Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself


This afternoon.

KN writes:

‘I know this phenomonen was ‘debunked’ by the hard-working independent fact-checkers, but why not try this yourself as I have done repeatedly. Put your (Android) phone’s settings on to Bluetooth with a group of vaccinated people, a rake of  odd 12-digit numbers/letters will come up (as above) waiting to connect to a device.. Then do the same with an unvaccinated group (if you can find them). Those numbers do not appear. Try it or better still can you explain it?


Update: Android 6 or earlier

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139 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself

  1. Micko

    Ahhh Jesus lads.

    There are no bloody microchips /bluetooth transmitters in injections FFS

    That level of nano-technology doesn’t bloody exist!!! *

    Stop making crap up, there’s plenty to give out about how this Covid mess was handled, you don’t need to make up rubbish.

    Doesn’t help anyone

    *As far as I’m aware…

      1. Micko

        No it doesn’t.

        I haven’t studied electronics since the 90’s (pre Bluetooth) but, I’d imagine that a Bluetooth receiver requires a:

        Some sort of microcontroller
        A battery
        and more

        And I’m sure that’s all available as some sort of integrated circuit now.

        And if you think you can get that IC small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle (0.025 in diameter) and then that IC can traverse the network of teeny tiny veins and capillaries in the human body.

        Well then…

        I dunno. I guess we’ll agree to disagree

          1. Bodger

            Doxxy, we have made no claims to the provenance of the numbers, just the fact they appear around vaccinated people. It’s very easy to debunk it. Try it yourself.

          2. Micko

            As far as I’m aware Chris, the last time I looked up anything on Graphene, it had proved to be a massive disappointment technology wise. All the developments it promised never really came to fruition. (Again, happy to be corrected)


            Being curious and open to new ideas doesn’t make you stupid Daisy. In fact it’s a trait of highly creative intelligent people.

            Wires can get crossed a bit, and ideas can get out of hand – but no one here is stupid.

            “The person who never made a mistake, never made anything”

          3. Chris

            @ micko, yeah I work around electronics too (audio) so it does seem a stretch as far as consumer grade, the idea of self assembly etc. The EU spent 1billion on graphene/micro research in the past decade. It’s unknown how much the USA DOD has spent.

            I’m sceptical but wouldn’t put it beyond the realms of possibly. https://youtu.be/isRaHszrPc4

          4. Micko

            Honestly Chris. Looking at these comments here I’m regretting initially commenting.

            Most are just a big ol ‘pile on’ – on Bodger and people slapping themselves on the back about how clever they are. (Mine too)

            A few folks who haven’t commented in ages out of the woodwork to laugh at someone.

            The internet f**** sucks. Brings out the worst in us.

          5. Micko

            @Me So Harney,

            That is very interesting. But it seems to be an mesh electronic interface that is injected directly into the brain tissue and then requires an interface outside to communicate with the implant. (Again, happy to be corrected by someone with more knowledge)

            Similar to this

            I’d argue that it’s a far way off a piece of tech that we’re hypothetically discussing here.

            Something that contains all the Bluetooth infrastructure (and of course a power supply) that’s injected into the arm and then travels to the brain and implants itself in exactly the right spot.

            So, I still have to disagree – nicely and respectfully of course. ;)

            But, of course that STILL doesn’t mean there’s some weird unexplained stuff going on with the vaccines.(in small tiny numbers thankfully / hopefully)

            I just don’t believe there’s a hardware tech explanation – more a biochemical one.

          6. Chris

            @ Harney That’s nightmare fuel. As is all the research that’s been ongoing in China – with zero ‘human rights’ for the unfortunate subjects.

            Control is the end point, traceability no matter where & the addition of an ‘off switch’ to curtail any disobedience. Fauci’s research on ‘maximum fear’ using simian brain implants should have made people take stock, but unfortunately not. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/faucis-house-horrors-nih-spent-16-million-taxpayer-funds-disturbing-toxic-brain-injection-experiments-monkeys-drilled-holes-skulls-implanted-devices-brain/

            It’s a pity it can’t be discussed without guffawing idiots, that haven’t an idea of what is already capable.

