I Like Big Bots And I Can Not Lie [Extended]


From top; Limerick, Cork and Dublin Bots


Mark at Jam Art Prints writes:

We have 1 (yes, one) of Rob Stears‘ Limited Edition Giclée Print – Big City Bot in A2 size to give away to the winner of this week’s competition.

The winner can choose between Limerick, Cork or Dublin.

To enter, please name our three city bots (above)…

Lines must close at 6.45pm.

Jam Art Factory

Jam Art Prints

The Jam Art Print competition appears here every second Thursday.

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37 thoughts on “I Like Big Bots And I Can Not Lie [Extended]

        1. Clampers Outside

          By the way Bodger, I was contacted by Jam Art regarding my win of the ‘match’ prints :)

          Thank you again, just wanted to let you know !

  1. Clampers Outside

    Croomadon Rhyme

    Don Aterbot Prime

    Pale Phoenix

    …if u have to ask which is which I’ve done a bad job :)

  2. paul

    Luke-Kelly-O (we’ve just built the head so far, it’s on Sheriff street).

  3. Raymond

    Limerick – Cybernetic Gowl Detection Droid
    Dublin – Computerized Jannowarrimean Infiltration Cyborg
    Cork – Macro Chip on the Shoulder Drone

  4. spud

    No names… just came here to say these are fantastic!!
    Love the Dublin one… the head and use of other landmarks is genius!

    1. U N M U T U A L

      Anyone else notice that the groin of the dublin mechanoid is the Áras…

      …and if ya squint hard enough you can just make out the Miggeldy! :-)

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