Where Do You Want The Yacht?


This afternoon.

Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

Louis Heath (top left) and Art O’Laoghaire (top right), from Extinction Rebellion, held a demonstration outside Sinn Fein’s headquarters to highlight the party’s ‘lack of timely action to prevent oil exploration and extraction in Northern Ireland’.

Or a delivery of weapons.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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17 thoughts on “Where Do You Want The Yacht?

  1. SOQ

    SF already have a very effective weapon- it’s called Mary Lou.

    You’d have a job in your hands trying to decommission that wan.

    1. Johnny

      …do you have any healthy relationships,say with women?
      They ain’t wrong,SF needs get more green,a bunch old men in Belfast need retire.

      1. SOQ

        I have plenty of healthy relationships with women- thanks for asking.

        As for Mary Lou- that was a joke, because I quite like her.

        1. johnny

          yeah,lost in translation.
          She’s from Dundrum,would not have a clue what your saying or implying,is that “nordie’ lingo or pathos?
          looking great too was just in DC/NY.

  2. Paulus

    Two protesters showed up with a yacht:
    The Shinners said; ‘What’s that you’ve got?
    It doesn’t look like the Asgard
    So give us your pass-card
    And we’ll fund our own Gunpowder Plot.

  3. Niall

    They’re fooling themselves. This is the party who described a fuel smuggling, tax dodging criminal as a “good republican”. XR would be better going up to Monaghan / Armagh to deliver their letter

    1. johnny

      …..why cant a smuggler be a great republican,quite a noble profession,just ask JFK,is he still on half the walls of catholic and FF ireland’s ?

    2. Nigel

      It doesn’t sound like they’re fooling themselves at all. You can hardly ask politicians who are doing the right thing to change their behaviour, just the ones doing the wrong thing.

  4. johnny

    ..well done Louis Heath (top left) and Art O’Laoghaire, from Extinction Rebellion,taking it to SF,their position on progressive ideas like cannabis and green/environmental issues in general is tepid and poll based,they wont capture and win,then hold the hearts and minds of the next generation with old war stories and a party run by old men.

  5. Jerr

    I think they have missed the boat
    And please that’s hardly a yacht
    Maybe put the three cabbages in it and set sail into the horizon
    And Ryan can store his bike on the deck

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