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™

      +1 Micko.

      I can’t believe I’m about to wade in on this but:

      We use bluetooth devices for data collection as part of monitoring my kid’s health. We also use NFC as part of the same treatment system.

      Both devices used are very small and collect only a tiny amount of very specific data. They are also viable for 2 weeks max. They are larger than a €2 coin, but not much, and these are considered to be a well established way of collecting one very specific type of data. They are also expensive, considering they only last 14 days.

      The technology they are comprised of would be considered to be fairly recent, but there is absolutely no way, none, that the required tech for a small device such as the one I use multiple times daily could be sized down to be injected.

      The tech required for…. whatever is being suggested here would be so well beyond something that could be scaled down so as to be injectable and useable over not only say, a two week period but sustained in that way over a number of months is just not possible, in terms of the kind of global rollout we’ve seen regarding the covid 19 vax. The cost of that kind of technology too would be prohibitively expensive, just based on how expensive some of the tech we need for my daughter’s wellbeing.

        1. Chris

          I posted this earlier in case you missed it. https://youtu.be/isRaHszrPc4

          Thousands of those could be injected without you even noticing them in a syringe. I’m not saying something like that happened with the vaccines, but things have gotten very advanced lately.

          AI can now develop it’s own motherboards in hours that would take a group of engineers many months. Apple’s M1 chip was a massive leap that would appear to have some voodoo in it’s making.

          Worldwide there’s been a massive chip shortage over the past two years. There’s only a few places that can print high quality processors as it costs billions to set up these facilities. Have they been retooling for another purpose, is a question I’d like to know.

  2. Trustin Judeau

    Those “numbers” are MAC addresses, everything with bluetooth has one – its just that some devices also advertise with a name.

    It could just be that your vaccinated friends are stupid enough to leave their bluetooth on all the time on their phones. The idea that they have bluetooth compatible microchips is insanely stupid.

  3. Mick

    They’re MAC (media access control) Addresses. The first one (D0:03:4B…) is an Apple product, from California, USA. The second one (C0:28:8D…) is a product from Logitech, in Washington, USA.
    All MAC Addresses can be searched in the MAC Address vendor database (https://dnschecker.org/mac-lookup.php) which tells you which manufacturer originally manufactured the device, and in which country.
    No conspiracy here.

    1. Mick

      If you want to find the MAC Address of the wireless card in your Android phone go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Wi-Fi Settings, select Advanced and you’ll see it there, or try Settings>About Device>Hardware Info, select Advanced and it’s there.

          1. paul

            had to google what Remdesivir was. Unless it’s in the toblerone i ate last night, I think I’m safe.

      1. Mick

        What other numbers? There are two MAC Addresses that I can see in the picture above. Each MAC Address is 12 characters long, usually presented in six groups of two hexadecimal digits (the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F).

        A MAC Address is sometimes also known as a physical or hardware address. It identifies the hardware manufacturer and is used for network communication between devices in a network segment.

  4. ANO

    I’m sure ‘KN’ is a lovely, sane person so please don’t take this as an attack on them but this is bleeding mental stuff, absolutely crackers.

    1. Broadbag

      You’re being far too kind, I typed what I really thought and then deleted it, because frankly if you’re falling for this kind of guff I just feel sorry for KN and their ilk.

      1. ANO

        Three of us just did this out in the hall (office is full of tech) with one mobile phone (S20) and got no devices found – is there a set minimum number of vaccinated people that need to congregate together before they become a Bluetooth enabled device ?

        Again, I’m not having a go at anyone just stating that this particular notion is bananas.

