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    1. Bitnboxy

      Crikey, mad auld lad GiggidyGums, we will all be speaking Deutsch before you know it – and you have barely mastered English! Just get those new dentures to at least give your mad aul self a chance. Bojo was right! Go on, get your accent-double Mick Wallace to sort this out before it’s too late.

      I’d say it has been “echt Kalt” down at the port these nights with you freezing your Giggidybits off. Hard graft for a mad auld lad. Sehr schwer!


      1. GiggidyGoo

        I see your new years resolution didn’t last long.
        Scan the code. It hasn’t changed (same as yourself)
        It won’t be long now until you can once again join the Kiddies Klub. Will the Credit Union advance the monies again this year? Will the train tickets be too expensive to Rosslare this year?

        1. Bitnboxy

          ROFL! I wasn’t the one who claimed that he “has barely a tooth left in his head” mad auld lad GiggidyGums. Oh and successful men of your age don’t generally behave like you online or spend their free time *after a night-shift* (dear oh dear) on online comment fora. Something is wrong – diddums!

          Oi, you told me you would scan your code for me and your ex! I am STILL waiting. Successful middle-aged men scan their codes!

          You’ll do for me mad aul lad GiggidyGums.

          Always a pleasure.

          1. GiggidyGoo


            Scan the code. It must pain you immensely to have it there day after day in full view as a constant reminder.

            Well – did the Credit Union stump up for this years fairytale stay in Rosslare, rubbing shoulders with those that can afford it out of their pocket money? Guffaw!

            Rattled? Bitty?

      2. Annie 14 Tennis

        How is it that whenever GiggidyGoo makes a comment, a disgraceful comment from Bitnboxy appears that has nothing at all to do with the original comment, but is just a tirade of childish insults directed towards him?
        I thought the scan the code line was a joke until just now. I’ve just scanned it. The code that GiggidyGoo has as his profile picture is spot on.
        Broadsheet should clean up its act and not be allowing the likes of Bitnboxy get away with the kind of rubbish he’s posting. It would make this place a bit more enjoyable.
        That’s my shillings worth.

        1. Kali

          Despite the media reporting here, I believe the UK were dead right to leave the EU. As a trading block its great. Cross border travel, trade and a shared currency have superb benefits. But as soon as they started pushing for an EU army and wanting to decide countries tax/justice policies, they overstepped the mark. The creep will continue until we get to the point where everyone is told, were this far along what’s another step to EU superstate consolidation.

          How long before another despot takes control of a European country and decides it’s time to invade the neighbour to the east. We’ll get to see our children/grandchildren go off to fight in a war of someone else’s choosing.

          The nationalistic framework has already been put in place in the past two years. Being part of society is not free and you have the obligation to be vaccinated. Those obligations will be extended to other facets of life. I didn’t think I’d ever say it but I do hope for the EU to be dismantled

          1. Nigel

            That’s funny, because whether in or out of the EU the UK has never been much bothered by a need to stay out of European wars. The UK could have had, and always did have, a major say in whether the EU became more federalised or established a European army. Now they don’t. I dont think either of those was the reason for Brexit.

            ‘Being part of society is not free and you have the obligation to be vaccinated.’

            Citizenship having responsibilities is basic Civics.

            ‘but I do hope for the EU to be dismantled’

            You and Putin both.

      1. Bitnboxy

        I would certainly wager mad auld lad GiggidyGums, given his own past murky “comments about migrants, has been all ears when his equal in mad auld laddery Farage spews his usual swivel-eyed BS.

    2. Clampers Outside

      That’s been known for a long time, that the EU is going that direction, despite the denials in some quarters, including official EU quarters. They lied to us on all the treaties, that’s a fact.

      1. Bitnboxy

        As night follows day, Itchy McScratchy is on the “EU is evil” bus. Sling your hook to Hungary and Poland or likely Russia Itchy – the regimes will be more to your liking. Cheaper consultant dermatologists too.

        There will be no United States of Europe despite the nonsense some of you are reading, likely on Twitter. It is not misinformation rather ignorance that is the main issue today.

        Where the EU is failing however is turning a blind eye to the autocratisation of Hungary and Poland without consequence. Basic tenets of a democracy being eroded mirroring the capture of Russia by Putin and his klepto-thugs. Not only is the mood anti-federalisation which was never going to happen anyway, the EU to-do list isn’t exactly conducive to planning a federal superstate. But of course, a lot of your favourite crooks will tell you otherwise – some for a fee. Lol.

        1. Nigel

          Isn’t this a new government? A different coalition from the previous government? Isn’t this a bit like if SF and whatever coalition parners get into power and announce policies different from FF/FG then ‘Ireland is admitting they were lying all along?’

          1. GiggidyGoo

            So they decided in a couple of months then?
            And – what has SF to do with this?
            That’s lazy posting Nigel.

          2. Nigel

            What do you mean? I doubt either of us has much insight into how they’re formulating or negotiating policy in their coalition. And I picked SF as the main contender to form an alternative irish government, that’s all. They’ll have different policies from the current, is my point. I mean, I bloody hope they will, anyway, but any viable party with alternative policies would serve the same comparison.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Merkels party is still in power though, and having other EU countries cede their sovereignty has been their goal. That’s been carried into the coalition.

          4. Nigel

            Probably a bit of renewed urgency in strengthening the EU as a bloc against sick-man Russia’s shenangans.

          5. bisted

            …do you know what I’m going to tell you, those Russians wouldn’t be an 8 O’Clock breakfast for NATO…

          6. Chris

            “Probably a bit of renewed urgency in strengthening the EU as a bloc against sick-man Russia’s shenangans.”

