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17 thoughts on “Wikileaps

  1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    Very Appealing!

    America & Britain needs to be on trial before they officially start WW3.

    Ireland on UN Security Council just need to follow the UN charter for Human Rights and then Assange is free. Or else just burn the UN charter of Human Rights.

    Either way, real decisions have to be made.

    Free Assange!

    1. :-Joe

      Yes exactly. Stay independant and neutral…
      Focus on progressing reason, understanding and peace.

      On the same day that Coveney puffs his chest at Putin / Russia to show solidarity with the equally and if not arguably more corrupt NATO Alliance…
      -While guzzling Champagne, drunk on his new found access and closer proximity to real international power, no doubt…

      Vladimir Pozner – How America created Putin -Yale University.

      Buy Digital Gold a.k.a Bitcoin while it’s dirt cheap…



    The “win” is the basic right to have an appeal hearing by a supreme “slightly higher level of the dystopian nightmare helter-skelter of imperialist justice” court…

    -According to Assange’s fiancee, live outside the court.
    – Somewhat ironically, only covered properly and Published by RT International (Russia Today) in the last couple of hours

    You can watch it on the ‘murican Millitary state funded, and strategic geo-political technology partner the A-Z of techno-facism on their mind-control, propaganda and censorship for advertising/data theft revenue driven website Pootube here:

    Also, The Belmarsh Tribunal, inspired by the Russel and Satre’s led original War Crimes Tribunal…
    – Snowden, Tariq Ali, Janis Varoufakis and more..

    Bitcoin crashing?
    DCA all the way !
    = Buy every dip in price, all the way to the bottom…

    Thank me later when you’re mortgage is paid next year and all your kids are off to get PhD’s..

    Opinion, Not financial FUD and propaganda for the corrupt WEF / -d 7 / EU / IMF / FED-Goldman Sachs run fake geo-political economic tyranny…


    1. goldenbrown

      when do you reckon I’d be able to pay off my BOI mortgage using BTC?
      or use it to buy a property?
      (or anything anything property)

      a ballpark estimate willdo

      1. :-Joe

        Short answer..

        I can’t be certain of the exact timeline… In the short term it changes from various influences but… medium to long term 1 – 5 – 10 Years… IMO…

        An approx. 15-30K or a recent average price 50K Bitcoin will be worth..

        100K in 12 Monsths

        250K in 1-3 Years

        500K+ within 5-10 Years..

        Eventually, easily the equivalent of over a million USD by today’s standards.

        -Sooner than you might think but by then USD will be a worthless relic of the analogue corrupt FIAT past and the whole economic monetary value system will have changed around it.

        Bitcoin will keep gaining in value long after you, your grandkids or even my two-hundred year old cyperpunk-transhuman new body are recycled back into the universe for the third time… etc. lol

        Smart people, DCA (Dollar(Euro) cost average) = BUY, every time the price dips.

        1 Unit of daily, weekly or monthly investment per 500 – 1k dip.

        e.g. 1 K dip = 2 Units or 10K Dip = 20 Units or 20K dip 40 units. etc.

        A Unit = whatever you can afford to Invest or save for 3-6months or 1 Year at worst…

        Usually an hour, day or week in most cases..
        -If you’re even just average smart…


          1. :-Joe

            Yeah, there’s risks in everything and a learning curve with anything new…

            My advice is to get a seperate laptop,

            You will need a secure OS, a VPN, with the best open source apps

            A Router that blocks hacking via your ISP is a good idea too.

            DON’T USE ANY iOS/Android SMARTPHONE for cryptocurrency
            – Unless you know how to modify and install /E/ OS or a version of Linux on it…
            See Fairphone with E OS pre-installed or Lineage OS the original example.

            A price shock due to scarcity will occur in Bitcoin and hacking will become 10x exponentially worse every year…


          2. Nigel

            Don’t lose, forget or die before passing on your password. Or get scammed by the scam artists in crypto, which is basically everyone pushing crypto.

            And if course it’s yet more strain on the planetary climate and energy resources.

