10 thoughts on “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

    1. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

      In fairness, any night in Dublin these days. It’s an open wound of a city. Not exactly enticing anyone in anytime.

  1. John Smith

    And yet face-coverings are vital to stop the spread in retail, etc, and schools…? Yeh, right!

  2. SailorGerry

    Young people should have fun.
    I did, and given the amount of gurning and luvved up folks photographed, it seems self medication is still rampant.
    Tragically last bunch of drugs I bought, from India, was Ivermectin, for personal consumption and friends that would self medicate.
    How my priorities have changed over 30 years of being an adult, and now a responsible one.
    As the Prodigy once said “Fuck them and their law”
    I do however hold that true to heart to this day, and always will.

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