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Via Irish Times:

As the nation blindly rolls into a second week of our children’s faces being masked in primary school, I beg for pause.

As a play therapist and social worker I am currently experiencing a daily dread as we unbelievably ignore the essential role of our faces; for connection, for communication, for emotional regulation, for learning, for play.

This essential role is more significant with decreasing age. Lest we forget the infant experiencing all of its world through the face of the mother.

The recent recommendations of our Government is further disproportionately burdening our children, their communities and future.

Our faces are not disposable. The short-term harm is evident and long-term harm unfathomable.

Liz Barragry, Kinsealy, county Dublin

Irish Times Letters


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69 thoughts on “Beg For Pause

  1. Mike

    What utter fupping nonsense. Cases have skyrocketed among children over the last few weeks. It’s a small thing that can be done for a while to reduce the case numbers among the wider population, and especially if you’re a teacher. Get over yourself.

    Broadsheet has gone so down the rabbit-hole of conspiracy theory silliness, it’s embarrassing.

    1. Cui Bono?

      You are brainwashed Mike. We are all only trying to wake you up. We are not ant-maskers, anti-vaxers, far right etc etc we are just not hypnotised by the propaganda. For whatever reason it did not work on us.

      Masks do not stop virus transmission according to the overwhelming amount of scientific and observational evidence. You need to look at the data and studies. I have. You have a duty to do so because you are living in ignorance.

      Do you not even think it’s odd that cases are only being reported as skyrocketing now just when the vaccines are getting approved for children? Why were they not skyrocketing before last year without masks or vaccines for children? THINK HARDER

      1. LiveLine

        Cui Bono, when we put all of our differences aside, I’m sure almost everyone who might disagree with your reading of reality can be happy for you – and the rest of your similarly-minded pals on here – that you have found an outlet that gives you an improved sense of self worth and gives your life some meaning. I think that’s a message we can all take some joy from, regardless of our individual takes on reality. I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!

        1. Cui Bono?

          Your patronising nonsense just shows how ignorant you are.

          I hate what’s happening in the world. This does not give my life meaning, it takes away from my life and causes a lot of stress. I’m unable to enjoy normal basic things I used to do all the time because I choose not to take an unneeded vaccine and I’m in great health of no danger to anyone.

          The ignorant masses are just going along with it because you think covid is the most lethal virus ever when it’s clearly not.

          1. North Gay George's Treat

            I’m taking this opportunity to wish you and the gang well too, Cui, genuinely. with all of those internal stresses and worries I hope none of you forget to take care of your mental health, particularly around this time of year :)

          1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

            Seeing a lot more new shill names here doing their best to personally attack consisltant contributors.

            As much as I hate it I have to give credit to Broadsheet for giving everyone an equal voice.
            I do like how the shills are so obvious though.
            They are the ones who add absolutely nothing factual to the debate.

      2. Junkface

        FFP2 and N95 masks DO stop transmission of the virus if worn correctly (not under the chin). Cloth masks and blue surgical masks do not. Jesus Christ! The lack of cop on with anti maskers and anti vaxxers is ridiculous. Havin said that, I would not want children covered up all day, just when they share common areas indoors with high numbers of children around them. If they are seated with more distance between them in class, with a fan on and window slightly open near it, that should weaken the virus in the air. South Korea and Taiwan did this.

        1. Nigel

          Actually it’s been shown that all masks, even if worn incorrectly, play an effective role in reducing transmission to some degree, more so than social distancing, or social distancing by itself, at any rate.

        2. Micko

          I would not be putting South Korea and other Asian countries forward as beacons of how to deal with anything Junkface.

          “ Masks must be worn at ALL times, except during meals which must be consumed in SILENCE.”


          And Ha ha. “ Global development is supported by The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation”

          Are they feckin trolling people now or what? ;-)

          1. Junkface

            But Micko, you are taking the most extreme example of public behaviour control from South Korea, if true. I won’t believe any comment on face value regarding how other countries do things. It needs to be proven with evidence. There are studies regarding FFP2 and N95 masks, there are studies regarding air exchange or else air flow disruption using fans. People need to think logically about these issues and not believe everything they are told on social media or youtube.

