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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    So, making fun of unwell newsreaders and extracting the urine out of dead Aussie sportstars is okay, but you don’t have the balls to post any of your antivaxx rubbish when it comes to the sudden death of an Irish sportsman.

      1. ANO

        It’s not what you say or what you believe that’s the problem, it’s how you chose to say and express it.

        Just look at the comments under your newspaper posts from the weekend to see the kind of atmosphere you’ve chosen to foster here.

        1. E'Matty

          It is the likes of yourself and Daisy who’ve helped foster that atmosphere with Daisy declaring anyone who questioned any aspect of the Covid narrative a “ratlicker”. Yes, the tone is nasty now, but it has been for months and you lot are just as responsible for that.
          Don’t come on here acting all innocent after months of hurling insults and abuse.

          1. ANO

            I’ve never used that phrase Matty but it’s perfectly fair to say that the below-the-line abuse comes from all sides of just about every argument.

            I guess the questions are has BS done enough to moderate the tone if not the content of comments and if the editorial bar for the site’s blog posts should be set higher than the standards applied to a comment from Daisy or Cavan.

          2. E'Matty

            At Scottser, you’ll note I never denied my role on this. I completely accept the part I’ve played. I was merely calling out the attack on Bodger. We’ve all been rather nasty to one another on this site these past two years. To point the finger at bodger and blame him for our behaviour is a bit much.

          3. ANO

            Bodger is responsible for all the content he choses to host on it.

            Harney, I mentioned Cavan as he tends to be Daisy’s foil on certain subjects and was very busy over the weekend.

          4. Me so Harney

            NO. You called him Cavan because you’re mistaken.

            Own it, Its the fault of nobody but yourself..

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            ANO, he’s not anyone’s foil – although, he’s probably wrapped head to toe in it to keep the 5G rays from penetrating.

          6. ANO

            Foil may not have been the right choice of words, I was just looking to grab two commenter’s names to highlight my agreement with Matty that abuse can fly from all sides of any argument.

            Harney, not sure who you think I mistook Cavan for but as per the above paragraph, I was trying to make a specific point which his views and posting style suit.

          7. K.Cavan

            Agree, E’Matty. I tried to bring some facts & figures to the debate, initially, nothing more but after weeks of childish vulgar abuse & plenty of nasty behaviour, I decided it wasn’t worth my while trying to debate those hurling moronic insults & simply started hurling them back. At times, you could sense the venom in Certain Posters’ semi-coherent rants.
            I’m deeply ashamed of my behaviour but
            I’d do it all again.
            The resistence against ignorance, aggression, authoritarianism, the darker aspects of humanity, must never falter.
            Lest Evil triumph, again.

        2. Bodger

          How many more of these will we need to post for you to realise something is very wrong. You complain about the tone of our comments section (always made lovelier by your presence by the way) but nary a peep about dozens of people now fainting on live telly.

          1. ANO

            I’ve been seeing people take a turn on camera since It’ll Be All Right On The Night, Bodger.

            I know that 200 hate-filled comments under a blog post about newspaper front pages doesn’t sit easy with you.

          2. Col

            Hi Bodger, I appreciate why you’re trying to highlight these cases. But I’d like to see some data and studies. It is hard to find reliable information about this type of thing and the links and videos you share feel too anecdotal (if that’s the right term) to be the full picture.
            This isn’t meant to be an argument or anything, just might be worth exploring IMHO.

          3. Nigel

            Bodger I’m nearly finished rereading Foucault’s Pendulum. Maybe give it a go, it might provide a valuable perspective

          4. John

            BS is still the echo chamber for promoting unscientific anti-vax nonsense.
            There is nothing new with folks fainting on TV and here’s a tiny selection long before the current pandemic.

            From 2017
            People Fainting On Live TV Compilation 2017
            From 2016
            Best fainting news bloopers ever – Best Reporter Compilation, November 2016
            From 2015
            Reporters Faint On Live TV More Often Than You Think
            From 2015
            Best Fainting News Bloopers – Amazing Reporter Video

            Sadly long before the Coronavirus pandemic sports stars have died from cardiac arrest on the pitch. All kudos to the GAA for following a worldwide move of sports clubs that instigated a roll out of defibrillators back in 2000’s.
            The GAA began their roll out in 2007!
            Numerous people suffering SCA’s in Ireland have been saved due to that initiative since then.
            “The GAA is set to install defibrillators at all its clubs in a move that is being warmly welcomed by the Irish heart foundation.”
            “The Irish Heart Foundation has welcomed the news and claims that 6,000 people die each year from heart failure.”

