‘How Dare You?’


This morning.

UK’s Talk Radio.


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21 thoughts on “‘How Dare You?’

  1. Kim Cardassian

    She’s not right in the head though. She’s a climate change denier and she’s has strong TERF views. She’s also pro Brexit.

    1. Mr.T

      She’s in the right in this case though – that MP was floundering and flip flopping, on the one hand claiming to back the science (and back the unwinding of restrictions) and on the other hand claiming its too soon to relax. Either the “science” supports it or it doesnt.

      “The science” has become, in the last 2 years, a very convenient mudguard for politicians to absolve them of their decisions. The reality however is that “science” rarely is so concise and definitive for anyone to say that the science backs their political decision.

      1. Kim Cardassian

        Yeah but he’s a politician with poor speaking skills and a lack of charisma. He’s also not a science.

        She’s has twisted medieval views on many topics and while her view on vaccines might align with yours, her rationale for her view won’t be. (Assuming you’re an intelligent person of sound mind. :-P )

        Easy click bait for Talk U.K.

    2. Micko

      She’s not wrong here though.

      She’s asking for scientific proof for the restrictions and he’s talking about his feelings.


    3. SOQ

      I don’t agree with Julia on some things, but I do like her. She’s an old school journalist who drags the politicians over the coals, which is very entertaining.

  2. SOQ

    Anyone whom at this point does not know the difference between anti-vax and anti-mandates or anti-passports is either being wilfully dishonest, or just downright thick.

      1. TenPin Terry

        ‘ Not right in the head ‘ for having strong TERF views ?
        I’m going with thick as two short planks too.

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw


      Tell us again about the magnets and the Vaers and the Great Barrington Declaration and Sweden and Israel…

        1. Doxxy Chainsaw

          It’s what you think is the truth! When you have reactionary nutjobs like JHB cheerleading your ráméis, you need to take a good look at yourself. More mass formation events for the antis to partake in.

  3. stephen moran

    It says a lot that this site has taken to using an article from the Daily Excrement & now Tory fascists to prop up the narrative in the last 24 hours

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