Paradise By The Dashboard Light


This afternoon.

The Nitelink is back!

Dublin City Councillor, Cllr Colm O’Rourke, who has been campaigning for the service to return, said:

“The return of the Nitelink is great news. In December of last year, when it was announced that the service would be curtailed, in line with restrictions to close hospitality at 8pm, I was disappointed as the Nitelink isn’t just for clubbers. It is an important service to workers and anyone looking for a low-cost option to get home safe. The confirmation from Dublin Bus today is a big relief to many people.

‘”Well done to Dublin Bus for all the fantastic services that they provide. Their staff have been fantastic during the pandemic as someone myself who doesn’t drive – they have been a great help to me getting me around. Fair play Dublin Bus.”

In fairness.



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5 thoughts on “Paradise By The Dashboard Light

  1. Slow down

    I love Dublin Bus nitelink but until they start doing drink/drug tests first, before you can get onboard…
    I’ll always preferred taxis first, anytime, myself.

    Those drivers are off their heads.
    They are too easily upset.
    They keep telling me I’m on the wrong bus. They’re supposed to be bringing me home.

    What’s the bleedin’ story?

  2. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan


    From stopping it indefiantly last month to back in business.
    Wouldnt have anything to with a little news story over the weekend.

    The way the ‘powers that be’ treated the underpaid and undervalued night workers in the capital, shows once again the contempt high ranking public servants have for the working class.

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