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Melbourne, Australia.

More as we get it.

Novak Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star’s visa (BBC)

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32 thoughts on “Out

  1. ANO

    Everyone involved in this story, with the possible exception of those kids at Novak’s photo shoot, appears to be a colossal ladypart.

  2. Duncan Wheeler

    Those aussie eejits. Djokovic should de-ligitimize all future male single tennis by a permanent boycott of that tournament. That would mean no matter who wins in the next few years will never really know if it’s a real win because the world number 1 isn’t there to contest the match. Aussie pussies are so petty. Typical politicians and the commenters nasty small minded comments. on this.

    1. TenPin Terry

      He caught covid recently so he has acquired immunity and has a recovery travel cert which complied with their entry criteria.
      The Australian courts vindicated his position and found he had done everything correctly. Djokovic has committed no crime and done nothing legally wrong.
      He’s also been in the country for 10 days without infecting anyone.
      I wonder if the same yahoos on here cheering on the vindictive Australian government will be cheering on the unvaxxed players in ‘their’ English Premier League team tomorrow ??

  3. John F

    You would know there is an election coming up soon in Australia. The current Australian Prime Minister is betting on the public supporting his tough on borders line.
    This is ultimately bad for the sport, whoever wins the competition will always have it thrown in their face that the only reason they won was because the world number one and defending champion could not play.
    It will be interesting to see what develops from this. It will be hilarious if a couple of other tennis players pulled out of the tournament as a show of support but it’s doubtful that will ever happen.
    A growing number of the public are starting to see this for what it is a farce, no one is right in this situation.

    1. Spider

      Grow up… he lied on his visa application, he claimed to have had covid and had no problem travelling and meeting people, putting them and their families in danger… the guy is a shithead, he broke the rules and his visa got refused, I couldn’t give a fuck how good he is at playing tennis…

      1. Zaccone

        How did he lie? He had a medically confirmed positive covid test. He met every requirement for entry. Thats why the courts found in his favour.

        1. Yoji

          The form was filled in to say he hadn’t traveled to any other country in the past 14 days (not 100% on the duration) when he had in fact traveled. Putting incorrect info on a immigration form is something the Aussies and other countries are very particular about. That is the lie they are talking about.

          1. Zaccone

            Then why did the Australian court say he met all criteria for legally remaining in the country?


          2. Cian

            But did they?
            My understanding is the original court said it was unfair to challenge his medical exemption at the border..

            Did that judge actually say he met all criteria for legally remaining in the country? Or just rule on the single point of the medical exemption??

        2. Zaccone

          Yes, the judge did explicitly say he met the legal medical criteria for entering the country:

          “Judge Anthony Kelly quashed the initial cancellation of the visa this morning and also ordered that the government pay legal costs.

          “Here, a professor and an eminently qualified physician have produced and provided to the applicant a medical exemption,” Judge Kelly said.

          “Further to that, that medical exemption and the basis on which it was given was separately given by a further independent expert specialist panel established by the Victorian state government and that document was in the hands of the delegate.”

          1. Cian

            “met the legal medical criteria.”

            which is a subset of “met all criteria for legally remaining in the country”.

            – medical exemption ☑
            – telling truth on visa application about previous travel ☒

  4. Cui Bono?

    If the other players had any respect from humanity they would all boycott the tournament.

    Shocking ignorant comments from some of the clowns on here too. He has done nothing wrong and is not a risk to the public. If you think he is, then you are brainwashed.

    1. Cian

      It would seem that his visa application was incorrect. His visa application said he hadn’t left Spain for the preceding 14 days… but he went to Serbia for Christmas.

      it was noted that his presence in Belgrade for Christmas suggested a declaration he hadn’t travelled in the fortnight before his flight to Australia from Spain was wrong, to say nothing of his public appearances in the days after his positive test on 16 December.

  5. SOQ

    This is head games, nothing more- an attempt to apply pressure to Djokovic while he is training. He is clearly immune so there should be no issue, but these psychopaths are so put out by the fact that they lost, that they are quite prepared to damage the reputation of the entire tournament in order to prove a point.

        1. Cian

          More misinformation from SOQ. That link – the page title is 100% incorrect.

          The CDC introduced an assay that could identify Covid (it ignored everything else, including flu).
          They subsequently introduced an new assay that could identify Covid and/or flu (it could identify which strains).
          They retired the first assay at the end of last year since the new assay was better.

          1. SOQ

            The retired THAT PCR test and replaced it with a new one?

            Which means all the tests done the pervious are suspect.

          2. Cian

            No. Are all the iPhones 12 now “suspect” because it was superseded by a phone with more features.

            They added a new feature (it can detect COVID, Influenza A & Influenza B).

            In 2020 if you wanted to know if someone had flu or Covid you needed to
            (a) run a sample through PCR for COVID, and
            (b) separately run a sample through PCR for Influenza
            Now, you can run one sample through PCR once and it will tell you:
            – COVID yes/no
            – Influenza A yes/no
            – Influenza B yes/no

          3. SOQ

            A revised PCR test is not the same as addition features on an iPhone Cian.

            They admitted that the original test could not differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and the Flu- if you want to draw an tech analogy then that would be classed as a major software bug.

            A bug upon which most countries were basing their public health policies on.

  6. seanydelight

    Did the Serb government facilitate his spoofing? Mixing up test data and such.

    Wouldn’t that effectively be launching a biological weapon at Australia?


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