At The Foot Of Slieve Bloom [Updated]


This morning.

Mountbolus, county Offaly.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin (top) and Ministers Helen McEntee and Catherine Martin and Minister of State Pippa Hackett (pic 2) arrives ahead of the funeral mass for Ashling Murphy at St Brigid’s Church.


This morning.

Mountbolus, county Offaly

Pupils from 1st class from Durrow National School were among mourners gathered outside St. Brigid’s Church ahead of the funeral mass of Ashling Murphy.

The 23-year-old teacher and musician was attacked and killed on the banks of the Grand Canal in Tullamore last Wednesday.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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23 thoughts on “At The Foot Of Slieve Bloom [Updated]

  1. Rominick

    Sickening photo op for a vile opportunist.
    Let the family grieve in private rather than creating a media circus.

    1. Mr.T

      It doesnt look good, but at the same time people would be giving out if they didnt turn up

      Damned if you do…

      1. Ian-oG

        Who would give out if they didn’t turn up? People meet horrific ends all the time in this country but the likes of Mehole and McEntee only turn up to band wagon jump, neither could care less about this poor woman.

        How about McEmptee head does something about recidivist criminals? I’m not too hard to please, I’d settle for a 95 strikes and your out law or similar. Not ideal but at least we would see less ”……he had 293/315/442 previous convictions” reports in the media.

      1. Reasonable Commenter

        Agreed. Completely over the top, raiméis, god bless her eternal soul, bless us and save us

        And Deliver us from all evil.

        1. newsjustin

          I don’t have strong feelings either way on who was at the funeral. But I imagine if the family did not want a particular politician or group of people at the funeral they would have politely asked for that to be communicated to them. Same goes for RTE cameras.

          May Aishling rest in peace and her family find some peace.

  2. The Millie Obnoxious™

    Rest in Peace Ashling.

    My heart breaks for her parents, her family. As always with tragedies like this, there are no words that will do. A simple I’m sorry will have to suffice.

  3. Doxxy Chainsaw

    A horrific situation exploited beyond decency. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends and a scaldy pox on the vile opportunists who turned this into a state funeral.

    Can we expect this kind of political pageantry when the next person is killed?

    1. Ian-oG

      Not at all.

      But Mehole still thinks it 2003 and that stuff like this passes without much ado, back then the IT, Indo and RTE still had a lot of influence over the narrative; nowadays Meholes stunt is writ large for all to see it for the crap it is.

      Arrogant and classless – no wonder he leads FF.

  4. bell

    me hole turning a tragedy into a political opportunity

    He didn’t give a damn about all the other women brutally murdered

  5. TenPin Terry

    As I wrote earlier, stomach-churning opportunists gathering like bees round a honeypot.
    What an odious creep.
    At least the Shinners only turn out to bury their own.

  6. Ian-oG

    All I can see is that if this was one of my family, Michael Martin would need a few more Gardai to get away without at the very least a fairly robust declaration of my views on him and his government.

    The absolute cheek of him turning up for this, he has the ability to do something about the justice system in this country but is more interested in politicking for his cancerous party and going down as having had the Taoiseach role.

    Vile, disgusting reject of a human being.

    1. newsjustin

      The reality is that when you’re burying a very close relative, you have far more important things on your mind than that. That’s been my experience anyway.

      1. Ian-oG

        That’s true alright Justin, a FF politician turned up for my mothers funeral, she never expressed knowing him or any interest in FF so while part of me wanted to tell him to sling her hook but the last thing I wanted was any drama or hassle.

        Left an extremely sour taste in my mouth, a few weeks later I asked my father is she knew him but he said he didn’t think so. My mother was very active in the community and her funeral drew a large crowd so I get quite animated when I see stuff like this.

        1. newsjustin

          I hear ya.

          I’m thinking of a close relative’s funeral in the past few years and I know that there were loads of people there I never knew were there. Primarily a nice thing.

  7. Broadbag

    Govt and in particular McEntee going to this for the photo-op is even worse than those MPs showing up at food banks with a few token items to donate, deplorable and utterly tone deaf.

  8. bell

    A 25-YEAR-OLD man who abducted a teenage Spanish student from Dublin city centre and raped her repeatedly over a 21-hour-period has been jailed for 14 years.
    Eoin Berkley will be eligible to apply for release in 5 years time

    48-year-old Urantsetseg Tserendorj, stabbed to death by a 14 year old

    Anna Kriegel, raped and beaten to death by 2 13 year olds.

    244 women have died violently between 1996-2022
    191 cases have been resolved. That’s a lot of murderers walking around our streets.

    Mehole and McEntee really are the lowest of the low

  9. bell

    From today’s [papers:
    The judge jailed the 57-year-old father for 15 years after he was found guilty of all 31 offences against him. These included raping his three older children, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, wilful neglect and child cruelty.

    The 34-year-old mother was jailed for nine years. She was found guilty of all 25 offences against her, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and wilful neglect of her children.

    The children’s 49-year-old uncle – the husband of their maternal aunt – was jailed for 15 years. He was found guilty of all 10 counts against him including rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation of the three eldest children.

    His wife, the children’s 35-year-old maternal aunt, was jailed for three years for her part in the abuse, which involved three counts of sexually assaulting two of the children.

    3 years for sexually assaulting 2 of your nieces.
    3 YEARS????

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