

        (feel free to swap vaccine names to match personal circumstance)

        IMO there is merit in both arguments (glass half-empty Vs half-full).

        1. Cui Bono?

          3. I’m not at any serious risk, I might already have immunity, long term risks are unknown especially when mixing different vaccines and it won’t stop me from transmitting it to others so don’t need it –

    2. SOQ

      Plus I think hesitancy will be higher because most people know someone who had some sort of a reaction. It doesn’t have to be a serious reaction of course, just enough to flip the fear balance.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Most people got a sore arm and felt a bit crap for a day so know what to expect. Scaremongering from antivaxx doesn’t work anymore.

        1. Jono

          How about scaremongering from the medical community then?

          People who have taken the vaccine have deliberately used their own bodies to create the very spike protein which the above researchers say damages the ability the body has to repair broken DNA.

          Can people not see how this is going to cause problems?

      1. Nigel

        More likely it’s starting to slot into a similar mental space as the yearly flu jab, at least for people who aren’t vulnerable or at-risk.

  1. Kdoc

    Why does the anti brigade accept these numbers from the HSE when they don’t accept anything else from them?

          1. Kdoc

            I’ll try to remove the fog. The anti troop don’t appear to believe anything that falls from the mouths of Reid, Holohan, Glynn, Nolan et al. However, some appear to accept the apparent lack of enthusiasm for booster shots as shown by the HSE numbers. Based on those numbers one commenter here suggests nobody believes in the booster shots another is suggesting increased hesitancy.

      1. Kdoc

        SOQ, There may be no increased hesitancy. The so-called shortfall is looking more likely be the result of administrative error rather than actual numbers declining the booster.

    1. Mr.T

      I could understand them inflating the numbers to manufacture consent, it doesnt make sense for them to keep uptake number artificially low though, it undermines their own authority.

      The HSE number are what they say they are or lower, they have motivation to increase numbers, not to decrease them.

      1. Kdoc

        What seems to be occurring is that some people are getting booster shots in GP surgeries and pharmacies and are also receiving appointments for the mass vaccination centres. Also a friend of mine received an appointment for two different centres. The HSE numbers vis-á-vis the shortfall of booster uptake is probably misleading.

    1. Mise

      Still do not understand why this is not reported by RTE or any of our newspapers.
      Well I do understand why they won’t inform us 1200/42000 fatalities in 90 days . With over 9000 we just don’t knows , how can they not know ; that is 1/4 of their study group.

      1. Cian

        The fatalities was from all doses across the world. The video says there were 29 million in the US alone, the PDF suggesting that the US has about 1/4 of adverse events in various areas would suggest there were around 100 million people involved.

        1,200 (possible) deaths from 100,000,000 people isn’t significant, especially when you compare that to the 720,000 Covid deaths worldwide in Jan & Feb 2021.

        1. anolderman

          I wonder what the safety data position is around pregnancy today. HSE is encouraging pregnant women to take the injection. Do Pfizer still say they don’t know as per this video ?

    2. Kim The Cardassian

      I see that fake doctor is still spouting crap. Both Martenson, and Peak Prospect’s other founder, Taggart are bullshi1tters of the highest order. Martenson went from being a “finance expert” pre=covid to being a “doctor’.

      They have totally cashed in on the pandemic. Follow the money.

      Wake up man!

          1. SOQ

            Who said it was medical information? They reviewed the data issued under FOI which Pfizer tried to hide for fifty five years.

          2. SOQ

            No- peak stupidly is not wondering why Pfizer tried to hide the data for fifty five years.

            That stinks to the high heavens.

    3. Cian

      I’d love to see him do the same video on some other medicine or vaccine. I think he is holding the Covid vaccines to a higher standard than other medicines.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yep. RTE had the first 20 minutes on their news yesterday afternoon about the weather. A reporter wherever the storm went nearly.

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