A Date To Remember


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his birthday in Downing Street on June 19, 2020; the late BBC Radio presenter Lisa Shaw

This morning/afternoon.

Boris Johnson had birthday bash during lockdown, ITV News understands (ITV)

Previously: Lisa Shaw: Presenter’s death due to complications of Covid vaccine


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8 thoughts on “A Date To Remember

  1. TenPin Terry

    Boris had a birthday bash is a bit of a misnomer.
    It was a surprise celebration.Obviously as a surprise he knew nothing about its planning.
    30 people who worked together stopped to have some cake and wish him a happy birthday.He stayed for 10 minutes.
    A short time later they all went back to work in the same office.
    Hardly a Bacchanalian orgy of indulgence … or Golfgate.
    The presence of the designer is problematic but Boris’s fault ?
    Keep your powder dry until the Gray investigation and the cops have had their say.

  2. No more Maura

    The clotshot strikes again, that poor man. I didnt realise the AZ vaccine was as dangerous as the Pfizer one. The Irish governemnt must be shaking in their boots now about all the people who are going to die from the vaccine this year, has to be why they got rid of the passports, I bet they will somehow lose all the information of who has been vaxed now soon, probably another ‘cyber attack’, yeah right.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Once again HE didn’t hold his own birthday party.
      It was a surprise delivery of a birthday cake – like the one he’s pictured receiving above – by people he works with all day every day standing around for 10 minutes before going back to work.
      Anyhow, it looks like the Sue Gray investigation will be long-fingered until the Old Bill complete their inquiries which gives Boris a bit of breathing space until Putin invades.
      Remember what I said.
      Starmer lacks political acumen. He’s peaked too early.
      He’s suffering from premature jubilation.


      1. TenPin Terry

        Voters are beinning to realise that this is one last shove by Brexit-deniers in the media and in the Labour Party to re-open the old debate.
        Here’s Hezza giving the game away today.
        Being interviewed by a hack who was suspended from work for six months for breaking lockdown rules to actually go on the piss instead of just eating cake in the office.


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