            The belief that we are all heading towards totalitarianism at maximum speed because we need to curb our behaviour until we get virus cases under control is reactionary and overblown, and a lot of people are making money spreading these ideas online. In other words, it’s a grift from all sides. And yes I am aware that Big Pharma are also taking the pee by not allowing full vaccination of the 3rd world, therefore incubating more mutations, which in turn makes them more money.

          2. Micko

            “ we need to curb our behaviour until we get virus cases under control ”

            Ye see. This is where we disagree.

            There was never any chance of getting this under control imo.

            Look what we’ve sacrificed and what we’ve done to our societies to try to stop it.

            Look at the discrimination, the segregation, the demonising of others. The zealotry on both sides, the fragmentation of families. The hatred, the destruction of peoples mental health, the curtain twitching, the money taken from future generations.

            For what?

          3. Junkface

            “Ye see. This is where we disagree.
            There was never any chance of getting this under control imo.”

            We will never get anything under control so long as people (10% to 20%) don’t make efforts to stop spreading a possible infection. Wear correct masks when requested, get vaccinated to be part of the public health program. You can’t have people doing whatever they want, then complaining when things get locked down or closed for months.

            We live in societies, there are certain things we must do to take part in the benefit of good times as well as bad times.

            I hate lockdowns and the loss of Live music and cinema. I feel bad for people who have had their careers ruined and savings stolen because of this.

          4. Micko

            We will never have this under control.

            18 people died last week in Ireland with the average age in their 70’s and yet they’ve just extended the emergency powers until the middle of next year. They’ve just reintroduced MHQ,

            Germany and Austria are mandating people get the jab. Italy is requiring people to have the jab to work. Australia is demanding infected people to go to quarantine camps. South Korea used tracking tech and CCTV technology to monitor and track infected people.

            New York is mandating the jab to work for private biz and they’re mandating 5 year olds to have vaccine passports to experience the arts and culture.


            Whatever about it starting as a public health measure, it has now mutated into a grotesque monstrosity.

            Anyone still playing along is part of the problem.

          5. Junkface

            So wearing a correct mask on the train or bus opposite an old person is being part of the problem.

            Getting vaccinated so that the population reaches an effective level, so that mutations go down is being part of the problem.

            I would not use mandates myself if I was leading a country, unless it was a last resort and justified it. Like you say, the death rate recently is quite low. I have problems with how Irish leadership messed a lot up.

            I would just make correct FFP2 masks mandatory in indoor public spaces, huge efforts in ventilation systems, free antigen tests outside all live music and theatre venues, but if you are a medical worker you must be vaccinated.

          6. Micko

            “ So wearing a correct mask on the train or bus opposite an old person is being part of the problem”

            Yes. It’s promotes fear and the continuation of this this rubbish. It’s not Ebola. And hopefully that old person is vax’d. I don’t need to be vax’d to protect them.

            “Getting vaccinated so that the population reaches an effective level, so that mutations go down is being part of the problem.”

            We’re at 93% of the eligible population here. It shows no sign of slowing down. Ever

            This is being used to usher in some pretty repugnant stuff. And yet very few are dying.

            Just a little more.

            Just a little bit more


          7. Junkface

            If you wear 70 or 80 you would have a different attitude, as you would be in danger.
            I think what you said there is crazy in parts. If an older person does not receive a booster in time and caught the virus they could have a nasty struggle in hospital or die.
            Just wear an effective mask when required. It’s quite simple. Use test and trace with antigen tests so that everyone can keep some normality.

            On your last point, yes 93% in Ireland are vaccinated, BUT this is a pandemic. It’s all of the other countries that can also cause problems. It’s a mindset, If everyone else in the EU and Africa were thinking the way you are the mess would be huge and never ending.

          8. John Smith

            ‘If you wear 70 or 80 you would have a different attitude, as you would be in danger.’

            I am over 70 and I DON’T have a different attitude. I agree whole-heartedly with what Micko has said. I don’t want anyone to wear a mask for my sake. If they want to wear one that’s up to them but don’t tell them they have to.

          9. Micko


            Both my parents died as a result of infections and underlying conditions.

            I didn’t ask the world to protect them.

            Don’t ask me to protect the world.

