It’s Frank’s World


 Frank McDonald, former Environment Correspondent for The Irish Times

This morning’s Irish Times Letters


This morning.

ESB writes:

If that’s not an Irish Times decision to publish an ad hominem attack on Frank because of bad blood, what is? Can you imagine if Una Mullally was targeted like that?



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27 thoughts on “It’s Frank’s World

  1. Ian-oG

    No idea who Frank is but I don’t see the issue with a reader berating him for his views on high rises?

    OK, calling him a nimby is technically an ad hominem but is it that bad?

    1. Bodger

      He worked for them for years and scolded them in great detail in his memoirs. That’ll learn him.

  2. George

    This is more fake outrage. Criticising the Irish Times for printing a letter critical of an Irish Times article? You’d criticise them if they never published letters disagreeing with their articles.

  3. Shitferbrains

    He’s a piece of work. His Twitter feed shows his obsession with Israel/Palestine and he’ll quote every lunatic on the planet including Holocaust deniers like Icke and Wilkinson. His grabbing of a woman by the throat over a Temple Bar noise issue is tame by comparison.

  4. johnny-ny.

    …he was always regarded with suspicion after it took two barrister’s and an ad,with a few bob reward to expose rampant,FU and just so blatant,in yer face,stuffed brown envelopes CORRUPTION on his beat,under his nose,after that its all just noise.

      1. johnny-ny.

        it was the WORST kept secret in Dublin that Dublin County Council was corrupt as fupp,Gogarty did not trust him,its was Connolly that he worked with,ever wonder why ?

        1. andrew

          Speaking of which, might you have any tips for a marijuana stock that is on the brink of sky rocketting to help me offset this week’s losses?

          1. johnny-ny.

            …very poor,as i have already significant skin in that game (i work in it),i dont double down by peddling in common stock,you don’t need own a cow to drink milk.

  5. Peter Howick

    Una will be targeted when she goes full SF.
    not totally sure she will but its a growing possibility.

  6. Stephen O’Farrell

    I need to address the slurry of slander with actual facts. Frank does not oppose tall buildings. Just because you don’t want a Georgian city like Dublin to turn into a Dunkin Donuts headquarters or a mid American city punctuated with skyscrapers does not mean you are opposed to fall buildings. There is a difference between trying to achieve a rational European density of 5/8 stories and not wanting the cities fabric to be irrevocable changed by skyscrapers. I’m sorry that guy lives in Lucan… but if he lived in Paris or Berlin maybe he’d get the point better.

    1. johnny-ny.

      …he was willfully turning a blind eye to widespread blatant corruption,in his so called area of expertise,you know ….what the IT was paying him to cover,the paper of record,what his readers were paying to get news about,planning and the process,but look,LOOK a bungalow…..yeah sure the paper of record for the ruling class.

      1. Stephen O’Fa

        Are you in drugs? What the hell are you talking about. Willfully turning a blind eye to corruption…

        1. Stephen O’Fa

          Sorry typo. I meant to write. Are you on drugs. (Not in drugs). Drugs that make you Delusional perhaps? What journalist goes into writing to make money? From the Irish Times? Hello! Wakey wakey! Nobody does. UCD is full of graduates whose entire dreams are built on the desire to be rich. That’s not the journos game. Frank was has only, as in solely, been driven by an authentic desire to protect Ireland from being destroyed by greedy developers & classless lunatics who have no knowledge about design, & just want to extract as much profit out of the soil as humanely possible.

  7. Jdawgs

    I think Frank has done more for the protection of this city than most. He championed Temple Bar being a cultural hub and did his best to stop it turning into a crappy faux Irish bar rip off joint. And he is against extreme high rise. Over 10 stories. It’s not Manhattan here. If you want to see how the council, government and developers have almost ruined the city his book The Destruction of Dublin is a good read.

    But so what, it’s an opinion letter written it. We are all entitled to one.

    Always found Frank a good sport and fun person.

    1. Kdoc

      And there is a huge safety issue with high rise buildings. I recall a trade union representative stating that Dublin Fire Brigade did not have the training, or the equipment, to fight fires over 10 stories.

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