            If you have a genuine concern about fainting try discussing it with a health care professional e.g. a doctor instead of regurgitating nonsense from Twitter

          5. K.Cavan

            ANO, you’re fooling no-one, I doubt if you’re even fooling yourself, at this point. You state that you’ve been seeing people faint on TV?
            ANO, you are liar, everybody can see that.
            Why bother?

          6. ANO

            It’ll Be Alright On The Night was a bloopers show in the 80s that showed various mishaps that occurred during TV broadcasts, including the odd unfortunate fainting spell.

            I do lie about my prowess all the time though, a man does what he must to get a-head.

        3. K.Cavan

          Yes, ANO, people expressing opposition to the Official Narrative, what a terrible atmosphere that creates, it repulses you so much that you can’t pull yourself away from it, eh?
          You’d do yourself a favour by asking yourself why does opposition to the One True Narrative bother you so much, ANO, & what does that make you?
          I know exactly what it makes you, I know exactly what you are, do you?

          1. ANO

            At the risk of repeating myself, it’s not what’s said that I’m taking issue with but how it’s said.

            My gut feeling is that the audience here skews relatively old (30+) yet the tone of the commenting can tend towards the angry teenager.

          2. K.Cavan

            ANO, you really have some nerve, criticising the “tone” of comments, when the matter under discussion is the biggest medical, economic & social disaster we’ve seen in a generation. In medical terms, it’s by far the biggest case of malpractice in history.
            This is actually you, displaying the attitdue of a whiney teenager who can’t win an argument. The position you’ve taken on this is not you, ANO, stop identifying with a mistake you made, you just happen to have picked the side that was wrong & now the authorities you trusted have pulled the rug, well & truly, from under you.
            Grow up, stop whining, stop “taking issue” with how others say stuff & get on with your life.
            Stand up for your right to say you were wrong, as a Scottsman once sang.

          3. ANO

            Not to be rude but shouting abuse at strangers on the Internet doesn’t meet any definition of ‘grown up’ that I recognise.

        1. bisted

          …ah here Daisy…you have to admit that fella from the second division team in Guatemala was pretty convincing…

        1. K.Cavan

          Had a gander at that list, you reckon it backs up your aphorism, “stuff happens”?
          In the 20th Century, the first dozen died at an average rate of one every four years or so.
          The first committed suicide on stage, the second died when the theatre went up in flames. These people weren’t keeling over for no appreciable reason.
          I reckon you shot yourself in the foot, while clutching at straws, Ferg.

    1. Bodger

      anolderman, you are allowed to wonder privately but do not share your concerns with anyone, not even a member of your family.

    2. Sara

      There will be an autopsy. And then the coroner court will deliver a verdict (within the next year). Idle speculation is useless. He could’ve died from anything.

      1. K.Cavan

        Yes, Sara, he could’ve died from the effects of the fake vaccines, who’s toxicity was proven in the lab, or anything.

          1. K.Cavan

            Absolutely not, I’ve experienced abuse on here, doesn’t bother me in the least but it still happened, it set the tone for my own responses & will continue to do so. Anyway, as Oh So, says, I don’t think for one second that you’re in a position to be objective & I’m sure you know this.
            I’d quite resent the comparison to Dolly, that’s outrageous, her attitude to Covid sceptics, or ratlickers as she refers to them, is a deeply personal bigotry that you don’t even share, Millie, I don’t think.
            You mostly label us Antivaxxers.
            Even that’s shabby & it’s so unrelenting that it just becomes tiresome. We all know where it originated, while sharing any blame. Not equally, of course.

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      While it was okay for Bodger to trawl twitter for an antivaxxer tweet enjoying Warne’s untimely death, even daring to suggest he’d do the same for an Irish sportsman was met with censorship.

      1. Me so Harney



        Resident drama queen never not at it..

        I remember you guffawing at the death of a certain right wing radio host from Kansas City..

        Shoe on the other foot, now you look like a hypocrite..

