Social Landlords


This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Nattily-dressed Housing Minister James Corden Darragh O’Brien arrives for a cabinet meeting to sign off on changes to the mortgage to rent scheme (where a ‘social landlord’ buys your home allowing you to stay as a tenant and complete mortgage payments to the council or housing association). To wit:

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4 thoughts on “Social Landlords

  1. V aka Frilly Keane

    The original MTR scheme worked perfectly, fairly and transparently for years until Eoghan Murphy became housing minister

    Now – for anyone to participate in a mortgage to rent solution, they have to surrender the property to the creditor bank first
    then it goes out to tender to the AHBs – the tender managed by The Housing Agency
    and the cost to the AHB isn’t known until the sale competes which could be anywhere between a year and 3 years
    with valuations (*3 no) every 6 months or so

    If you want an example of how effed up this is
    KBC plc agreed to allow a Housing Coop purchase a property for 130K from a family who they were going to leave in the property, and pay differential rent
    3 year later, the sale completed at Market Value on the day

    If you want to make some inroads into getting a working Social Housing infrastructure
    Disband and liquidate The Housing Agency

    * The Housing Agency, The Bank and the Local Authority Housing Division – so than can keep approving the purchase as suitable for Social Housing by the purchasing AHB

    1. Johnny-ny.

      ….irish people voted for FF expecting one thing,
      They failed,no amount Mickey Mouse announcements of dreams and schemes,notwithstanding the lovely scarf draped rakishly will change that.

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