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        1. Cú Chulainn

          No, because it’s standard fare for that and many other organisations like that. A bit short this morning? I think you might need to ‘fully ‘charge’ your magic wand there Imelda…!!!

    1. Paulus

      Just look at you there now Ghislaine
      Massaging that hoof on his plane.
      And no doubt you went higher
      With your fellow-flyer
      Why not, when you’d plenty to gain.

  1. benblack

    Just as a BTW, ‘The Last Duel’ on Netflix is a good exercise of perception.

    Appearances can be deceiving.

    A good movie in this regard.

  2. Gerry

    Given The “Irish” Sun’s fondness for the word “Paedo”, and the fact that that disgusting Creaven worked at RTE for 15 years, I expect to see a series of wonderfully cheap front pages based on single photographs: “Paedo at the Ploughing”, “Paedo at Croke Park” etc. — from the paper’s point of view it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    No interest in child welfare, news or the public interest, just pure cynical commercialism from a bunch of English tabloid hacks.

    1. Imelda Maybe


      No mention of whether RTE resources (phone, computers, offices, expenses) were ever used ….

      Tomorrow’s Sun. “Dee Forbes on RTE’s JImmy Saville”: Anything the Irish Times sports department can do, we’ll….

    1. Jerr

      Jesus Gerry
      A good friend of mine states bit coin is going to replace fiat currency as he calls it
      I am of course saying no way. And the system will never let this happen
      I think now maybe this is the plan
      Let’s face it we are all or nearly all now chipped with the vaccine
      The world is going to need plenty of data centres for the crypto currencies to work

      Ever wonder why government insists of making data centres major consumers of energy to be placed in our country that is so behind in carbon neutrality
      70 centres already her and more on the way

      Seems the infrastructure is with us already

      It’s a scary thought and quite believable

      1. E'Matty

        Not necessarily Bitcoin, which may or may not survive as a store of wealth, but digital currencies and wallets. More likely in the form of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). The government of the day will know every single financial transaction you engage in. Failure to comply with the system in any way leaves one open to having wallet access denied cutting you out from the economy entirely. The level of control over citizens this will enable is truly tyrannical. This is only one aspect of the Digital prison being constructed over all life on earth. The mindless moron brigade think it all conspiracy theory but never seem to consider what life might be like under such a system were one of their feared politicians like an Orban, Trump, Putin or similar be elected and gain control over such a system. It’s a turn key tyranny in the making.

          1. Chris

            Carrying it in a wheelbarrow to buy a loaf of bread.

            WEF published several white papers in November, all pertaining to CBDC. It’s coming, the biggest shift in the social contract ever.

            It makes it easier for them to get it across the line with people distracted and cowering about a virus. Plus, people that do talk about it get shouted down as conspiracy theorists. It beggars belief.

        1. Jerr

          If digital currencies are linked to say the euro in Europe dollar in the USA then I assume it’s value is the same
          I thought crypto currency’s was separate to government control and as such an attraction
          Digital currency ?
          An even bigger one than anything a government can control
          Anyway our generation over 40s I think are the last to enjoy freedoms
          Sad for the kids

  3. Imelda Maybe

    Any takers on “Staying in Tomorrow?” yet?

    Marian Keyes
    Imelda May
    Samantha Power
    Domhnall Gleeson
    Lad who lost everything in Barra
    Entire “I worked with Creaven in the van” RTE team
    Irish Golfer in bad jumper.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Johnny Logan
      Damien Dempsey
      imelda May (yes, I know you’ve mentioned her)
      Some young fella off the recent late late show that had nice, corporate, things happen to him.
      The deli counter employee from the RTE canteen
      Eamonn Ryan

      1. Imelda Maybe

        Good thoughts. We do need to up the “7 year old with dickie bow in wheelchair” angle to provide a smooth transition to Father Brian D’arcy and Glen Hansard’s on-air announcement of their engagement (and a Grafton St virtual Christmas singalong with a reformed Something Happens).

        Surely Paul Howard has a book to sell about Kiely’s…

      1. galaxiapolizia

        @ eamonn

        yes, he’s away on the BlackStarLiner with so many of those greats
        who lit-up that golden age, when reggae meshed with punk,
        and rhymed with change, and pushed-back boundaries,
        and opened-up minds, and it felt like an unstoppable
        rolling revolutionary wave that offered so much positivity,
        optimism, and hope… when the two 7s clashed.
        Today’s (and tomorrow’s) youth may yet surprise us
        and wise-up, rise-up, and lead the chase…
        and “chant down Babylon”!


        enjoy the Solstice

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