          1. K.Cavan

            Soy “milk” (it’s juice really, isn’t it?) is more feminising than actually injecting oestrogen.
            I pass by my old secondary school, fairly regularly. The kids are noticeably taller than my contemporaries but also far more obese, with noticeably small, chubby hands & they’re all very baby-faced. We were more like smaller adults, in comparison, by the time we hit our teens. We had one lad who had Noddy Holder (look him up) sideburns in 3rd year.
            There’s more than soy juice to blame, Terry.

          2. K.Cavan

            I have an impressive cleavage, Janet Dreams but mine was acquired bench-pressing & working out on the heavy bag.
            Then a sauna, cold shower, sauna regime & over to the pub for a pint & a packet of peanuts (for the salt).
            Ahhh, nostalgia…

          3. K.Cavan

            No, I’m not, jungleman.
            Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
            Now, you, Mad, that is a creepy thing to say.

      2. SOQ

        This from Daisy- who danced on people’s graves because they had voiced concerns about the CoVid-19 vaccines.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I never danced on graves, I left that to the antivaxx sickos llike you and Bodger trawling Twitter for jokey comments about untimely deaths.

          1. SOQ

            You posted gloating comments about a number of people whom you deemed to be ‘anti vaxxers’ dying from CoVid-19- please don’t deny it.

            In particular, you repeatedly made sneering references to the late Joe McCarron. Did it ever occur to you that some of his family may have been reading what you wrote?

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Joe McCarron’s death could have easily been avoided. Having antivaxx nutjobs persuade him to leave hospital and take horse wormer at home killed him. I’m sure his family knew this.

          3. SOQ

            And even if you are correct in your opinion about Ivermectin- which many thousands of medical experts say you are not- in what way does that give you the right to behave in such a manner?

            Most sites would have kicked you off for that and now, here you are, complaining about restrictions not being placed on others. Get over yourself.

          4. Micko

            “could have easily been avoided. ”

            But… I thought Covid was a death sentence?

            Russian Roulette some have called it on here

            Now it’s “easily avoided”

            Oh boy…

          5. Ian - oG

            @Micko the guy was in hospital and his mate came in and talked him into going home where he ended up passing away.

            But that was very easily discerned from Daisy’s post?

          6. Micko

            Pretty sure he returned to hospital and died there after

            But ye know… facts.

            Besides, Joe spread anti-vax info himself – so was he a victim or someone who got what he deserved?

            Look up the news there about him. Some articles calls him an anti vaxxer and some call him a victim.

          7. Micko


            Schrödinger’s Victim so is he now I guess…

            I suppose he can be whatever you need him to be to suit your needs.

            In the same way Covid death’s are now “easily avoided” by just popping to hospital?


            BTW I am really enjoying seeing the narrative change on this. The same way that it will change on everyone’ NEW favourite news obsession in the coming weeks and months.

          8. K.Cavan

            It’s the Human Zoo, Micko. All we need is a David Attenborough voiceover: “The calls of the Covidians changes, as night falls over the Serengeti….”
            I know, zoo & Serengeti but I couldn’t be bothered…

          9. Mad

            One of the most pleasing aspects of the improving COVID situation is how increasingly irrelevant your comments have become Micko. Maybe you need to do a Cavan and get the telly celebrity status sorted love

      3. Fearganainm

        Joe McCarron was returned to hospital after he’d been coaxed into leaving it by anti-vax fanatics. His condition had declined at home and further deteriorated at the hospital where he died.

        Given that it’s common knowledge that some people only experience mild symptoms with Covid-19 and that others hit with effects of greater severity have been successfully treated and have recovered it’s bizarre to see someone claiming that anyone thought that ‘Covid was a death sentence’. Its ‘kill rate’ hasn’t been suggested to be 100% by anyone.

        1. K.Cavan

          Ah, now, Ferg, ah, now…
          You’re suggesting this wasn’t treated as the greatest plague since the Spanish Flu or the Plague of Justinian or the Black Death, in the media & by the idiots we have, instead of a government?
          You seem to be forgetting we were all here, Ferg.
          Of course nobody claimed an IFR of 100%, IFRs weren’t quoted anywhere except in ratlicking circles, for obvious reasons.
          Obvious to me, anyway. What do you reckon?

