Staying In Tomorrow?


Charlie Bird

On The Late Late Show…

….Linda Pototzki writes:

Hit series Dancing with the Stars returns to RTÉ One in January, and tomorrow night, we will unveil the first four well-known faces who will be taking to the floor live in front of the nation in a bid to win the coveted glitter-ball trophy.

Former RTÉ presenter Charlie Bird has been candidly open about his recent Motor Neuron disease diagnosis, and tomorrow evening, Charlie will speak to Ryan about how he has chosen to face death head-on

Two days before his 60th birthday, Irish country music legend Daniel O’Donnell will be celebrating live on the Late Late Show.

A host of musical guests will be joining Daniel for the celebrations, including Paddy Cole, Margo O’ Donnell, Cliona Hagan, Susan McCann, Louise Morrissey, David James, Marc Roberts, and Jimmy and Claudia Buckley, as well as friends of Daniel’s from other walks of life such as Packie Bonner and Shona McGarty. There will also be a few surprises!

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One tomorrow at 9:35pm.


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7 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. TheFastnet

    This late late show keeps the Irish asleep, when it could do so much good. It is part of the state run media

  2. eamonn

    wishing Charlie Bird all the strength and power he needs on his journey.
    respect to him for sharing.
    might skip the late late though.

    1. Imelda Maybe

      We’ve heard this Charlie Bird story before. Sorry for your troubles, Chas, but this is not news.

      Being ill does not make you a celebrity.

      1. Sara

        Wonder will Charlie Bird be asked about his early membership of the Workers Party, and why he’s denied that over the years (despite their being a load of photos of him at WP events). Wonder will Charlie be asked why he supported Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act which ensured that censorship and fear took hold of RTE.

        1. Imelda Maybe

          Or his new RTE series on driving around Ireland – the Motor New Run show (sponsored by Duffy BMW). Top gear lads.

    1. Imelda Maybe

      Bizarrely, over 100 of them turned out to be elderly pilots in the U.S. It’s gone very quiet.

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