Staying In Tonight?


Need something to do?

Join us for a special ‘Jabless on the Telly’ broadcast streaming live here and our YouTube channel at 9pm with living, breathing, poke-free folk.

Marvel at the modern lepers.

Find out what it’s like bare-armed in a vax-giddy world.

Drooling conspiraloons or people you might even share an outdoor pint with from a short distance?

Watch then decide.

If you want to take part, there are some seats still open. Email to marked: Unjabbed’.


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75 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

    1. TenPin Terry

      I’m looking forward to checking on the state of Bodger’s kitchen.
      It was pristine the last time I saw it on BS on the telly.
      John must have put in a shift with his Mr Muscle that day …

  1. Fearganainm

    Will the panel have been told in advance that getting Covid-19 doesn’t necessarily give any kind of immunity to other variants of the disease and that ‘Covid-acquired immunity’ actually wanes over time?

    Just so that they can look really cheerful about their decisions, like.

    And maybe open with a bit as Gaeilge, not the panel crying in unison ‘Moritori te salutamus!’

    Keep it light.

    1. Micko

      “ doesn’t necessarily give any kind of immunity to other variants ”

      Truly, it’s a beautiful ballet that you will play out for the entirety of your life and then someday – well, you won’t.

      All the atoms that decided to stick together for 75 years or so, just to make you “you” will potter off and do something else.

      But anyway – your immune system. The second most complex biological system in the known universe. Only second to your noggin ;-)

      Worth a watch…

    2. Zaccone

      Prior infection has been proven to be 13-27 times more effective than vaccination against Delta – loads of studies, completely academically accepted at this stage.

      So if prior infection doesn’t give any kind of immunity to other variants of the disease then theres absolutely no hope for vaccination doing so, with its much weaker response in the body…

  2. DNA and Dan

    Attention seekers, unmask yourselves

    They’d better be funny or I’ll be switching off early.

  3. TenPin Terry

    Good luck to the BS show.
    I’m a keen vaxxer but I regret the way those opposed to vaccinations have been marginalised and attacked and at how little airspace has been given to their views.
    Holding unpopular opinions does not mean you should be denied the opportunity to air them.
    I’ll certainly be tuning in.

  4. ANO

    Have plans this evening but will catch the VOD later.

    If you’re fielding questions, it’d be interesting to know if these folks also opted out of wearing masks and/or do they accept that Covid 19 is actually a thing ?

    While not sharing their concerns I can understand someone being reluctant about getting the jab but have less time for the plandemic/great resetter types so hopefully these folks will be more the former than the latter!

    Would and have scooped with unvaccinated people as they were sound and the vaccine reluctantance was the extent of (what I’d consider to be) their odd beliefs but was definitely a little more careful about social distancing round them.

    Fair play to all concerned, looking forward to watching.

  5. Janet, dreams of sleep

    Ah isn’t it nice when grown adults feel the need to bully and name-call while remaining anonymous themselves.
    No shame, no respect for fellow humans ( insert whatever justificatif/ excuses ), personally I find it petty and disappointing .
    Good luck to everyone tonight, while I may not agree, I may even think your batspoocraycray or I may think you have reasonable questions and fears, I’ll be happy to listen and admire your bravery when dealing with little people who think their behavior doesn’t belong in a play ground.

        1. Micko

          The great unmasking eh?

          “And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you pesky meddling kids…”

          Yup – that’s the level of maturity we’re at.

          “To the Mystery Machine”

      1. Janet, dreams of sleep

        if it helps anyone coming on tonight, I have yet to be hounded since revealing my identity.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Just changed my Avatar. I think I’d look well on a coin. That’s the closest to Doxxing I’ll get. (I still have the former one in case you-know-who arrives)

          2. Janet, dreams of sleep

            I don’t see avatars anymore on my app, not sure I even have one. Anyone know how to fix it ?

          3. Steph Pinker

            Whatever about either of you, the very intelligent lady on BSTV tonight has represented herself, her opinions and her bona fides very well, fair play to her.

    1. SOQ

      There are exceptions meaning those who are bottom holes everywhere, but in my experience of meeting people from a number of sites over the years, the more aggressive and ignorant the online persona, the meeker the real life one is.

      There are a couple who spend their time jumping from persona to persona of course. but I suspect their issues are a little deeper than just the safety of a keyboard.

          1. Oro

            Jesus tonight, on what planet is that deflection? What am I deflecting from? It was a joke. You’re as humourless. What did you expect setting yourself up for that? Someone was gonna say it I just got there first ;)

          2. Oro

            You’ve also edited your initial comment twice, it’s now in its third version, if anyone is trying to deflect against anything it would probably be whoever is engaging in that sort of behaviour tbh.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            When I make a post, and it gets published, I can’t edit it even once, much less 3 times. Are you full of it Oro?

