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This morning.


Dr Ciara Kelly refutes claims from BodyWhys, the Eating Disorder Association of Ireland, that RTÉ One’s Operation Transformation had the potential to have a “negative impact on mental health” and was “triggering” to many users of the service.


RTÉ has now defended the new season, which aired on Wednesday night, due to its more “holistic” approach.

“In this year’s series, for example, the weekly check-in (the part of the show where the leaders meet the experts) incorporates an overall health check looking at a range of health indicators including blood pressure, cholesterol, hydration, sleep quality and psychological wellbeing.

Viewers have long expressed their concerns about the show, with some calling it “fatphobic”, and have criticised the “humiliating” and revealing Lycra outfits worn at weekly weigh-ins.

RTÉ responds to Operation Transformation concerns (RTE)


Hello you.

ESB writes:

Broadsheet off the jelly…


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21 thoughts on “Transformation Exclusionary

    1. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

      You got in ahead of me. There’s got to be a bullying accusation in a wardrobe there somewhere. No human can be so snide and self righteous as that and not have trampled on people along the way! Only a matter of time till someone pops one out.

  1. NobleLocks

    Good. I’m DELIGHTED it’s “triggering” to snowflakes. Triggering snowflakes should be considered a patriotic duty.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Listening to the Newstalk bit.

    Yer man saying he wouldn’t want to appear in lycra on tele and then claiming this is a manner of shaming. Get a grip.
    Isn’t it so that one can see the difference more easily from start versus end.

    He does go on about how those in the show want to be there and there is great support for them.
    And that the show is addressing a major issue in society.
    That’s the thing though isn’t it, and nothing that is really worthwhile, like addressing a social issue, is ever very easy.

    But as Kelly notes, if the show is not for you, if you’re triggered, don’t watch it.

    1. Nigel

      ‘But as Kelly notes, if the show is not for you, if you’re triggered, don’t watch it.’

      If you’re ‘triggered’ by people criticising the show, avoid the criticism.

  3. Nullzero

    Triggering morbidly obese people should be compulsory.

    Trigger them to cop on and get the most out of life. Maybe we could start by increasing our kids PE beyond the paltry one day a week for less than an hour to start with.

    1. Nigel

      Amazing how ‘triggering’ people with eating disorders never actually works. Still, keep trying, it’s a small socially permissable sadism.

  4. Liam Rick Munchen (formerly Don Leary-Dort, formerly Tara Strete, formerly Sydney Parade-Gates, formerly Herr Coach, formerly Buzz Eireann, formerly Hughie Luas)

    Jay Bourke looks well.

  5. ZSmoke

    I bet the people who complained are the same who hysterically foam at the mouth screaming for you to get vaccinated… coz Leo said so.

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