Calling Heather


This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Wheelchair-bound Colin Fanning seeking to contact  Minister for Social Protection Minister Humphreys outside Leinster House. Colin says he needs medical and social welfare supports, that he is illiterate and finding it impossible to get help from Government agencies. He will be outside Leinster House again tomorrow should a TD or anyone from the Department of Social Protection wish to speak with him.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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6 thoughts on “Calling Heather

  1. Verbatim

    Was he outside at the same time as those young ones from 6th class, wonder would any of them have been able to assist this gentleman.
    He’ll get very cold while waiting for anybody to come out from Leinster House to welcome him.

      1. Reasonable Commenter

        Then they could write any old rubbish on the sign.
        Like ‘GiggidyGoo on Broadsheet is a bollox’.
        He must be very trusting.

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