            Yes, let us give up our sovereignty because of ‘the Russians’. Bless…

          7. Nigel

            Didn’t say I agreed, just that it might be a factor. Mind you, looking at Russian kleptocrats in the UK ‘giving up sovereignity beause of the Russians’ seems to be exacrly what’s happening there….

    1. U N M U T U A L

      Trouser Snake Oil, actually…

      Lincolnshire mum thanks NHS angels (and Viagra) for saving her from COVID coma

      “Monica was then put into a coma on November 16 as her condition continued to get worse and her oxygen levels were not reaching normal. She can’t remember much from being in the coma other than hallucinating.

      Before she was put to sleep, she signed a document saying she was happy to be in a study to try experimental drugs. She was also given Viagra around a week after being in a coma, which opened up her airways. Her lungs started responding to it and the oxygen she needed lowered by around 50% as her condition began to improve.”


  1. TenPin Terry

    Rent-a-quote Coveney lying doggo at the moment until the scrutiny – what little there is – over his attendance at the champagne lockdown party dies down.
    His pals in the media join in the duplicity.
    ‘Twas ever thus.

      1. Micko

        From the German article – bit more context.

        Shortly before Christmas, I was diagnosed with heart muscle inflammation for no known cause, ”says Fabienne Schlumpf. “It’s not an easy time right now.”

        Now she has to take a break from exercising for several weeks. “What effects this will have on my competition planning and when I will be able to move again is still open.”

        According to the “Tages-Anzeiger”, Schlumpf does not suspect a connection between myocarditis and corona. According to the report, she has been vaccinated and boosted and has never suffered from Covid so far.

        Among other things, Schlumpf is the Swiss record holder in the marathon (2:26:14 hours). In the summer of 2021, she was the third-best European over the 42.195 kilometers and twelfth at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. (red)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And contained in culladgh’s linked articles is a mention of a FIFA study. https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/medical/education-awareness/sudden-cardiac-arrest

        From that FIFA Study….

        What causes sudden cardiac death?
        The causes of sudden cardiac arrest range from a variety of inborn heart muscle diseases or anomalies to viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as the flu, that inflame the heart muscle for about three to five days in combination with strenuous exercise during this period. Medications, drugs and stimulants may also carry considerable risk of SCA when exercising. Also possible, but very uncommon, is sudden cardiac arrest caused by an object such as the ball hitting the central chest area at a particularly vulnerable time of the heart cycle.”

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Also from this study: Driven by the tragic death of the professional football player Marc Vivien Foé, who suffered an SCA on the pitch during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2003, FIFA implemented a number of initiatives to help prevent and raise awareness about SCA in football players. In 2006, FIFA standardised the pre-competition medical assessment (PCMA) to include the detection of cardiovascular anomalies. FIFA also provides SCA response training for referees, sport scientists, players and FIFA staff, and includes it in FIFA tournament medical workshops. In 2016,, FIFA launched the free online FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine to help clinicians learn, engage, research and prevent. Two of the modules are dedicated to SCA and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). In 2018, FIFA launched a sudden cardiac arrest campaign, including an educational poster, presentations and workshops, using the popularity of football as a platform to raise awareness about this important subject in the quest to help save lives on the football pitch and among the general public.

          This campaign has been ongoing for 19 years, not months so players having heart attacks on the pitch is not a new phenomenon. This report is not recent as there’s no mention of covid and the AED video dates back to 2019.

      2. Chris

        From Ally’s handle – “No patience for critical thinkers” Yes, that’s quite clear. Imagine being proud of being an automaton, yet many are.

        1. Chris

          Well she’s working for the state but I doubt she’s a paid propagandist. I’d say she’s a ‘true believer’ of the narrative. I could be wrong though. When I was studying Psychology, there was a major emphasis on psychometric testing, particularly towards identifying ‘dark triad’ types – psycho/sociopaths & narcissistic individuals.

          I began to realise that they weren’t trying to exclude these people from from administrative positions – rather, it wast to move them up the pole – so they could do the supra-structures bidding’s without any moral qualms.

          We are at a point where empathic people have been excluded from all positions of influence – and this is entirely by design.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Well spotted Giggidy, it sounds like a typical Irish mess and a future public inquiry in the making, will they address the problem now or kick it down the road!

      1. Liam Deliverance

        “The Department of Communications was last week forced to clarify who actually owned and controlled NBI given the complex structure of ownership that sits behind it

        This might have something to do with the fact that the contract was won by a group of financiers, including a US hedge fund, and not a utility or a telco, the Government’s intended target.

        The latter may also explain why operationally NBI has been so slow to deliver. As per October this year – 22 months into its rollout – it has managed to build out to just 17,000 homes and businesses of the 542,000 earmarked for coverage.”

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    Interesting deletion Broadsheet

    January 9, 2022 at 6:29 pm
    Pretty sure Daisy Chainsaw’s employer should be revealed?

    Remains, steadfast.

    So that’s that. And with zero doubt about it.

    There’s something quite honest about that, finally. I suppose.
    At least there’s no denying the complicity anymore.
    And I find that a refreshing New Year start.

    1. Reasonable Commenter

      That character has threatened to do that a number of times with various people. A very dark and tortured soul.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Ah shur’ who are ya telling. In fairness.

        But in all honesty, after what was posted into the chatpit the night Luke O’Neill was on BS.tv, by SOQ, and in the cold light of day now, I must say there is something admirable about SOQ’s continued rampage.

        ’cause there’s no walking back from a word of it
        Foolish perhaps
        But still. SOQ must know they are on their own when they get outed themselves.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    After all that malarkey yesterday, I’m thinking of changing my name to Doxxy Chainsaw (double meaning intended!).


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