Scraping The Pot



At Kilrush District Court sitting in Ennis, partner of Clare TD, Violet Ann Wynne, John Montaine appeared in connection with the alleged illegal possession of cannabis at the family home at Pella Rd, Kilrush on February 11th last year.

…Mr Montaine has epilepsy and speaking generally on her partner’s use of medicinal cannabis to deal with his epilepsy, Deputy Wynne said that come March “John will be six years seizure free and that comes from him taking medicinal cannabis”.

“Before we were having to go see the GP in between seeing the neurologist. There was always some kind of issue – say John having a number of fits within the one month or losing teeth or suffering with severe migraine, but since John has been using the medicinal cannabis, he has had a better quality of life.”

Deputy Wynne said that Mr Montaine “is only left with a handful of teeth at this stage” from his past seizures…

Ah here.

Partner of Sinn Féin TD appears in court on drugs possession charge (


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17 thoughts on “Scraping The Pot

    1. paddy apathy

      Don’t think so, Mr Montaine has been in court a few times for this. The only crime I see here is that he can’t source medication that has proven to work for him.

  1. Cobweb

    No doubt the Judge will want the tooth…..the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth at the next hearing.

  2. Mr.T

    This is how you know things are going back to normal, the Indo are reporting on those pesky shinners instead of covid.

    Nature is healing

  3. johnny

    ..for medical use,i can only hope y’all recent experience with the ‘medical community’ will drag you into 2021.

    “CANNABIS prohibition in Europe has been a failure.

    It has not only failed to protect citizens, especially young people, but it has also placed a heavy burden on public finances whilst allowing criminal groups to thrive. ”

    (Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, of Paris-based cannabis consultancy Augur Associates, outlines his vision for the emerging European adult-use markets:)

  4. Termagant

    How does it come about that the guards catch you for possession in your own house? Were they just having a casual house search for a laugh?

  5. Zaccone

    Why didn’t he get an adult caution? Why were the Gardai searching his house in the first place?

    If national journalists are going to cover a case is it too much to expect them to actually do some investigative reporting…

  6. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    I’m assume that if the partner of an FFG TD was in court in a similar situation, the bauld Murphy would be keen for them to be given the space to deal with it quietly.

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