Heavy Lifting


This morning.

The Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Transport Eamon Ryan (top) has said he did not believe the Government will decide to immediately remove some restrictions today and it is more likely that people will be given advance notice about any changes on Friday.


Ah now.

Lifting of restrictions could begin next week – Ryan (RTE)


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17 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting

  1. freewheeling

    They’ll keep us playing the “guess this weeks restrictions” game for a good while yet, instead of just dropping it all. Anything to avoid us playing the “guess the economic and public health vaccine damage cost of all this” game.

    1. Frank

      I like the way there is absolutely no immediacy or urgency about any lifting of the restrictions that have decimated society. – Cabinet may convene on Friday to potentially announce some lifting of restrictions…. for February.
      In a word, nebulous.

      1. SOQ

        And sure why would there be?

        Not a single one of them have been financially impacted in the slightest.

        Like their cohorts in the state sector and large corps, they are probably better off.

  2. Frank

    Mask wearing is the symbol of the pandemic, a visual aid so we can ‘see’ this invisible scourge.
    Once the masks are gone the pandemic is over.

        1. K.Cavan

          As I exited the shop, a guy on his way in stopped in his tracks. “Forgot your mask?” I ventured. “bloody things!” he said, as he turned on his heel to head back to the car. “They’re the new bag-for-life”. Yes, I thought, the thing you regularly leave in the car. They also have a similar level of impact on a Coronavirus.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          and yet he Topped the Poll in Dublin Bay South last time out
          and his next-in-line, Catherine Martin, likewise in Dublin Rathdown
          In fact Catherine literally doubled her 1st prefs share from GE2016 to GE2020
          and with two sitting Ministers on the ballot sheet btw

      1. freewheeling

        The two biggest lurches ever in the size of national debt was when Ryan was at the cabinet table. Coincidence or incompetence?

        1. Ian-oG

          You expect a man who waffles on about ready to go salads and sleeps in work to actually have a clue what is going on?


    1. Rob_G

      ‘another bandwagon’ – he’s literally in the government, and is someone is asking him about government policy – FML…

  3. No more Maura

    I have a bad feeling the masks will be here forever, I am so sick of them, everyday, the bloody mask, mask, mask. Does anyone on here know how I can get one of those printouts that say I dont have to wear one? And for the kids as well? Thnaks

    1. scottser

      the more shops and garages i frequent, the more i see staff not wearing masks. as soon as i see a staff member not wearing one, mine comes off.

  4. K.Cavan

    Eamonn should be given the job of announcing all future changes to restrictions, I say changes because the government obviously have no idea what they might be told to tell us to do, next.
    On top of that, I reckon the Greenie idiots who voted Ryan in would be the most enthusiastic supporters of Clown World & it’s Fake Pandemic.

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