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    1. Oh...

      Who told you that you have freedom of speech? You seem to be misinformed.

      Also YouTube are a private company and can choose to host or not host whatever they want in accordance with any applicable laws.

        1. Duncan Wheeler

          It’s the only right thing to do. But you’ll never know how it ended for Charlie & his taste for human fingers ……

  1. just millie

    I can’t say I’m surprised.

    I’m sorry John, for what it’s worth. But this can hardly be a shock to you either, all things considered.

      1. just millie

        Youtube are hardly known as a platform sympathetic to the topic of discussion, however.

        They leave some very questionable content up but take down your vid, which is rather telling though not surprising given the current climate.

        Will you be able to post the vid here instead?

        1. John Ryan

          Thanks, just millie, as it went out live the only recording is with YouTube and I am unable to save and download it. I can play it but not save it. Tips welcome.

          1. ANO

            I suspect it won’t work but you could try ripping it down with VLC.

            Keep at it, if you can play it in your browser then you can get a copy of it.

      2. freewheeling

        Can’t be having open and friendly free-thinking discussions in public anymore donchaknow – that’s crazy, dangerous wrongthink!

        (unless you’re on Bitchute ;))

  2. goldenbrown

    sorry to see this, unfortunately nothing surprises me anymore

    and to illustrate just how pants it all is

    if you stick the name of that poor Tullamore girl into its search box you’ll be treated to lots of great reportage..

    of how the suspect is a xxxxanian national in his xx’s how has been living locally for xx years and has a history of violence and alcohol problems and is being questioned on suspicion of her murder, piles of it

    chitter, metoob, fupping skip on fire

  3. GiggidyGoo

    You’re ruffling feathers lads. This site gets a lot of notice I’d wager, and the sheeple don’t like it.
    And that’s good news.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’ve quite an immature, and bordering on a mental issue interest in my health data. You should have that seen to.

    1. SOQ

      Not true- the social media companies have had their asses hauled in before a number of US investigative committees because of their political meddling before, especially around election times.

      The good thing about YouTube is that apart from their current market share, there is nothing special about the services they provide- they will fall.

  4. White Dove

    Sorry to hear this. I listened to it in full live. It was an amazing show and no medical discussion at all, just sharing the experience of living life as an unvaxed. Sad to see that it was banned. What has the world come to?

    1. Fearganainm

      You must have missed the bits where the graduate from the University of Assorted Clips punched hole after hole below Broadsheet’s waterline with his seafóid.

      1. White Dove

        All I heard was nice people having a pleasant, friendly chat. Quite uplifting to view, actually, whether you are vaxed or not.

        1. Fearganainm

          Well you must have zoned out on the parts that it should be blindingly obvious that YouTube moderators would be likely to pounce on.

          1. White Dove

            You remind me of someone trying to help a kid in school being picked on by bullies by advising them how not to annoy the bullies, advice really designed to reassure themselves rather than help the person who is being bullied.

            Unfortunately, bullies’ rules for picking on people change and that person usually ends up being the next victim.

            Best to stop the cycle by focusing on the true problem – the bullies rather than the bullied.

  5. ANO

    The guy (top right on the call) talking about being ‘spiked’ by vaccinated people probably contributed to your downfall here.

    Broadsheet could look at investing in a third party stream hosting service. Going off Broadsheet’s YouTube viewing figures it shouldn’t prove to be financially prohibitive.

    You could maintain YT as your primary video platform but use the streaming host as a fallback for cases like this.

    1. Fearganainm

      Agreed, that was the guy who likely got the clip pulled. He came out with some other stuff, apart from the spiking nonsense, that had the effect of leavening a conversation with misinformation that won’t fly under YouTube rules.

  6. Broadbag

    Clipgrab might pull it down for you, but if not you could do a screen record of it and capture the audio using Audio Hijack, sync them up, et voila!

  7. John

    Wow! A video of self-centred narcissistic and deluded people. Promoting debunked and toxic to human health conspiracy theories with two of the participants exhibiting a level of narcissism & paranoia that I would expect may lead to them having extreme outbursts of violence. They really need to discuss their mental health issues with professionals.. and BS complains about the video being removed by YouTube! The irony is delicious.

    1. Janet, dreams of sleep

      you are away with the fairies if you saw any aggresivity,
      your comment is more aggressive than anything said in the entirety of the interview.

          1. Chris

            Re: spiked, from my understanding, I thought he meant from being around recently jabbed people. There’s a subset who become ill / cycles disrupted etc. A freshly jabbed individual is producing spike proteins & as we’re all quite porous, these can end up in the immediate environment.

            It’s happened in the past, so I wouldn’t doubt that it’s happening with these treatments. I haven’t developed any ill effects myself.

          2. SOQ

            Ah I get it now- it’s not a physical spike or stab but shedding after vaccination.

            Despite the initial denials, that is pretty much accepted as a thing now. It explains why some unvaccinated women were/are having mensural cycle issues after being around recently vaccinated.

