From top: Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Speaker of the US House of Congress Nancy Pelosi at the Ireland Funds awards dinner on March 16; Speaker Pelosi welcomes Ambassador Dan Mulhall

March 16, 2022.

Washington DC, USA.

KN writes:

While I wish the Taoiseach a speedy recovery, do any of your readers share my general puzzlement at the sequence of events last week or even care to speculate on what [US House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi meant while introducing Mr Martin [a recipient of an Ireland Funds award]. Remember, minutes earlier, they were dining together and chatting. [Pelosi said]:

‘Congratulations again Taoiseach, and now I would invite the Taoiseach to the stage, but I have been informed that because the Taoiseach is on call as one of the leaders in the world his 2022 international Ireland Funds award will be given to ambassador Dan Mulhall…’

Cognitive decline or something more sinister?

We may never know.


“This evening, before we left to come here, all members of the delegation were tested for Covid-19 and the test on the Taoiseach was negative. But because a member of the wider delegation tested positive and while that test was being checked and rechecked, out of an abundance of caution, the Taoiseach was tested just as he left to come here and sadly, that test turned out to be positive. So, the Taoiseach has asked me to explain this and to deliver the speech on his behalf.”

Irish Ambassador to the USA, Dan Mulhall acceptomg Taoiseach Micheal Martin’s international leadership award from the Ireland Funds

KN adds:

When did he get the results? At the dinner table? Before he left? Did Nancy know? Does any of it make sense to you?


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      1. Fearganainm

        Except all the ones that I actually do disagree with.

        Go away and drool, you half-wit.

  1. White Dove

    ‘on call as one of the leaders in the world.’

    is there a recording of Pelosi’s words?

  2. Dinkum

    He really is an idiot
    So it looks like he knowingly knew he had covid 19 and could infect others
    I wonder is it a criminal offence to deliberately spread an infectious disease

  3. Dinkum

    But those pcr tests aren’t for testing covid
    Is that what you are saying ?
    must remember to use a pregnancy test so for covid so
    Or even a breathalyser

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