The Big Fella


And a cardboard cut-out of Michael Collins.


This morning.

Dublin City University.

Fine Gael Senator Barry Ward (left) at a Young Fine Gael table for DCU’s open day, manned by two Michael Collins-masked YFG members, Cormac Docherty (centre) and Thomas Scallon.

Cult of personality.

Give or take a consonant.

Pic via Barry Ward

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9 thoughts on “The Big Fella

  1. goldenbrown

    ah lookit the baba Irish tories!

    here lads, keep it up, you might even end up like this fella:

    if as a parent you worry that your teenage son is a turning out odd, just watch this video and feel better instantly

    1. GiggidyGoo

      It’s the FFG rewriting of Irish history.

      “ On January 27th last, the main BBC television news bulletin carried what it described as “a rare interview” with Leo Varadkar. During its introduction the then-taoiseach was seen with the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg gazing up at a large portrait of Michael Collins. He told her, “This is Michael Collins, one of the founding fathers of the country and the founding father of my party.”

      There are at least two problems with the claim that Collins founded Fine Gael. First, Collins died on August 22nd, 1922. The official Fine Gael website states that, “Fine Gael was founded in 1933”.”

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