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Yep. Bodger has gone so far down the conspiraloon rabbithole, he’s touching magma and it’s frying his brain,

      1. Mick

        I have done that at home, Bodger and, even though all 5 in my family are vaccinated, and 4 boosted, with a variety of vaccinations (BioNtech/Pfizer, J&J, Moderna) no unidentified numbers come up when checking Bluetooth settings on my iPhone (or those of anyone in my family)

          1. Mick

            That’s handy, isn’t it? I’m the only one in this comment section to date (apart from KN) who mentioned that I have an apple iPhone, and that’s the only one that it doesn’t work on.
            What about ANO, who’s used a S20 but found nothing.
            And because you don’t have a phone, Bodger, you can’t check either. What a co-inky-dink.

          2. Bodger

            Mick, I’m guessing many readers have Androids and can reaffirm our looniness. Or not. Update: Android 6 or earlier.

          3. Mick

            Just realised I have an android phone (rarely used), so I’ve powered it up, and added the developer mode and scan for unnamed Bluetooth devices as someone described above. Nothing unusual showing on it either, so there’s that.
            By the way, it’s Android v9, but that shouldn’t matter as I’ve set it to display unnamed BT devices

    1. Broadbag

      No Cian, it was ‘debunked’ but was it really? Really?
      (Yes it was, recycling it is even more embarrassing than posting the fake Trudeau tweet and presenting it as fact)

        1. ANO

          Now that some of us have tried it out and you’ve been told what a MAC address is, you could maybe update the story ?

          1. Bodger

            ANO, You are shooting the phone-less messenger. If you all have Androids and those MAC numbers don’t show up I will update and suggest we doxx KN and ruin his life.

          2. ANO

            I have an android phone (S20), please see my post above.

            No need to lay into KN, it’s a rare person who doesn’t believe in something that some or many may find silly.

          3. ANO

            Yep, three fully vaccinated (and boostered, we’re proper shedders) in a hall with that one Android phone and no Bluetooth devices found.

            NOT an Android 6 device as it’s 2022!

            Android 6 is six years out of date, I’d advise KN not to store anything of import on a device that hasn’t been updated in so long as it may not be secure.

          4. Doxxy Chainsaw

            Bodger, on the basis of this ráméis of a post, I’d say KN’s life was probably ruined a long time ago.

        2. Broadbag


          If you or anyone else has been ”intrigued…for months” about this I suggest you take a long break from the internet.

          I tried it for the laugh…perhaps it’s confirmation bias but I have no unidentified devices, numbers, nor anything at all woo-like.

          Nor did Mick above, so what gives Bodger?

          1. Bodger

            Broadbag, I don’t use a phone. This is from KN and others who are intrigued. You’ll need an Android.

          2. Broadbag

            As mentioned above, yes, I tried it, nothing except recognised devices showed up.

            So to quote you: “the fact they appear around vaccinated people. It’s very easy to debunk it.”

            Consider it debunked, multiple times on this thread. Maybe update the OP with these new facts.

          3. Broadbag

            Bodger, there’s no more straws left to grasp, the theory has been debunked.

            For the tedious record, Android 10, but I went into ‘additional settings – show Bluetooth devices without names’.

            So much for ‘easy to debunk’. I’m guessing the next question: ”Did you stand on your head and rub your belly while doing the experiment?”

          4. Bodger

            Ah Broadbag, You have to use Android 6 or earlier. I didn’t make the rules for this challenge. Your debunk remains bunk.

  5. Col

    I don’t know how you ran your test, but i think you may need to google “control in scientific experimentation”.

    1. ANO

      Judging by the now added OS caveat, the first step in this experiment involved hitting 88MPH in a Delorean.

  6. SB

    Oh FFS. KN, ask your friends to leave their phones with you and for them to then leave the house briefly, then retry. You’ll get the same results.

  7. U N M U T U A L

    OK, here goes.

    All I found was B0:22:7A:A9:C2:D4…
    which is a HP device apparently? or possibly an old fermented bottle of brown sauce in the cupboard that has somehow evolved into a higher state of existence… Here’s hoping!

