This morning.



Don’t pick up!

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13 thoughts on “Prime Number

  1. paul

    got one this morning from an 083 number about an Amazon subscription. I figure it’s a spoofed number so calling it back would just find someone none the wiser.

    If I answer a call and I hear a robotic voice, I just hang up.

  2. scottser

    i’ve been getting these since just after the hse data hack. other callers (always recordings) were ‘the tax service of ireland’ and ‘bank of ireland’. i reported it to dundrum gardai as per the advice but was met with a level of apathy that left me quite impressed. it wasn’t even that he couldn’t give a toss but he actually tried to encourage me not to give one either.
    so, unless the number is in your contacts just don’t bother answering.

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™

      I was same as yourself scottser, though they did stop for a while. Now they’re back and more frequent than ever. I just block them and mark them as spam etc. Never bothered reporting them to the gardaí. Sure my local garda station is only open a couple of hours a week anyway

    2. SOQ

      Yes same here but why not answer them? Some people have to answer unknown numbers as part of their job or business.

      1. scottser

        they ring on my personal number. if someone wants me from a legit company they can leave a message or send a text and i’ll be more than happy to reply.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    They can make it look like they’re phoning from any number they like.
    A referee whistle is a great thing to have.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah it’s yourself. Wanna code to scan? You’re a rare mix of Narcissist and Loser all the same.

  4. ian - oG

    I don’t answer any call I am not expecting. Its 2022, send me a text! If I don’t answer, leave me a voicemail.

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