How Does Now Sound?


This afternoon.

You’ve changed, man.

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34 thoughts on “How Does Now Sound?

      1. Rominick

        Following the science when it suits him.
        No need for restrictions, passes etc.
        The real issue is the large amount of deaths coming down the road from undiagnosed diseases such as cancer.

        1. Janet, dreams of all the cake

          a lot of people’s mental health is shot, including children,
          marriages are over,
          domestic abuse through the roof,
          dependancy on alcohol increased.

          1. goldenbrown

            jobs lost forever
            small children frightened of their own shadow
            family splits and arguments
            disaster pornography
            judgement and governance by unelected peers
            political connivance and opportunism
            erosion of privacy
            industrial complex
            billionaires on the make
            us and them

          2. goldenbrown

            sorry to hear that Janet

            I happen to know a few in precarious circumstances and it’s been horrible for them

            because as if it wasn’t bad enough having the rug reefed out from under them
            they got to listen to tone deaf friends and other knobheads reassuring them how it’ll be ok and sure maybe even try to embrace the circumstances and change career direction (yeah cos everyone is just an entrepreneur waiting for the right moment – really, that was a sober conversation) and how we’re all in this together blahdey fupping blah….from the cosy comfort of their own WFH sofa bonus ball existence*

            the practicalities of this pandemic has been a major boost to some and ruinous for others

            *fortunately not myself in either case though I’ve definitely had to handle some unwelcome stresses and strains too

          3. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            yup good news for my partner for example, terrible for me,
            I really can’t face having to rethink a career right now,
            I already did it three years ago when I got back and was just getting results….it’s exhausting

          1. Frank

            that is quite the listen Micko!!
            double vaxed but not boosted = unvaxed… and Pat doing an unvaxed ‘i told you so’!!
            dear lord!!!!

      2. Oisín

        The science might also say that lives can be saved by banning cars completely, banning alcohol, requiring people to wear helmets while walking outdoors, or locking up people permanently for pretty crimes. But we choose which tradeoffs we’re willing to make between increased safety and decreased basic freedoms — we allow people to drive if they have a license and are sober, for example.

        From that point of view, “Following the science” might be true, but also insufficient when it comes to making decisions on what the population can do.

  1. Cui Bono?

    He is so fake and blatantly lying.

    There’s zero science supporting vaccine passports and yet we still have them in place.

    It only ends when the majority say so.

  2. Nigel

    Changed? They’ve never been any other way. Dying to reopen. Not stupid enough to think the pandemic is fake, not smart enough to recognise that a slow-motion disaster is incompatible with capitalism unless you’re a billionaire.

        1. SOQ

          Yes TikTok- the largest social media platform in the world.

          Also the least censored- for now. It is very effective if you know how to train the algorithm.

  3. Mr.T

    He also said that he doesnt believe in punishing society for the actions of a few who refuse to protect themselves (unvaccinated)

    Sounds like certs are staying & possibly more restrictions on unvaxxed, the coercion never ends

    1. SOQ

      he doesn’t believe in punishing society for the actions of a few who refuse to protect themselves like… obese, smokers, drinkers, fast food consumers, couch potatoes etc etc-

      Endless list.

  4. Reasonable Commenter

    Downtown tonight, I saw an old friend someone who
    I used to take comfort from, long before I met you
    I caught a spark from his eyes a forgotten desire
    With a word or a touch, I could have rekindled that fire

    1. jonjoker

      You’d want to ask Donnelly what the word POSSIBLE means to him – I don’t think he’d say ‘Today’ or ‘Tomorrow’, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong!

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