Life Changing


Austria’s chancellor Karl Nehammer

This afternoon.

Via Reuters:

Austria’s conservative government said it was launching a national lottery to encourage holdouts to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, hours before parliament passed legislation that would introduce a national vaccination mandate.

About 72% of the Austrian population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, one of the lowest rates in Western Europe.

Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer said at a press conference of the social democratic opposition leader Pamela Rendi Wagner, with whom the measure was being negotiated, said he wanted there to be a financial reward for getting vaccinated, adding: “We have learned from the past and we have seen that a vaccination lottery is the best possible way to set up such a system.”

It could be you.

Austria adds a lottery to COVID vaccine mandate to win over holdouts (Reuters)


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10 thoughts on “Life Changing

    1. SOQ

      ‘It could be you’ takes on a whole different meaning with this one.

      Do they really think people are that thick?

      It is actually quite patronising.

      1. andrew

        In fairness, having seen the utter rubbish the anti-vaxxers have fallen for, you couldn’t really blame them for not having a massive amount of regard for your ‘intelligence’, could you?

        1. E'Matty

          Ha, it isn’t those of us opposed to this nonsense who’ve been falling for utter rubbish

          Two weeks to flatten the curve, or vaccines provide 100% efficacy against severe disease, or vaccinated don’t transmit, or no side effects to the vaccines, or any number of other idiocies you dumbos have swallowed whole like mindless herd animals. Only a week ago you mindless brainwashed types wanted mandatory vaccines or to deny the unvaccinated ICU care. A week later, we’re talking about ending all restrictions. Yet, you have the total lack of self awareness to think you’ve your finger on the pulse and you’re the intelligent informed one here. You’re a herd animal following the herd. Hilarious

          1. andrew

            It is quite ok to be “opposed to this nonsense”. Another thing to be completely LOOLAH like yourself Mr Matty with your fantastical notions of an evil underworld hatching a heinous plan to kill us all and eat our children or turn them into robots or whatever it is. Yeah, yeah I get it – you have been around and sniffed the bottoms of the powerful elite and saw the sinister intent within their dead souls or something like that.

            You are bonkers. Get yourself seen to.

          2. jonjoker

            You didn’t remember the promise* that they would double the number of ICU beds.
            * promise, lie, what’s the difference?

  1. Fergalito

    “We have learned from the past and we have seen that a vaccination lottery is the best possible way to set up such a system.”

    Past vaccine lotteries?

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™

      Wasn’t there a lottery/sweepstakes here in Ireland once upon a time? I think it was to raise money for Irish hospitals, and, if I remember correctly, I think Noel Browne might have harnessed it as a means of encouraging BCG vaccine uptake during his role as Minister for Health.

  2. E'Matty

    Ah, they get two lotteries in one! Will I get myocarditis or not? If ya don’t play, ya can’t win.

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