            And I mean that as nicely as possible. You’re a good bloke ;)

      3. Rominick

        @Cui Bono,
        Spot on.
        This is unfolding like a script at this point.
        Last year it was Luke O’Neill saying masks are pointless, then In June/July masks were suggested, then madw mandatory.
        The mask is merely a sign of compliance and is dehumanising.
        As well as that if someone is willing to wear a mask for no reason you have them in a state of compliance.
        The jabs are next, followed by the boosters.
        It’s so obvious how the masks are introduced to kids in school and then the jabs become available.

        How any of the monsters (Donnellly, Martin and Varadkar) sleep at night is beyond me.

    2. Broadbag

      “Lest we forget the infant experiencing all of its world through the face of the mother.”

      a) That’s debatable.
      b) Any infant young enough for that to be true is at home unmasked.
      c) The mother isn’t at school where the child is masked.
      d) This is disingenuous heart-string pulling guff.

      1. Micko

        You’re right. The whole thing IS debatable.

        When was the debate again? I missed it.

        Massive parts of our brains are dedicated to detecting faces. It’s one of the reasons the ‘Uncanny Valley’ phenomenon exists, when we see CGI of faces. It’s not good enough yet to fool us.

        We have no clue what this COULD do to a developing brain. I would wager that we’ve never starved kids of faces for 6 hours a day before.

        It might do nothing. But why take the risk with our children?

        1. SOQ

          I must admit- those skin coloured masks really freak me out- they look like the wearer has no mouth or nose. God knows what it would do to a child.

    3. Micko

      “ It’s a small thing that can be done for a while ”

      What’s a while? And for how long a day?

      No one should be wearing a mask for 6 hours a day.

        1. Micko

          Don’t know what you mean there Paul.

          Are you conflating well paid adult medical professionals with 9 year old children?

          “Well, if I can do it for 8 hours a day, why can’t a 9 year old”

          Unimpressive rubbish Paul

          1. johnny

            and so it begins,yawn man,smoke some weed,your super agressive.

            “No one should be wearing a mask for 6 hours a day.”

            minutes later-egressive as its 8 Hours !

            “Well, if I can do it for 8 hours a day, why can’t a 9 year old”

            all day,ever day.

            Rubbish pal utter rubbish pal….zzzzzz.

          2. Micko

            Adults work for 8 hours.

            I didn’t think I had to restructure my sentence as accurately as that, just so you could understand it.

            I assumed people’s powers of extrapolation are advanced enough to perform basic tasks.

            Very well.

            “ Well, if I can do it for 8 hours a day, why can’t a 9 year old do it for 6”

            Happy now?

            Also, it’s 11:30am here and 6:30am in New York. If you’re smoking weed right now Johnny, you might need some help man.

          3. johnny

            stay classy Micko.
            Unimpressive rubbish Paul
            Unimpressive rubbish Paul
            Unimpressive rubbish Paul

            all day every day.

            what makes you think i’m in NY-people travel go school and wear masks,some people wake and bake….and i need help yeah……yeah.

            If you’re smoking weed right now Johnny, you might need some help man.
            If you’re smoking weed right now Johnny, you might need some help man.
            If you’re smoking weed right now Johnny, you might need some help man.

            …every time,its his comfy blanket,elevate your game,its tedious.

          4. Micko

            Apologies if you think I’m being aggressive Paul.

            It’s not my intention. I have no aggression at all here. Sometimes text isn’t the best way to communicate.

            I just think relating ANY of this to people who work in hospitals is unimpressive rubbish. It’s their job.

            That’s NOT to say you are. Just that opinion is.

          5. Micko

            A rational and well thought out reply as ever Johnny.

            Truly weed has had no effect on you.

            Now. I’ve apologised to Paul. What’s your beef now?

          6. benblack

            The transparent and immature ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ post from Oro – again.

            She doesn’t like ‘your vibe’ at all, Johnny – she’s looking for allies against her perceived enemies – an attempted ingratiation.

            A good dope-smoker would be fully aware of such transparency in an individual.

            A weak and deplorable person.