    Or maybe, just maybe…

    Jabbed group – have the covid tracker app installed on phones and activated FluToot switched on…

    Unjabbed group – no app and therefore no virtuous signals. ;-)

    1. Mick

      That’s a good point, jabbed people are more likely to have the Covid tracker app, and therefore more likely to be broadcasting on Bluetooth, so more likely to see a MAC Address. Although I haven’t seen any around my family who are all vaccinated.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Wasted on me Micko
        Not into it at all

        And I’m beginning to resent it filling my tweeter feed with Meath and Kerry colours

        And now that it’s New York Times owned
        It’s only a matter of time before it’s gets tied to Voting Machines, Snow Storms, and Mumps in lads.

  8. Junkface

    Just dropping in to see what’s up on broadsheet. Jaysus! Still with the covid conspiracies? Zzzzzzz

  9. Mojonixon

    On Android. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information. Tapping on Build Number repeatedly will unlock Developer options.

    Back to Settings, Developer Options is now available.

    You will have various extra options now. One I have in Developer options is “Show Bluetooth Devices without Name”, I’m missing the option for “Vaccinate unjabbed through Hotspot” but I’m sure that will be released in Android 15 codenamed Shark Sandwich.

    Why not try it out yourselves?

  10. doobee23

    Isnt it only the older android (6 or earlier) that display every active bluetooth device within contact range?

    1. Tom J

      Any Android phone with the Bluetooth turned on will pick up the Bluetooth of another device with the Bluetooth turned on even a laptop with Bluetooth capabilities. Laptops and desktops also have Mac addresses.

  11. doobee23

    Isnt it only the older android (6 or earlier) that display every bluetooth device within contact range?

  12. No more Maura

    Took me a while to find few pals and enemies ;) but I can confirm I got the same results as KN, 5 Android 6s but two iphones, only saw the numbers when we were in the room with the bad bloods, didnt see anything when we left the room except my fit bit. Came back in, same again. Everyone was pretty freaked out even the non vaxed, I dunno what to make of it but I do not feel well??

    1. Broadbag

      Let me run your results through my Bodger-esque Debunker filter:

      Sorry iPhones don’t count so disregard those results.

      Are you on Android if not discount all those.

      Also results between 5.30 and 7.30pm are to be reversed.

      Also any results when there’s a day with a ‘y’ in it are out.

      Also if you’ve eaten cheese in the last 7 weeks, forget it.

      However, if a magnet sticks to one of your ‘bad bloods’ vaccinated arms, then collect a guigillion bonus super points, redeemable at the next protest, for five free licks of a rat, or ten free licks of the nearest co-conspiraloon.

  13. Walter Ego

    Would you ever step back Bodger and take a good look at yourself?
    You have truly jumped the Shark with this.
    Honest ta jaysus.

  14. SailorGerry

    The kill all humans command has already been broadcast to the masses.

    It came through as a text from the HSE, your booster is ready…….

    I do not know what they put in the syringes, but the “cure” appears to be worse than the disease.

    Seriously, a virus so deadly, 99% survive it. And the less than 1% that it kills have an average age of 80 years, and or several comorbidities.

    This is in line with regular flu mortality in a harsh season.

    “Vaccine” injury is real and massively under reported.

  15. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    out of pure curiosité I have completed the experiment, I’m the only person in the room and I got five of these sets of numbers, I’m not vaccinated so unless it’s picking up the cat ….?

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™

      I got nothing when I attempted it, except for the TV and soundbar.

      I also fired up an older phone (not actually sure which android version is on it) and got the same results.

      Is it like a Santa thing? Only exists if you believe.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        but they aren’t jabbed, out of 12 adults in the whole apartment block only the Irish are jabbed and himself…oh that’s five

  16. SailorGerry

    The powers that be want an internet of things, me not so much, I am a proud Luddite.

    Could be your printer, TV, apple watch, microwave, smart meter, modern car, Ipads ,or your neighbours stuff, etc.

