Last night.

Tullamore, county Offaly.

Gardaí investigating the fatal assault on Ashling Murphy bring a man identified as 31-year-old Jozef Puska, with an address in Lynally Grove, Tullamore back into a police van after appearing before a special sitting of Tullamore District Court. Judge Catherine Staines remanded Mr Puska in custody to appear again at Clover Hill District Court on January 26.

Man charged with murder of Ashling Murphy (RTE)

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

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68 thoughts on “Charged

  1. Broadbag

    What an unsightly rabble, whipped into a frenzy by the media, not a Jack Ruby amongst them though, all talk no trousers so what’s the point, ”yeah, I went and shouted at him, that will teach him, the murder rate will plummet now!”.

    1. spud

      I didn’t see the footage. Was there much shouting?
      Looks like it’s mostly media folk in presence.
      A lot with mobile phones too… are these local who think they’d get a photo and sell it on to the papers?
      Seems to be a couple of mobile phone photos in media reports today.

        1. spud

          Not a surprise. The wave or grief will turn into a wave of hatred towards this man now.
          He’ll want to be given life if he’s found guilty.

  2. tom2

    It’s mad that this comment is allowed but I make a slightly different version of it and its deleted.

    Men need to have a talk with themselves about violence against women and please don’t give me any “not all men” crap. Now is not the time.

      1. Oro

        And who carried out all of these homicides oh sheepish one? How many of the women killed were killed by another woman? The problem of extreme violence in society lies at mens’ feet.

        1. Micko

          Yes. Men can be physically violent. Just like the males of pretty much every other species on the planet.

          Welcome to the reality of life Oro.

          I’m sure you will undo millions of years of evolutionary biochemistry with a few tweets and hashtags and vague platitudes.

          Good luck with that.

          1. Fergalito

            Bit glib of you Micko don’t you think seeing as the issue is women and violence.

            It is possible to speak separately of violence inflicted on women and on men without getting caught up in pointing out that men are victims of homicide too when the issue of women and homicide arises.

            I get your point, I do – it is a constant in society however to pull it away from the specific issue that is under the spotlight (however or whatever or if anything tangible comes of it) has a hum of the “when is it international men’s day?” view posited whenever it’s international women’s day.

            Ignore the hashtags, social media frenzy and such smokescreens. They’re meaningless and part of the social media fabric regardless of what’s going on.

          2. Micko


            I’m glib because this won’t be an issue in a few weeks. The people who want more division in our society will have moved onto something else by then.

            Something else probably around gender or race or sexuality will be their new cause. It’ll definitely be something to cause more division though.

            Unfortunately, men are physically violent. It’s a fact of reality. It’s also helped us throughout our evolution as one of the main driving forces.

            And some people have a head full of bad wiring and do terrible things. They are individuals who don’t represent the norm – and should be view and judged as such.

            There is no solution to those individuals and we have NO plan to deal with it.

            Short of locking ALL men up after 8pm

            Wait a mo…

          3. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            I get your point I really do, we are just vicious big monkeys, one of the most aggressive animals on earth and by gift of testosterone males are more readily so, but that’s not good enough anymore in a so called civilised society,
            I hate the media crap around this and the man hating noise that does more detriment to the conversation than anything.
            However to deny there are some basic attitudes that could do with some tweeking is to bury the head in the sand,
            as I said in my other comment I’m not that concerned with talking about violence, more sexual violence in all it’s guises. That’s cultural, you just have to look at countries where the attitudes are worse or indeed better to see that.
            So is it repressed sexuality, bad sex education, and access to porn for kids and teens that grow up thinking ladies like it rough or a finger up the hole on a train ?

          4. scottser

            ‘I’m glib because this won’t be an issue in a few weeks’
            for you maybe, micko. but you can be pretty sure there are plenty of women who are going to get smacked around, bullied, raped or murdered in the next few weeks but as long as its not in your face that’s the main thing, eh?

          5. Micko

            Not really understanding your point there scottser.

            What would your solution to the problem of male violence be then?

          6. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            I think Micko you are underestimating the scale of crap that goes on for ladies and the motivation and attitudes behind it ?

          7. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            to write it off as basic male violence is to a misrepresent the cause and effect in my opinion,
            the why is important,
            this locking up men poo is just reactionary and ridiculous, unless it’s consensual and in my boudoir :)

          8. Nigel

            ‘And some people have a head full of bad wiring and do terrible things.’

            There was a survey released yesterday about the low numbers of teenage girls who cycle to school because girls on bycycles get harassment and abuse from teenage boys and adult men. Seems to me that’s indicative of a deeper problem than a few individuals with bad wiring.

          9. Micko

            Solutions? Ideas? Plans?


            Janet’s point about unfettered access to pornography warping young folks ideas around sex seems salient. Maybe we should ban it online and only give access with a credit card.

            Anyway I’m sure we’re (society) all up for having a conversation about this stuff and trying to find some solution but when someone trots out the “ALL men need to have a talk with themselves” crap – I’m out.