      4. K.Cavan

        That sentence doesn’t make any sense, Dolly. In fact, although you’ve typed out many nonsensical sentences, that isn’t one of them, cos it’s not even a sentence.
        You can edit, you know?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I’m sure your Me So Harney sock will be out from under the rancid mattress to follow up.

      1. K.Cavan

        Did that happen, two years ago? I suspect you’re trying to force your poor head even deeper into the sand, ANO.
        Another spectacular own goal.
        Magnifico, keep ’em coming…

        1. ANO

          My point being that people have been fainting on TV since I was a child but there is perhaps more interest in those events now.

          I’m sure this event happened recently but I was suggesting that had if happened pre-Covid we may never have known as, outside of Austria, no-one would have cared.

          A case of if a person faints on TV but no-one with a Twitter account sees it, do they make a sound?

    1. TenPin Terry

      Nish Kumar dies on stage every time he’s in front of a microphone.
      His career went even further downhill after the Lords Taverners booed him off stage with an early bread roll thrown.
      It’s excruciatingly painful to watch a man suddenly realise he’s failed to read the room and then dig an even deeper hole.
      But also a absolute joy.

      1. K.Cavan

        Nish Kumar is a one-riff, alleged comedian. You could’ve run a betting game on how long it would take him to play the Race Card during any of his failed attempts to entertain on TV.
        No wonder modern comedy is so deeply, irredeemably sad & pathetic.

    2. K.Cavan

      That’s right, Ferg, you’ve spectacularly hoist yourself on your own petard, there, that was 38 years ago!
      I mean, really? Must do better.

      1. Fearganainm

        And as the point orbits effortlessly above your head the fact that people have been dying and fainting on TV long before any vaccines were thought of, let alone administered, may safely escape you.

        The effort to present as ‘new’ something that’s been happening for years is thus rendered somewhat problematic.

        You can always be relied upon to not understand, an dtuigeann tú?

        1. K.Cavan

          Ferg, lad,
          “the fact that people have been dying and fainting on TV long before any vaccines were thought of, let alone administered”
          First inoculations began in 1714 or thereabouts, TV became very popular in the 1950’s.
          There never was a time when there was TV but no vaccines.
          Shot in both feet, now…
          “Taxi for Mr Ferg”

          1. Fearganainm

            You really are slow, aren’t you?

            If people have been dying and fainting on TV for decades then it isn’t a new thing, is it?

            Do you even understand the issue? The inference being pushed here is that the fainting and dying on TV is vaccine-related. If, as is easily demonstrated, people were fainting and dying on TV long before the recent vaccine rollout then the phenomenon cannot be described either as ‘something new’ or as being ‘definitely linked to the vaccine’.

            Hilariously, you seem to think that you’re ‘winning an argument’ when you’re doing nothing more than demonstrating that you may be genetically linked to two short planks.

          2. K.Cavan

            Almost everyone who ever appeared on TV had experienced multiple vaccines but they didn’t faint very often. The administration of the toxic mRNA injections’ heralded the arrival of this phenomenon. However, this collapsing in stadiums & TV studios is just the visible tip of the iceberg. We are experiencing higher levels of mortality among the injected, even from Covid & a tsunami of injuries closely linked to side effects like the microclots developing within capillaries, an entirely new medical phenomenon.
            For multiple reasons, these millions of ordinary but real life tragedies don’t yield much video, the number of people fainting on TV does & what’s more, once recorded, they’re difficult to suppress. They are a canary in a coalmine, indicating a far more serious & deadly problem. Although in this case, there’s plentiful other evidence of disaster.

          3. Fearganainm

            How can anything have ‘heralded the arrival of this phenomenon’ when it can clearly be seen that the same thing has been happening for years, decades?

            Try to think about it before attempting to offer the same answer again.

            “Thing that was happening lots of times before” =/= ‘a new thing that’s just started happening’

            Maybe think of gainfully employing the words ’cause and effect’ along with ‘proven’ in your response.

  2. Ian - oG

    It’s called the frequency illusion.

    Look it up FFS, this is very common knowledge.

      1. Ian - oG

        How am I being dishonest and what is silly about it?

        You believe and talk about vaccine injury all the time hence your brain is wired to recognise certain patterns that confirm your bias so why would you be immune to this effect? We all experience it all the time. Everybody about anything.

        But while we are at it, after looking at the utterly wackadoodle weekend comments section, it is curious that you label my comments thus?

