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Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder yesterday

This afternoon.



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20 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. Ian - oG

      He actually thinks he’s the character that wears the Iron Man suit.

      Now Twitter will be filled with his pseudo philosophical musings about the human brain, space and why he has so many kids because he likely wants one to transplant his brain into one of them or some such nonsense.

      1. K.Cavan

        So, Sara comes out as a Peeping Tom & Ian imagines himself a mind-reader, who thinks that holding shares in Twitter means one gets to editorialise on the site, probably doesn’t know that Musk actually has a Twitter account,under his own name.
        I’ve had a couple of chats with him there, before my first ban, advising him not to take the fake vaccine or allow it to be administered to his family. I don’t know whether he followed my advice but he & his family are all still alive,so it’s possible he did.

  1. NobleLocks

    I wonder if he’s going to purge the wokery from that cesspit… Lord knows it needs purging

    BTW… in the UK today the EHRC has come out and said that “all Males including those in possession of a GRC can and even must be excluded from female categories in sex divided sports in competitive settings.”

    Another win for reality :D

    1. Hank

      I know what “BTW” means. You completely lost me after that. Now I’m left wondering whether or not I possess a GRC..

      1. Mr. T

        Greco-Roman Championship I believe. If you have won a greco-roman wrestling competition you cannot compete as a female later in life

  2. Verbatim

    What is there not to like about Elon Musk?
    “Just bought 9% of Twitter.
    Might say the N-word later. IDK”

  3. K.Cavan

    Twitter is a sewer full of Fascist Woke Faeces. The morons, the retards, the anti-socials, the simpletons, the antifa & BLM supporters, the psychopaths of Wokery gather there, in an orgy of coprophilia & coprophagia, they debag & defecate their sub-literate excrement on each other, then gobble it up to fill the space in their heads where their brains should be. Hinting at their twisted sexual perversions, paedophilia & bestiality chief among them, they wait & hope for the moment when society breaks down & they can practice their sick perversions without fear of prosecution, little knowing that the society they detest is the last thing standing between them & the deserved punishment that awaits them all. An echo-chamber of half-formed, unintelligent, fake, bourgeois, progressive, capitalist leftism, promoted by oligarchs, consumed by idiots, a toilet bowl full of sound & furries, signifying nothing.
    Other than that, it’s ok.

    1. Sara

      I’m not having a go at you, this is more out of concern. After your boxing career, did you ever get medical assessment of potential brain injury?

    2. The Pits

      The cheek of them banning you out of the place, on what grounds? At least you got to have a few back and forths with Elon before they done ya.
      I hear himself and ten pin are still in regular cahoots, which is nice.

  4. benblack

    He should sell immediately, make 750million profit on the 25% increase in share price and rebuy when it drops 30% after he sells.

    Dumb billionaire.

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