Dog Bites Mandate



Via 7 News in Australia:

While COVID cases continue to surge across the country, our pets could be suffering in silence. Globally, heart conditions among cats and dogs have increased during the pandemic. Now there is a push to import a vaccine, specially formulated for pets, before cases explode…

Aren’t they chipped already?



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6 thoughts on “Dog Bites Mandate

  1. K.Cavan

    I feel sure that if all the politicians in the Labour Party in Australia were minced into a healthy, fresh alternative to dog & cat food, everything there, not just their pets’ health, would improve immeasurably.
    Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not suggesting we execute Dan Andrews & his cadre of ugly neo-fascists, no, no, not at all, just use properly-trained boners & trimmers in a location on the outskirts of town. I think Dan himself will produce enough meat to justify the whole operation, even if some, like Kerry Chant, will be lucky to make the grade as Turkey Twizzlers.
    Oh, come on, it won’t be primitive savagery, like Halal or Kosher slaughter or something, we’ll stun them first by showing them pictures of people enjoying themselves in normal social settings.
    Good, that’s decided then, where’s my boning knife?

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