          10. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            real sex education in schools not just the basics about how to not get pregnant but more broad including concepts of consent and boundaries for girls and boys,
            lessons around social media and shaming/ sending private pics/ revenge porn etc…there’s 13 year olds making ” sexy ” photos and videos on fupping insta,
            Ireland is off to a better start than most countries, let’s build on that with the help of all the many decent lads that live here.

          11. Micko

            “ you are underestimating the scale of crap that goes on for ladies”

            I don’t think I am Janet. I know terrible things go on.

            I just don’t see a solution.

          12. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I see
            I think education is the way forward, there’s no hope for the present tossers the mindset is there, in the mean time self defense for ladies is good.
            I’m worried there’s worse coming down the line thanks to the internets and the over sexualisation of younger and younger girls on there.

          13. scottser

            i don’t have a solution micko but i do have daughters. they’ll be brought up knowing how to stand your ground, how to deliver a righteous kick in the nuts, how to run like fk away. if i had sons, they’d be taught the same but also to pick on someone your own size.

          14. Janet, dreams of all the cake

            as my Mum used to say, kick em in the crown jewels,
            but actually a good knock to the Adams apple or a thumb in the eyeball if they are up close is good too

          15. Micko

            Fair enough scottser. An honest opinion

            Oh and just to clarify when I said “ this won’t be an issue in a few weeks”. I was referring specifically to the Aisling Murphy case. As in the type of folks who seek division will find another “cause” to rally behind.

            I can see how I wasn’t exactly clear on that.

          16. Johnny

            I consider demanding a table inside from a lowly server whilst standing in her face grinning,papers ah FO….to be in many ways violent,it’s certainly intimidating if you are a female and he’s well over 6 foot and manically grinning at you.

          17. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I find many of your comments misogynist and your comments about mum’s derogatory but don’t let that stop you throwing stones from your glass house there

          18. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            anyway every woman knows it’s the short angry little fuppers you have to watch

          19. Micko

            “ real sex education in schools not just the basics about how to not get pregnant but more broad including concepts of consent”

            Fair point Janet.

            Is there any other country that has successfully implemented this I wonder?

            Something we could model it on.

          20. Johnny

            A plan,here is a good plan,stop seeking out confrontation with low paid staff doing their jobs,the majority hostess / front the house are female earning minimum wages. They certainly don’t go to work to deal with men up in their their faces,smiling while belligerent and refusing provide papers yet demanding a table inside,all the time just desperately seeking conflict and drama.
            To me thats violence on the staff,who most likely are female,instead blaming society,look at your own recent behavior.

          21. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            The Netherlands and Denmark are leading the way in sex education among nations of the industrialized world. The Netherlands educates children as young as 4 about sex.

            that’s just what I got on Google, guess leading the way isn’t enough although it’s impossible to eradicate violent crime completely obviously,
            that brings you to a whole different conversation about sociopaths, examples at home etc

          22. Micko

            Johnny, your obsession with me and how I choose to live my life is unhealthy at best.

            I know for some reason that my choice not to live like you has become an obsessive topic for you, that you seem to be unable to get past.

            Let it go man.

          23. Johnny

            Of course Micko your the victim here,you yeah you have been advocating what in my opinion is violence towards women doing low paid jobs as servers in Dublin bars / restaurants,by getting up in their face at over six feet,papers ah stop I’m Laughing at you luv,…grinning here….it’s something you should look at.

          24. Micko

            Eh ok…

            My point is that you’re the victim Johnny. Of your own doing.

            I hope you enjoy laughing and grinning maniacally to yourself there though.

            Totally normal and coherent as ever pal.

        2. johnny-ny

          glib much.

          …Men can be physically violent. Just like the males of pretty much every other species on the planet.

          Welcome to the reality of life Oro…..

          They can and are often PHYSICALLY intimidating which when on the receiving end is VIOLENT,oh say when like they are over SIX FEET tall and in your face,at your work,
          -you advocated and BOASTED about eating inside in bars and restaurants,in Dublin,by basically physically intimidating female low paid staff,by forcing your way inside.

          maybe it’s the smile and BIG balls you also manically boast about on here,that got you inside?

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Were you not spouting your admiration for a real leader ” a real Alpha male ” just the other day ? You’re part of the problem Johnny.

          2. Micko

            Urrrgh ok Johnny.

            But Yes, that’s exactly what I said. I actually physically and violently intimidate staff and THEN they STILL let me into their restaurant to eat.

            They’re too scared to call the Guards even.

            And then, if I don’t like the food, I go in and batter the chef – in his own fish batter, the poor sod! ;p

            And a tip!!! Don’t even think about a tip buddy boy!

            And if my food isn’t up to scratch I’ll rip my shirt off (hulk hogan style), physically pick up the server (male OR female) and dunk their head down the toilet.

            All totally happened. That’s just how I roll pal.

            You really are one of God’s special little creatures aren’t you J-dawg.


      2. George

        One moment you’re saying “leave gender out of it” the next it is “Unfortunately, men are physically violent”.

        Think that through.

        1. Micko

          The “leave gender out of it” but is in relation to the violence that is perpetrated upon people.

          As in men (who are physically violent due to their nature) are actually more violent to other men – statistically speaking.

