The Right To Be Remote


The government must introduce legislation that gives workers a legal right to work remotely – not merely the right to request flexible working arrangements, according to the Social democrats

This afternoon.

The government has said it will this week publish legislation that gives people a statutory right to ‘request working from home’.

Social Democrats Enterprise Spokesperson Catherine Murphy said:

“This does not go far enough. The default position should be that flexible working is permissible. It should not be at the whim of employers to accept it or reject it.

A change like this could be truly transformative, particularly for women, disabled people and carers – many of whom have been forced to give up work, or locked out of the jobs market, because of the absence of a statutory right to work remotely…

“…The right to remote working is also of crucial importance to ease housing pressure in urban areas and to facilitate rural regeneration.”



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7 thoughts on “The Right To Be Remote

  1. Mr.T

    How the hell could this work? Seems like a poo minefield.

    Some jobs are more conducive to working remotely than others – how do you distinguish who has the legal right and who doesnt?

    1. Micko

      If you’re a middle to upper class office worker and enjoyed the pandemic – you can work at home.

      If you work in Aldi – you’re stuffed.

      1. NobleLocks

        I had nothing growing up left school at 15 and worked my ar$e off all of my life to get to the 6 figures I earn today. Where does that leave me?

  2. goldenbrown

    the arse is about to fall out of some people’s working world

    I cannot wait to see the turmoil amongst a certain set when this argument warms up


  3. Ian-oG

    This ”law” really sums up the current coalition.

    We already have the right to request literally anything we like. For the laugh, I requested the right to work from a Death Star from my employer who used their own intrinsic rights to tell me that due to them not being in possession of one right now, they had to refuse.

    I said I was logging a complaint with the Jedi council. They laughed. I laughed.

    No fooling them, the Jedi council has no jurisdiction over Death Star staffing.

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