            Makes you wonder what else they know is true, but are still denying.

          3. Janet, dreams of sleep

            I thought my periods had gone haywire from recovering from being pregnant,
            much heavier bleeding than usual for much longer …and partner is fully vaxed.

          4. Cian


            any (reliable) evidence of
            “A freshly jabbed individual is producing spike proteins & as we’re all quite porous, these can end up in the immediate environment.”

            “Despite the initial denials, that is pretty much accepted as a thing now. It explains why some unvaccinated women were/are having mensural cycle issues after being around recently vaccinated. “

          5. SOQ

            Pfizer Confirms Covid-Vaccinated People Can “Shed” Spike Protein and Can Harm the Unvaccinated


            From BMJ- Menstrual changes after covid-19 vaccination: A link is plausible and should be investigated


            You were also the spinner who ‘lol’ed’ at the suggestion that there was a seasonal element to SARS-Cov-2 infection patterns of course. Look at how well that aged eh?

        1. Cui Bono?

          That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s one person telling a story from his life and nobody has debunked it. I also think he was saying something else too, I’d need to check again.

    2. Duncan Wheeler

      Is this comment a joke? Are you taking the proverbial? Your level of paranoia that I would expect, may lead to you having extreme outbursts of violence and pretty spangly personal light shows behind your eyes.

      1. SOQ

        Yes it is a troll. Unfortunately there are individuals who think that this sort of thing is funny and it is, in a primary school yard sort of way.

  8. Nigel

    Once upon a time, I suppose stuff like this would find its own niche to burble away at, but now all sorts of incredibly diverse and weird stuff gets lumped in to the same venue as k-pop videos and Hollywood trailers and bizarre auto-generated stuff that tries to ride the algorithm, and to me it’s one huge undifferentiated mass of media, and we seem to have passed the period when hugely popular sites would just dry up and blow away seemingly overnight while alternative sites struggle because they simply can’t match the behemoths, or because they’re actually really really shady and dodgy opportunists out to smash and grab users data. There’s no turnover with the big sites right now.

    Anyway, this is the alternative to old media: massively consolidated, unwieldy, uncurated except by a marketing algorithm, non-standardised in terms of qualtiy or payment to content providers, subject to arbitrary moderation that may or may not involve an actual human being making a judgement call. You couldn’t have broadcast that video on national TV, but you could potentially reach a massive international audience if you get past the site’s filters and got a shout-out on Breitbart for telling it like it is in the Emerald Island.

    Now of course you could complain loudly about how you’ve been silenced, and they might pick that up, but there’s probably a lot of competition around pandemic-truthers being silenced on social media at the moment. But is that the sort of attention you’d actually want? Might turn a moderately popular Irish blog site into the haven for right wing culture warriors it’s managed to avoid becoming so far. Bodger values ‘lovely chats with very nice people’ which is a great statement of values, aims and even aesthetics, and though the exchanges here often seem at odds with that, by comparison with much of the rest of the web we’re like a moderately opinionated family sitting round the table being loud at each other. Not sure even that would survive becoming a culture war cause celebre.

    More likely you’ll do the smart thing and just shrug and move on. It wasn’t that long ago when just having the video up on your blog was pretty much it for getting something out there. Of course, other blogs would share it, and there just aren’t that many blogs around any more. On the other hand, Broadsheet is kind of a consolidation, or at least a survivor of the Irish blog scene, and as such that’s a fairly major local platform in its own right, with a fair amount of reach. I’m not sayng you don’t have the right or a cause to complain about your video being taken down off YouTube, but I am glad you don’t seem inclined to go down the culture war route of claiming you’re being oppressed, at least not loudly enough to get certain types of attention.

    1. ANO

      Really good post.

      Again I think Broadsheet hosting their own video content would help mitigate against the issue they’ve run into here (a pretty clear breach of YT’s TOS).

      They could still leverage the big social media and video hosting sites to drive traffic towards content that those sites/services might not host themselves, getting the best of both worlds.

      It might speak to BS’ credit that while the main editorial voices appear to be closely aligned with right leaning view points (Trump won!, anti-vaccine) they haven’t been openly embraced by those groups. I suspect this is down to the historical leftist leanings of BS and the fact that those editorial voices, while pretty out there on some things in my opinion, aren’t assholes!

  9. John F

    I am sorry to hear that, for the most part it was a nice conversation. I am pretty sure I could see what parts of the video got it pulled down.
    There are no obvious solutions, I am hoping this is only your first of 3 strikes. One idea could be to record the video on zoom, bleep out the controversial bits and then upload it to youtube or other video platforms. You would lose the live chat, but I do not think there are any alternatives.
    I don’t know if Odyssey or minds have enabled live broadcasting yet.