    4. K. Cavan

      Masks don’t stop the transmission of Coronaviruses, Mike, never have, never will. It matters not how strongly you believe in Fake Science, it remains Fake. Nobody under 17 has died in this country from Covid & not a single case of a child without serious underlying conditions dying from Covid has been confirmed anywhere.
      The only science involved in the use of masks, social distancing or lockdowns is Psychology.

  2. Wilhelm

    Mask up or close the schools early. I’d be more worried about disadvantaged kids missing out on learning than “human connection” with their peer Jimmy.

  3. SOQ

    All of this nonsense is based on the assumption that children being infected is a bad thing. But in the main, they clear it the same way as a normal cold and then they have immunity. This is what children have done since the begining of time, and it is how they build their defences.

    They are the ideal group to build herd immunity,

    1. Nigel

      No, it’s based on the assumption that the virus spreading through any part of the population is a bad thing. Try to argue against actual assumptions, not ones you make uo for your own convenience.

      1. SOQ

        It’s the same thing- that any spread is bad. Sweden kept lower schools open throughout, with no masks, and no higher rates of illness in that group either.

          1. Nigel

            If you think it’s weird that I find myself having an argument over a perfectly obvious and clear distinction, imagine how I feel.

      2. K. Cavan

        Nigel, it’s possible that some people go through their entire lives without contracting a cold but most people get them regularly. The possibility of using masks to live your entire life free of colds is equivalent to what’s being done here but we all know it’s nothing to do with health anyway, right? It’s political & when Irish politicians run to do the bidding of their unelected superiors, the health of children, physical or psychological, matters not, right?

  4. E'Matty

    The usual child-adults on here with their media conditioned terror of this moderate virus all desperate to use actual kids as their human shields no matter what harm may result for the kids. They are imposing potentially harmful practices and drugs on children for a virus that poses almost no risk to children whatsoever with measures that do not prevent transmission. These people appear incapable of thinking at all. They just parrot whatever nonsense the latest voice of authority has said as if it’s gospel truth and damned be any heretic who dare question it. These fools actually think themselves clever for unquestioning obedience to authority. That’s how mindless and stupid they are.

    1. Chris

      It really is hard trying to grasp their utter stupidity. Behavioural science/ propaganda aside – there’s now undeniable data, that ‘vaccines’ are driving mutations and cases, as they’re non sterilizing.

      It can’t even be discussed in a rational manner. It’s either ‘but it’s a public health crisis’ or hurr durr ‘ratlickers’.

      Those that have been ‘vaccinated’ and die, tend to 28 days after a positive test, suggesting that while they reduce symptoms of illness, they’re doing nothing to stop viral replication, and eventually overcome the immunity for those at risk.

      Adding another age cohort to the program is madness.

    2. LiveLine

      E’Matty, with respect, you’re coming across as a bit stressed, maybe take a break for a while my friend.

      1. K. Cavan

        Well, LiveLine, you’re coming across as a bit psychopathic, you should seek professional help, unless you think imposing Fake Science on the children of your nation for Political reasons is ok, in which case you definitely need professional help.

    3. kieran laffan

      i knew after the bank bailout that the majority of irish were cowardly,but by god i never realised ,what an utter bunch of spineless fools they really are.they are well and truly flushed out noe for all to see.

      1. Chris

        800 years of occupation certainly makes more sense now. Watch them happily clap along as we enter the 4th Reich. Cowardly idiots indeed.

      2. K. Cavan

        The lack of intelligence of the Irish is legendary, our reputation for cowardice has some catching up to do. The way we were paralysed with fear was something that our future generations will
        feel deep shame over. The Great Cowardice would be a good title for this chapter of our history. It can include details of the defunct Fianna Fail, Fine Gael & Green Parties, nobody will remember them.

  5. Pat

    Wouldn’t those face shield things have worked?

    Someone needs to invent a transparent face mask

    My work here is done

        1. K. Cavan

          I know how to make masks breathable, Pat, you throw them in the bin. They still function just as well in preventing viral transmission, from there.

  6. Nigel

    All the kids on the spectrum who have trouble both reading and expressing themselves through facial expressions are haveing an absolute ball, though.

    1. K. Cavan

      Nigel, this is a new low, even for you. You are, undoubtedly, an impressively sick puppy.
      I needn’t tell you what aid you should seek, do I?

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