        1. Bodger

          You are ignoring the many athletes and sports fans who have suddenly collapsed in this manner recently. Must be your wiring, I guess.

          1. Ian - oG

            You are right, inadvertently.

            I’m not wired to see these patterns because I neither think about them or am concerned about them.

            You think about them and most likely seek them out and like anything, if you look hard enough you will find them.

            But I ‘d say if I had the inclination I could provide you with what looks like 99.99999% proof that these people are dying because they eat cheese, have a certain size range in their footwear or were born at a certain time of the year/day/week.

        2. K.Cavan

          All primates are evolved to spot patterns, ANO. It’s one of the main reasons we’re here, at all. It’s a deeply ingrained ability, not one driven by anything other than survival. Nobody can turn it on or off, although the last two years have exposed our dysgenics, the world is now full of people who would’ve been some carnivore’s dinner, for the vast majority of H Sapiens’ time on Earth.
          Sure, most people couldn’t even spot that the Covid Scam had more holes than a golf course. It was amateurish & clearly fake but most fell for it, anyway. Natural Selection still functions, I suppose.

    1. K.Cavan

      Frequencies, Ian, are numbers. You can’t come in on the Branch Covidian side playing the numbers game, son, your boys will just take a hell of a beating.
      Step back from the numbers, Ian & ignore the facts, if you know what’s good for your delusional mindset. You can’t spin a narrative on facts & if you venture in there, you’ll grow horns & turn into a ratlicking antivaxxer.

  3. K.Cavan

    Fainting TV presenters & collapsing & dying sportspeople are just the tip of a huge &, tragically, growing iceberg. Mortality rates are skyrocketing, life expectancies are plummeting & this will continue for the best part of a decade or however long it takes for all the fully-vaxxed to die or fall ill.
    Nobody, who wasn’t given a placebo, will escape, they’ve been poisoned. In some cases it may take even longer, as the effects will merely be people who should’ve lived to be 85 only making it to 70 & of course, these untimely demises will never be connected to the fake vaccines.
    On a more cheerful note, you Covidians are cutting superbly delusional figures as you try to blah, blah, blah your way out of facing the stark, scary facts, which are enough to make you faint. Understandable, as probably most of you took at least two shots & a “booster” & who doesn’t fear death or ill-health, eh?
    Tragic, altogether.
    No, I mean it, maaan, I could never take pleasure in another person’s death, not even a Bio-Fascist moron’s suicide by naivety.
    Lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, why do I keep thinking of lemmings?

    1. ANO

      What’s this placebo talk now ?

      I’ve had two shots and the booster and apart from being able to hear what’s playing through every Bluetooth earbud in a 5 mile radius I’m doing good.

    2. Wrong said Fred

      And all that could just as easily and logically be blamed on covid which has spread through the community. Many people affected by the sleeping sickness epidemic in 1917 developed severe Parkinsons in later life (read Oliver Sacks Awakenings) which wouldn’t have been expected or predicted at the time. This is still a relatively new virus so the after affects may not be known for some time.
      You can continue to blame the vaccine but it’s just as likely to be the virus it has been rolled out to treat (the John Fleck incident is one and Aubameyang having a minor heart issue being picked up would be another).

      On an unrelated note, not sure why my previous comment wasn’t published. Was it the link or was I a little harsh? Certainly didn’t say anything close to as bad as some of the comments from both sides.

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Why aren’t you including yourself among the “poisoned”? You claim to have been “stuck” with the vaccine, so are you a liar or delusional?

      1. Me So Harney

        You claimed cops were being mass murdered in Ottawa, will we throw you in the nut house?

  4. SailorGerry

    There are some logical reasons for young, fit looking TV presenters dropping the ball on live TV and I can think of from the top of my head.
    Excessive heat from studio lighting creating a disorientation effect.
    Dehydration from the above lighting whilst wearing more clothes than comfortable.
    Calorie deficit and Hypoglycaemia, trying to stay thin for the cameras.
    Drug and stimulant abuse to try to be happy and vibrant for the audience.
    And there are many more innocent, logical possibilities too diverse to get into to.

    However there is a common theme of vaccine injury, within the first 14 days of taking the gene therapy, that is tragic and devastating. The truth is out there with a modicum research with links from Israel sources as they seem to have rushed more than most.



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