Tolerating Outrageous Shenanigans


From top: Leo Varadkar (left) and Boris Johnson in 2020; Today’s Irish Examiner

Anthony Sheridan writes:

Here’s a quote from today’s editorial in the Irish Examiner criticising ethical standards in UK politics:

The sane, sensible and, at times, sedate manner in which politics is generally conducted in Ireland makes us ill-prepared to understand how otherwise civilised nations can tolerate the most outrageous shenanigans of their political leaders.’

Here’s a reality check for this publication:

Leo Varadkar is due to become Taoiseach again within months. He is still the subject of a criminal investigation. There has been practically no recognition, analysis or outrage from mainstream media to this impending potential  disgrace on our country.

In the UK, the ‘outrageous shenanigans’ of political leaders are mercilessly scrutinised and condemned. In Ireland, mainstream media is ultra-selective about which political parties are to be condemned.

Anthony Sheridan is a freelance journalist and blogs at  Public Enquiry.

Irish Examiner View: Down the rabbit hole with Boris (Irish Examiner)


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9 thoughts on “Tolerating Outrageous Shenanigans

  1. TenPin Terry

    Coveney attends a Boris-style champagne works party during lockdown ? Nothing to see here especially by RTE where Coveney’s brother is the boss’s Gofer.
    The public are now just Rope-a-dopes for the Irish media and secretly, deep-down, they’re happy with that.
    Decades of being under the thumb of firstly the Catholic Church then the EU has seen to that.
    Fighting Irish ?
    * sniggers *

    1. Nigel

      I like the idea that the UK has spent decades under the thumb of the Anglican Church, rendering the British Bulldog Spirit as mythical as the Irish Fighting Spirit.

  2. Rominick

    I disagree, the Irish people tolerated MerrionGate, Golfgate, a party at the department of foreign affairs as well as the “spur of the moment retirement party” at RTE.
    Johnson looks at the Irish politicians with envy as they can do what they please and get away with it.
    BTW Varadkar is still under criminal investigation, lest we forget.

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