7 thoughts on “’80s Perm

    1. Duncan Wheeler

      Agree, so much more interesting to look at and live around than the un-human glass & concrete buildings by numb-ers that make our cities unpleasant to live in.

  1. chillinuts

    I can here to see if someone had written Iiiiiiiiiirish Permanent… the Peeeeeooooples Choice

  2. Shawnee Poole

    The Irish Permanent Building Society Lower O’Connell Street Dublin.
    Next door the Abbey Mooney Bar on Lower Abbey Street now part of the Permanent TSB.
    Most of the decor of the bar was thrown into skips when the bar became part of the bank in the 1990s [I saw it happening].
    Remember drinking in the bar in the late 60s and early 70s.

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