Wellness Now, Is It?


Robert Watt, Secretary General at the Department of Health

This afternoon.

Via Independent.ie:

Under-fire Department of Health secretary-general Robert Watt this week jetted out to Dubai to attend a health and wellness expo, as controversy continues to rage over his €81,000 salary increase.

Mr Watt and Health Minister Stephen Donnelly are attending a massive international showcase in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

It is understood they flew to the event in economy-class seats and are not staying in one of the more expensive hotels in Dubai.


“Robert Watt can’t turn up to a committee but can head off to Dubai,” Fianna Fail TD John McGuinnness said, in reference to Mr Watt’s decision on whether to appear before a joint Finance and Public Account Committee hearing on his controversial top-up.

Robert Watt jets out to Dubai for wellness conference amid €295k wage storm (RTE)


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8 thoughts on “Wellness Now, Is It?

  1. Cobweb

    When you’re getting that sort of money you have to look after your health and wellness in order to live long enough to spend it all!

  2. SOQ

    and are not staying in one of the more expensive hotels in Dubai.

    My search suggests that the term ‘more expensive’ is around €8 000 a night, which is a pretty high ceiling eh?

  3. goldenbrown

    sure why not, we get the p11s taken out of us on a daily basis by the Govt and State

    I know plenty of high achiever lads in their respective fields, utterly clever brilliant people and I know there’s no way in hell this Watt lad could have better capability than them in any shape or form

    save for outlier professional fields like city Banking I cannot for the life of me see how that kind of dough equates to the job at hand


  4. TenPin Terry

    Much as I think Donnelly is a useless knob it is ludicrous to expect ministers to travel in economy while on government business.

    1. scottser

      are you getting your defence of that ridiculous truss woman in early, charger?

      “Every public sector worker should feel personal responsibility for the money they spend and the money they save.
      “They should spend taxpayers’ money with at least the care they would give to their own. This change of mindset would be reflected in everyday changes such as travelling by economy rather than business class.”

      she says and then goes and spunks half a million of the taxpayer’s hard-earned on a private jet..

  5. Dr.Fart

    im sure he knows as they all do; it doesn’t matter what controversy you find yourself in, just keep goin, nothing will be done about it and it’ll blow over after a few other controversies come out over the following weeks.

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