    For me its a distraction from the serious harm being done to people in the name of science. Another rabbit hole to draw folks away from the obvious effects of the big gene therapy experiment.

    I am sure most folks read the Spartacus letter when it did the rounds? Way over my head, but it seemed to be written with an intent to help, not obfuscate, that is my perception of it.


  17. Horsethieving Dopesniffer

    Giving easy Internet access to normies was one of mankind’s greatest errors.
    Only a large solar flare can save us now.

  18. Jusiph

    Dear Broadsheet,

    I am an average overseas broadsheet reader. Years of fairly regular perusing. It’s been a great way to follow events and guage the general feeling in Ireland on big issues. Also with a gentle sprinkling of contemporary Irish humour (AKA “craic”) which has kept me sane when I have felt far from home. On the bigger stories, there was always more than enough info shared for me to make my own mind up on things, indeed it was hugely informative – more than any newspaper could be, on sagas such as the events surrounding the Maurice McCabe whistleblowing affair. In those days, a long list of contributors were recognised in a roll call down the right side of the home page. By and large we were left to make up our own minds on things (albeit with a tilt to the left, perhaps), with author’s contributions below the line kept to a minimum (as far as I remember).
    But I landed here today and I am looking down the pit of dispair. Without wading into Covid, I can just say that it’s hugely disappointing to see the last remaining admin (at least that’s the impression I get from Broadsheet now), is so proactively and incessantly pushing one side of a debate. This has skewed the overall blend of topics, posts and comments. This would have put me off years ago, even if an admin was aligned with my viewpoint – I don’t want to be in echo chamber, otherwise I’d stick to the Guardian).
    I’m gutted to see this site go so far south – there really aren’t many alternatives.

    Yours sincerely,
    Average-overseas-broadsheet reader

    1. paddy apathy

      The fact that Matty, Flawless, KCavan and SoQ aren’t lining out for the team on this one (yet) Bodge should make you think twice about how ludicrous this is.

      I’m just glad Nigel’s not here to see this.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      I want to speak to the manager stuff there Jusi

      I’d call it Condescending
      But shur’ you knew that already

      And btw
      I think tis a terrible shame more contributors didn’t tog out below the line
      In front of everyone like
      Instead of back channels, other platforms and organised user logins and trolling parties
      If only to stand up for their words, themselves. And not just +1’ing favourable comments.

      1. Jusiph

        Genuinely trying my best to express my feelings and not trying to be condescending. I’m really saddened that one of my few go-to “grab-a-tae” websites seems to be losing it’s marbles. I can’t take some of these posts seriously.

        Good points about contributor’s commenting (or lack of).

  19. ANO

    Wanted to start my day with a laugh so reread this comment section over a mug of tea, lovely stuff.

    Incidentally, the screenshot in the post appears to be from an S10, the default OS for which was Android 9.

      1. Bodger

        You are the people who got vaccinated. I don’t have a MAC number. You do. I’m only truing to alert you to that fact. No thanks I get.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            he just needs a neg test, this you can’t travel misinformation pees me off

          2. tom2

            Getting multiple PCR tests down your skull just to get on a plane and go to a bar on holidays is not freedom.

          1. Broadbag

            @Bisted – after the ‘Great Reset’ is finished (turn it off and on again?) we cool MAC people will be the only ones allowed fly. Take that pure bloods!

          1. Tom J

            Sorry about the delay.
            Yes I have done the challenge.
            When Bluetooth is turned on I’m picking up the signals of other Bluetooth appliances. Some of them have names and some of them have Mac addresses. When they turn off Bluetooth it doesn’t show up. So not getting a signal from vaccinated or unvaccinated.

  20. GiggidyGoo

    “Broadsheet is a satirical news and popculture website from Ireland, featuring original and credited material, updated every 15 minutes from 9am to 5pm GMT.”
    Sometimes it’s good to remember that

        1. bisted

          …alas Giggser, it looks like the purebloods have a wheeze to allow travel…the only thing we seem to have in common is that we are both mudbloods…

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