‘Dampening Children’s Perceived Trustworthiness Of Faces’


This afternoon.

Via Margery Smelkinson, Leslie Bienen, and Jeanne Noble in The Atlantic:

To justify mask requirements in school at this point, health officials should be able to muster solid evidence from randomized trials of masking in children. To date, however, only two randomized trials have measured the impact of masks on COVID transmission.

The first was conducted in Denmark in the spring of 2020 and found no significant effect of masks on reducing COVID-19 transmission. The second is a much-covered study conducted in Bangladesh that reported that surgical masks (but not cloth) were modestly effective at reducing rates of symptomatic infection. However, neither of these studies included children, let alone vaccinated children.

Other studies—not randomized trials—have looked at the effects of masks in schools, and their results do not support pervasive, endless masking at school. A study from Brown University, analyzing 2020–21 data from schools in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida, found no correlation between student cases and mask mandates, but did see decreased cases associated with teacher vaccination.

A study published in Science looking at individual mitigation measures in schools last winter found that, although teacher masking reduced COVID-19 positivity, student masking did not have a significant effect.

Even though the first half of this school year was dominated by the highly transmissible Delta variant, the picture in more recent studies looks similar. In Tennessee, two neighboring counties with similar vaccination rates, Davidson and Williamson, have virtually overlapping case-rate trends in their school-age populations, despite one having a mask mandate and one having a mask opt-out rate of about 23 percent.

One would expect a quarter of the students opting out of masking to affect transmission rates if masks played any significant role in controlling COVID-19 spread, but that was not the case.

Another recent analysis of data from Cass County, North Dakota, comparing school districts with and without mask mandates, concluded that mask-optional districts had lower prevalence of COVID-19 cases among students this fall. Analyses of COVID-19 cases in Alachua County, Florida, also suggest no differences in mask-required versus mask-optional schools.

Similarly, the U.K. recently reported finding no statistically significant difference in absences traced to COVID-19 between secondary schools with mask mandates and those without mandates.


Recent prospective studies from Greece and Italy found evidence that masking is a barrier to speech recognition, hearing, and communication, and that masks impede children’s ability to decode facial expressions, dampening children’s perceived trustworthiness of faces.

Research has also suggested that hearing-impaired children have difficulty discerning individual sounds; opaque masks, of course, prevent lip-reading. Some teachers, parents, and speech pathologists have reported that masks can make learning difficult for some of America’s most vulnerable children, including those with cognitive delays, speech and hearing issues, and autism.

Masks may also hinder language and speech development—especially important for students who do not speak English at home. Masks may impede emotion recognition, even in adults, but particularly in children.

The Case Against Masks At School (The Atlantic)


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45 thoughts on “‘Dampening Children’s Perceived Trustworthiness Of Faces’

    1. Micko

      Did ye get a new shipment in from China then?

      “Get those four pallets of FFP2 out now FFS – we’ve only got until Feb 28th to sell this crap!”

    1. paul

      this would be more relevant if the mask user had to wear it all the time and it also covered their eyes.

  1. gorgi

    all you covid nuts ,just look at the above picture for a minute,,and ask yourself ,in your heart of hearts , is this ok by me.

  2. scottser

    it’s absolutely wrong that i can go for a pint and not wear a mask but my kid has to wear one at school. i’ve stopped wearing one pretty much everywhere now, nobody gives a monkeys really.

    1. SOQ

      Masks are about vaccine coercion, they always were. The only reason more people are copping on to it is because the extortion is now being used against children. It was wrong against adults and is doubly wrong against children.

      When it transpired that there was no legal reason for wearing masks In the UK, just a recommendation, entire schools of children then refused.

      Why can it not be the same in Ireland? Teaching children not to comply with this unscientific rubbish would be a very useful lesson to learn.

      1. SOQ

        Oh and one other thing- a more accurate headline picture would be of children huddling in overcoats with the hoods up. It is state sponsored child abuse.

  3. hmmm

    Thread needs more Potato to explain why only “Consipraloons” reject the face mask.

    C’mon Chainsaw, I’m rooting (!) for you.

        1. Doxxy Chainsaw

          I contemplated a baked potato for lunch, but all I could think of was that I would be eating hmmm’s brain and I went right off.

          1. Doxxy Chainsaw

            Wow, how much time to drag that from the archives. Sad.

            Also can you point out where I specifically mention children?

          2. Me So Harney

            No I’m Aunty Moron, Poor ould divil.

            How are you feeling after being skewered by Micko the other day?

          3. Mad

            That’s the guy who shaves his big balls which I see you have in your mouth at the moment?
            Didn’t your Mom tell you it’s rude to speak with your mouth full?

  4. K.Cavan

    I think it’s hard for some to grasp the size of virions, individual virus units. They are too small to be seen by the human eye, even under the most powerful microscopes. Colour doesn’t even exist at that microscopic level. Think of bacteria, well bacteria get infected by viruses, there are many molecules that are bigger than virions, masks can’t stop them, the idea is the exact kind of ludicrous, fake science mumbo-jumbo bullcrap that has informed far too much of the public’s perception of the Fake Pandemic.
    Then add in the fact that children, who’s Innate Immune System is many times stronger than adults, are in little danger from Coronaviruses & it’s clear only a Fanatic or some sort of Paedophile would recommend masking kids.
    Masks have no utility for children, they’re purely ideological & political, so anyone who forces them on youngsters is a psychopath who should be confined in a prison to protect normal people.
    Then throw away the key & observe how society improves, without these deranged retards.

    1. hmmm

      Here’s another one.

      Tells us the Potato theory on why forcing children into facemasks is a public health issue.

      1. Mr.T

        because people like Nigel are scared of covid and want other people to compromise to make them “feel” safer, despite the reality of the situation

        1. Nigel

          Because I’ve created a personal identity around denying the reality of a global pandemic and to justify this belief every single effort to minimise its spread must be spun as hysterically evil and sinister and harmful and part of a great and elaborate strategy to commit some form of mass murder. Oh no wait that’s you guys.

          1. Kali

            No, you’re just a coward demanding children be forced to wear masks because you’re terrified you might catch covid. Here’s hoping some day you’ll realise how foolish you’ve been, but as your one as the last few covidians around, its unlikely.

          2. Nigel

            I’m not terrified I might catch covid. I’m worried covid might run through the schools, teachers will either catch it or have to isolate, and schols might have to close. Which almost happened before the masks were introduced,

          3. hmmm

            Potato is worried about what almost happened.

            So children’s development must suffer for his worry.

          4. hmmm

            Masks don’t work to prevent viral infection.

            Science has known that for over 40 years.

            The only thing the do is provide push the theatre of Pandemic.

            In the meantime children suffer in a real and measurable way.

            Well done Potato.

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