          4. Oro

            It changed twice times, for three versions. It originally mentioned Janet by name and was a single paragraph, then it became two, and then it changed again to add more info.

            FWIW GG, I can edit for 5 mins if I post from a desktop browser but cannot edit if I post from my phone (thru app) which is typically how I post. I think I’ve made an edit once or twice for spelling errors when I’ve picked them up in time!

          5. SOQ

            accusations as per usual Janet- never any evidence of course but sure it is a post truth world we live in anyways.

          6. Oro

            Janet, SOQ had originally addressed his message to you, and then edited you out of it. GG, my posts always show up as soon as I post, and edits can therefore change how they appear to others, I’m not sure why SOQ is reluctant to admit that, it’s kinda neither here nor there.

            SOQ you did edit your original post no? FYI tread carefully I think I have a tab open on my computer at home (I’m out now so can’t confirm) with the original post (mentioning Janet) still appearing on it.

          7. TenPin Terry

            I never need an edit function.
            My pearls of wisdom emerge on here like spun gold in a slurry of banality.

  6. Fearganainm

    If ye’re going to mention something about the slippery slope of emergency legislation don’t forget to mention how many long years ye’ve been campaigning against An Chúirt Choiriúil Speisialta (the Special Criminal Court).

  7. DNA and Dan

    Keeping an open mind for people with closed minds.
    Now That’s What I Call A Paradox 2022.

    But I’ll give it a shot, pun intended.

    1. DNA and Dan

      Can I replace the first box with ‘Vanessa & Bodger’?
      I don’t know who this Robert Malone is.
      I never heard of him.

    2. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Just as well I didn’t suggest a drinking game as some of us would have alcohol poisoning by now!

  8. DNA and Dan

    Keeping an open mind for people with closed minds?
    Now That’s What I Call A Paradox 2022.

    But I’ll give it a shot, pun intended.

  9. DNA and Dan

    I’m over 60yrs of age.
    I’ve had serious bronchial problems since I was only 40.

    2 vaccinations and a booster later and I feel like I’m a 39yr old again.
    I don’t need medicine anymore.

    Explain that TONIGHT if you can.

    1. DNA and Dan

      Not based on science… based on fact.
      I’m intrigued…

      My shots and booster made me healthier.
      They REALLY did.

      I want to see how many clowns are in this car.

  10. Doxxy Chainsaw

    Psyops and social engineering? Dark Energy? The plan is to get rid of all politics?

    This is even more batplop crazy than I ever could have envisioned!!

    Covid certs aren’t issued by Revenue. The absolute wrong balderdash ye spew!!

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Being spiked a couple of times with vaccine? Crazy talk about injections into muscles being barbaric…

      Get help lads… get some proper professional help.

  11. ce

    It’s amazing how all the evil power hungry people in the world came together, left their egos at the door, and all agreed on the creation of a single dastardly plan … and all the doctors and nurses in Irish hospitals are shrills just playing along with this and taking care of atrocity actors…

    If you don’t want to take a vaccine (therapeutic) fine – most people don’t get very sick with Covid, but enough of them do to mess up the health service… but you (and your research…) will never accept this and would rather bring in the Psyops etc…

    Get off the internet and get help…

  12. Steph Pinker

    I only caught the latter half-hour; but from what I watched it was a beautiful moment in time where intellectual thinking, non-judgmental minds and professional life experience has been allowed to speak openly.

    Well done BS, and I hope you pursue this further because if you don’t have integrity you have nothing and you have denied yourself a platform.

    P.S. It’s nice to put a face to KCavan… et al.

      1. Steph Pinker

        I normally use hmmmm……………. after I’ve met a gobshite trying to sell me an exotic animal – after I operate and sell the body parts to local restaurants – what do you do, jungleman? I work on commission, we can share the injections and love together :)

  13. SOQ

    Interesting point made about arguing against emotions with science. Despite all the rubbish spouted about trusting the science and believing the science, anyone who has really looked into the subject knows that those who want mandates and those who want passports, do so out of fear.

    There is zero empirical evidence to justify either but, most are just not prepared to challenge their fear, especially if it is repeatedly reinforced by the main media channels.

    What will change attitudes however is when people get fed up of the propaganda about vaccines and boosters because everyone now know that they do not stop infections and their reduction in symptoms, for most, is questionable.

  14. ANO

    It definitely got (what I’d consider to be) pretty kooky but still an interesting watch.

    Hope the English lady reconciles with her family.

  15. SailorGerry

    I keep coming to the conclusion that the world response to Covid 19 is only one small part of the grander nefarious plan for the Great Reset. It is easy to get blinkered as the media constantly ram the C19 narrative down everyone’s throats and the restrictions are omnipresent.

    Decent article linked below for those that have a little time to explore the subject.

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