  10. Horsethieving Dopesniffer

    A vaxxer here.
    If you don’t know how to use in-browser debugging tools to download the video (key F12), try with youtube-dl.
    It is available for all of major desktop operating systems.
    github.com / ytdl-org / youtube-dl

    You’re using WordPress. Check if your plugins are up-to-date.
    As the polarisation of the society advances further, some script-kiddie might try to take your site down.
    And then I will not be able to have my daily laugh at Nigel’s comments.

    Btw. you WILL now remove all of those Google trackers from your website.
    And you WILL be happy.

        1. scottser

          shouldn’t stop racists like you being banned though.
          so how did you get back in charger? was it a swift hand shandy outside the dawson lounge as previously mooted?

      1. Micko

        You could try using Quicktime for the video and Soundflower for the audio John.

        Soundflower is an audio routing app that allows you to send the audio to different applications.

        Quicktime won’t allow you to record screen audio, only video. It’s a block to stop people ripping movies etc


        Just try to install that app and then you record the whole thing using Quicktime, but before you hit record you have to go into system pref on your Mac and set your main sound device from your internal speakers to ‘Soundflower 2ch” then go back into Quicktime and tell it to use that ‘Soundflower’ source instead of your main sound source.

        The audio then gets routed to Quicktime and you can bypass the block. NOTE: You won’t hear the audio through your speakers as it’s being routed to the Soundflower software, but it is being recorded.

        I use it all the time.

        I’m not sure if it works with the latest versions of Mac OS though – I’m still on Catalina.

          1. U N M U T U A L

            Alternatively, you could give the stasi over at Kinzen a shout… I’m sure they’ll have a copy! ;-)

      2. SOQ

        John, I assume you have a YouTube URL that the rest of us cannot see?

        It is a long shot but if you have the YouTube permissions, you could try just ripping it down into a local MP4. There are quite a number of sites which provide this facility, although most are limited in duration.

        I find https://onlinevideoconverter.com/youtube-converter to be very good.

        Longer term it would be wise to have more than one streaming service running at the same time, even just Facebook.

  11. V aka Frilly Keane

    That doesn’t add up
    YouTube are still hosting SOQs chatpit comments on the Luke O’Neill episode
    So how they can square that position with scrapping your show last night is a mystery that not even my imagination can fill in.

    Pity, I intended to play over a drive later today.

    If you’ve content that can be laid down as audio only – like a simple podcast. Haven’t ye plenty columnists, past and present with that set up, they might be worth contacting.

  12. Lilly

    Glad I got to see it before it came down. Well done all, each of you had something interesting to say.

    I found Karen a little woo-woo. I’d like her to have expanded on her understanding of ‘spiritual war’ in the context of Covid. Emmet being spiked by a vaccine was just daft; Chris held my attention.

    Sad that so many friends and families are falling out over this. I’m lucky that hasn’t happened in my own live-and-let-live circle.

    My main objection to anti-vaxxers is that they never stop banging on about it and it gets tedious. Try talking about books, films, the weather… nothing. Just on and on about Covid with zero tolerance for the views of others, even as their most outlandish claims are indulged.

    Anyway, hope you get to retrieve the video.

    1. SOQ

      My reading was that the spike was to do with other drugs- like in the whole date rape scene at the minute? Maybe that was too literal reading of the word.

      Clarification would help as forced injections of anything is a very serious accusation.

      As for ‘antivaxxers banning on’- I have yet to meet an antivaxxer, ever- plenty who have concerns about this experiential gene therapy with no long term safety data mind- including quite a few who have been bullied or blackmailed into taking it.

  13. Reasonable Commenter

    Thank you all on Broadsheet
    I only caught a few moments towards the end but I really admired the people coming on and relating their points of view. I didn’t really agree with a lot of what some of them said, but it’s hardly relevant what I think.

  14. GiggidyGoo

    Failing all the retrieve it methods, or not getting though the methods outlined above, maybe set up a call to a Microsoft ‘Teams’ contact. Play your YouTube Share your screen. The Teams conversation can be recorded. I believe it’s in MP4, and is saved in your teams program. You can download it then into (MP4 I think).

    1. Reasonable Commenter

      That’s true. There is really multiple ways to have it ripped and shared elsewhere of which Vimeo is probably the easier, and also perhaps something academic tutors use called Flipgrid.

  15. Reasonable Commenter

    I also want to echo the comments made about Chris, he seems like a really cool guy with some mad ideas on things. Far more interesting in real life than what you would judge from comments on here. We should have more of this type of adult discussion and less anonymous gibbering.

  16. jonjoker

    Saw most of it last night. In the current climate, I thought it was very brave of the participants to publicly announce their situation.
    That said, I found some opinions by the panel members a little on the edge, but that’s fine. I would have preferred a more scientifically based debate, but then beggars can’t be choosers, and we were lucky to have this public debate at all. Their opinions were their own, nothing more.
    I have to say that I find the level of censorship around Covid in general rather heavy-handed. It doesn’t bode well for the future that opposition to or disagreement with an official position can be outlawed in this way.
    Covid today – what will be censored tomorrow?


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