          1. JDizzle

            Micko, I agree 100% with you. men are being encouraged to fix this somehow by discussion. If someone is a looper, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Nobody can have a word in someone’s ear and the person think “yeah, you’re right, I won’t murder or rape anyone today”.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            yep too late really for anyone but the next generation,
            in the mean time how about no suspended sentences, can’t we organisé some hard humiliating graft for repeat offenders if there is no room in prisons,
            can we improve what happens when ladies do come forward, hell when you call 999 you might even get an answer ?

          3. Oro

            Haha yes only leave gender out of it for the statistics that suit you eh? You never did answer my question about the gender breakdown between people that commit murder. Just to answer that, in a group of people that have committed murder it will be over 90% male. And I don’t think a ‘men are bigger and more violent as are male animals’ is enough anymore.

          4. Micko

            No Oro

            I don’t think you understand my point. I’m not disagreeing with you.

            I’d say your stat there is closer to 100%

            Most killings are by men, regardless of whatever gender they kill. (That’s was my “leaving gender out of it” bit )

            You can’t change millions of years of evolution.

            Men can be violent as fupp. It’s in our DNA. Same as pretty much every other animal on the planet.

            But you guys have no solutions – because there is none.

            Just platitudes and hashtags, until the next crusade comes along.

          5. Oro

            I don’t think you understand my point. I am disagreeing with you. Men do have control over their own actions, it is not some “oh well men are violent” as an excuse, this does not pass muster anymore.

            You also don’t properly understand violence in society, as an example you glowingly referred to men fighting in wars the other day (initially joking, but then serious) without getting the obvious irony of the situation, that wars are often unnecessary, terribly violent, and not good things.

            One more point here, I think you’re using this “men are animals” thing to gloss over violence, does that also apply to sexual violence in your view? Is sexual violence / abuse / harassment a natural event, or is it more cultural?

            Also there absolutely are solutions, but it requires men to partake in them, and, if your (depressingly unsurprising) reaction to the suggestion of action is anything to go by, a lot of men will outright refuse to address violence against women in society, because deep down, they just don’t really care.

    1. Dan

      Muslims need to talk with themselves about terrorism and please don’t give me this “not all Muslim” crap.

        1. Dan

          Pointing out the fallacy of putting the responsibility on every member of a group for the actions of a minority. The problem is violent men. Violent men attack men and women. Saying that we all share some guilt (as men) makes zero sense legally or ethically. But thanks for the reasoned retort. Exactly what I have come to expect from a cohort of online commentators.

    2. Gavin

      Men who feel “all men” need to have a talk with themselves about violence against women, clearly have been dragged up by their ears and lack a moral compass, most of us understand this from a very young age. Violence full stop is wrong

      1. JDizzle

        While everyone knows this is not all men, the whole “we need to sit down and talk about this” spiel is a bit mad. we have a problem in this country with violent people not being treated seriously in the courts. just 2 days ago it was revealed a man who kidnapped Kevin Lunney was currently before the courts on a murder charge and had previously been charged with another murder and had 180 convictions, yet was out and about to kidnap another man. we don’t have prisons big enough to deal with proper sentencing.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          or hospitals or housing
          let’s get rid of the gobdaws running the country into the ground for their own profits

          1. JDizzle

            The whole system is broken and having Sinn Féin lead a government won’t fix anything. I genuinely have zero faith this will ever be fixed, especially in my lifetime.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I don’t think they are the answer either I don’t believe most politicians are in it for the right reasons, the incentives do not reflect the ” work ” they do.

        2. Oro

          And until most men refuse to consider themselves as being part of a massive societal problem that includes them in the group then nothing will change. Nobody’s suggesting you have to stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself out loud like some cringe-fest soap opera, rather that you carry out even a shred of self examination and consider how sometimes your actions (however low on the scale) can be part of a larger problem. And secondly to consider it from a woman’s perspective and think if there are any behaviours of yours that – if changed – might be beneficial for your relationships with women. All this taking offence is so unhelpful.

          So many men seem to have a real instinct to immediately jump to the ‘it’s only a few lunatics’ line or to underplay the amount of sexual assault that occurs, when the reality of sexual assault statistics and pretty much any woman’s personal history will contradict that.

  3. Mr.T

    Papers shouldnt be allowed to print a person’s identity in advance of a verdict – for starters all the press coverage would be likely to bias any potential jury.

    Secondly if he were found innocent (unlikely imo) I doubt the papers would report on it half as widely as they report on his arrest

    1. SOQ

      If memory serves me, they are not allowed to print the name of someone accused of rape, so what is different about murder?

      1. TenPin Terry

        Tbh I found the whole perp walk in front of a baying crowd quite shameful.
        Surely it is not beyond the wit of CSI Shergar to have organised this better.
        Although given the way they went to town on the original innocent suspect it doesn’t surprise me.

          1. TenPin Terry

            He’s gone home.Said he’d had enough of the locals.
            I have a new Irish chappie who I insist dresses like Fast Show Ted and must always be doing something about the drainage in the lower field.
            Although I’m not gay you understand.

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