          3. :-Joe

            Oh, now I see what your angle is…

            Did you get scammed Nigel?..

            The overwhelming majority of people in crypto are just trying to get a fair return for their investment.

            Fraud in crypto is 1% of what it is in stocks shares traditional banking etc.

            Unlike all the central bank approved scams…

            e.g. Intrest rates are lower than ever but your bank approved credit card still charges 20%.. or more…

            Investigate who are the real scammers… and get back to me…

            BTW Your energy concerns are propaganda FUD based on misinformation for the benefit of central banking hedgemony against crypto.


          4. Nigel

            ‘Fraud in crypto is 1% of what it is in stocks shares traditional banking etc.’

            How could you possibly know? Isn’t the lack of oversight, regulation and enforcement the point? That’s why the money launderers and ransomware hackers love it.

            Cryptocurrency is literally servers churning away endlessly burning fossil fuels.

          5. :-Joe


            The lack of oversight in the FED/ Wall St Goldman Sachs run WEF IMF madness or Crypto?

            Even without official regulation Crypto is a better self-regulated. system by design.

            At least in Bitcoin anyway. 99% of the other coins are going to fail as speculative bubbles.

            Every PC uses electricity… and a lot of other things too..


          6. Nigel

            ‘Even without official regulation Crypto is a better self-regulated. system by design.’

            All self-regulating scams say stuff like this.

            ‘99% of the other coins are going to fail as speculative bubbles.’

            Wow, you’re right, cryptocurrency is WAY better!

            ‘Every PC uses electricity’

            And now on top of that there’s a tulip-madness style hypercapitalist burning-oil-for-money set of scams and criminality that’s growing fast and set to offset any hard-won gains in sutainable energy.

          7. :-Joe

            Yes, there are less than 200 Cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in and hundreds if not thousands are either useless scams or speculative bubbles… You either win or lose on them in the short term… Gambling etc..

            So what’s new compared to the stonks and scams by the greedy and corrupt everything to-the-wall st system

            Look, I’d hapilly discuss or debate the finer points of all this with you some time, whenever you’re ready to communicate outside of extreme polemics and without any what about-ery and if you can show some common sense in your arguments..

            Talking from a point of agreed awareness of the facts would be good too…

            For example, If you look up what Michael Saylor has said in broadcasts like the Gold vs Bitcoin debate recently or any of his mainstream responses to why, what how etc. Bitcoin and Crypto is the future you should find at least some enlightenment about it all…

            Some people think he’s just a crazy maximalist with too much invested in it to be objective etc. but he has a handle on the philosophy behind it, more than just making money and wealth.

            I’ll save us both some time….

            ” You’re a Nazi.. I’m a Nazi ! “.
            – Goodwin’s / Godwins Law

            GL & HF – In Reading and learning about it….
            – Before you get left behind / Scammed etc..


      2. :-Joe

        Do what the greedy 1% do…

        Borrow massively against your existing assets and leverage the debt to buy another asset with cheap low-interest rate loans(while also paying the least amount of tax per profit in history)…

        Do what they do, if it’s ok for them then why not everyone else, the little guy/gal etc.

        Bitcoin is the fastest growing asset in history… and the only horse in the lead at the front of it’s own race…

        Opinion NFA etc. Stop blindly trusting the FUD news and voting for incompetant eejits who use it to take advantage of you and everyone around you.


  3. Bodger

    From Legal Coffee Drinker:

    Yet to see the judgment, but this summary from the Guardian makes sense.

    “The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be able to go to the supreme court to challenge a decision allowing him to be extradited to the US to face espionage charges.

    However, the high court refused him permission for a direct appeal, meaning the Supreme Court will first have to decide whether or not it should hear his challenge.”

    He is half the way towards getting his appeal heard.

  4. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    Thanks for the legal angle LCD.
    Can’t help thinking The Guardian took great pleasure publishing that info.

    Wonder will they put their ‘liberal ethos’ into their front page while financial supporting the greatest publisher of a generation.

    They won’t, cause they are cowards and scum.

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