Another Violent Death In Sligo [Updated]


From top: the house off Connaughton Road, Sligo where the body of Michael Snee was discovered last night; Cartron Heights,,  Sligo, where  Aidan Moffitt was found yesterday

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ News:

Gardaí have announced separate murder investigations into the deaths of two men in Co Sligo.

…gardaí said that Michael Snee, 58, and Aidan Moffitt, 42, had been “assaulted and murdered in their own homes”.

Gardaí said they are keeping an open mind in relation to the investigation.

They are investigating if there is any hate-related motive and also whether the victims had met their attacker online.

Two separate murder investigations in Co Sligo (RTE)


Last night/this Morning.

Via RTE News:

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the discovery of the body of a man in Sligo last night.

The overnight developments followed the discovery of the remains of another man in the town on Monday evening. Aidan Moffitt’s mutilated body was found in his home in Cartron Heights.

Gardaí were called to a house off Connaughton Road at 10.30pm last night.

It is understood that relatives had found the body of a man in his late 50s at his terraced house in the City View estate. He had sustained significant physical injuries.

Gardai arrested a man in his early 20s on suspicion of murder.

Man arrested after body discovered in Sligo house (RTE)


This morning.


Yesterday: In Sligo

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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56 thoughts on “Another Violent Death In Sligo [Updated]

    1. Dinkum

      Apparently as the story that is coming out we could be seeing a LGBT community killer
      Rumours are that both victims were gay
      This theory is reinforced by Varadkar and his need to address the media

  1. Mick

    Lots of rumours on Sligo rumour mill this morning, linking the two deaths and another knife attack where a man lost an eye (and his dog was killed too, apparently), all said to be done by the same person, in a homophobic hate crime. There’s a video going around showing the Armed Response Unit breaking into a flat over a chip shop in Sligo last night making that arrest. Also plenty of people giving the same name for the alleged attacker (who I won’t name for obvious reasons), he’s apparently lived in Sligo for a number of years.

  2. It's Grim Up North

    Gardai reports have confirmed the murderer was an avid reader and commenter of many alternative news sources and internet channels including ‘popular Irish conspiracy website’

      1. jonjoker

        So if you don’t swallow everything Pravda tells you unquestioningly you are untrustworthy.

        We really have fallen waaaaay down the rabbit hole here.

  3. Dinkum

    Maybe a male prostitute
    I remember when Charles self was murdered and they never got the killer

  4. Gabby

    Murder is murder, whatever the reason. Too many male and female persons around the country are being assaulted and sometimes killed. Drink is often involved and drugs, theft and malicious emotions too.

  5. Peter Dempsey

    Some people are blaming gender critical feminists which seems like a deflection to me. But that’s the Left for you, frequently over-complicating things.

        1. Oro

          Ah a tweet.

          I’m not sure that’s blame for this occurrence rather than it’s pointing out the hypocrisy but YMMV.

      1. Broadbag

        I don’t have the link to hand, but definitely saw a tweet earlier indirectly blaming the murders on ‘the GC brigade’ which was gaining a lot of traction and support, which seems a bit bonkers.

        1. Oro

          @B I don’t put much stock in anything from twitter in terms of rational responses to any subject, but there’s a lot of angry noise being directed at the LGBT community from the GC crowd, which might well contribute to conditions in real life wherein violence against LGBT ppl could occur. I’m not being definitive on purpose – but based on history, a strong and organized negative media focus on a minority group does often manifest as violence against them.

          1. Broadbag

            I’m not sure I buy that link, but it’s possible I suppose, just seems like a handy way to push an agenda via tragedy.

          2. Oro

            There’s def a lot of unsavoury ambulance-chasing for score-points on twitter, but you could use the example of a huge rise in violence against Asian/ Asian American people in the US in the wake of the blame game in the media post covid as a similar reference.

        1. Oro

          Must take some neck to come on a thread about homophobia and accuse me of being a troll when you use homophobic slurs so casually and in a pejorative way towards other commenters M. But you do you.

          Also maybe not the best thread to start in on a personal thing considering the subject.

          1. Oro

            I don’t know which one of you started it, but accusing Daisy of being a lesbian because you disagree with her (as if that is something so negative that it would upset her in the first place) just shows quite basic homophobia and misogyny while also indicating you just don’t really understand LGBT people, or women. And then to use ‘Dyke’ as a slur, and then for this line of commentary to catch on to others in a certain group of commenters on here really says something about the lot of ye.

            If you don’t mind Mad, we can leave the correspondence here thanks.

          2. Mad

            Why –
            So you can have the final word?
            Go pick on SoQ you wan quer,
            With your prosthetic-dic&ed friends,
            then accuse others of being homophobic

        2. Broadbag

          Best to ignore Mad, Oro, it’s not right in the head, as you can see by what it posts, most likely it’s an alt login for one of the more demented commenters on here – it has a ‘peculiar’ posting pattern.

          1. Oro

            I think you’re right, best left alone. Oh and I hadn’t noticed a pattern – but thanks for the heads-up.

          2. Fearganainm

            It certainly seems to be obsessed with posting creepy sexualised comments to female posters.

          3. Fearganainm

            That’s all in your patently very unwell head.

            Inventing stuff to get your weird kicks from abusing female posters – as hobbies go it’s not the best use you could have made of your time.

          4. Mad

            Hahaha if you think I’m going to take advice on my choice of hobbies from a closet case (possibly) “published academic” who links to 95 tabloid articles here a day you can think again, sunshine.

          5. Fearganainm

            If you think that the warped fantasies you post here are impressing anyone then that’s another one of your delusions. Most people just see a sad, misogynist, creepy little pervert showing himself up. That’s the niche you’ve carved for yourself.

          6. Mad

            that’s enough about yourself Feargan
            Though feel free to continue to lecture fellow ignoramuses about your “academic credentials”

            Got any Irish Sun or Sunday Sport links for me love?

        1. Andrew

          She is quoting a disgraceful tweet by Professor Mary McAuliffe, which blamed women for these muders.
          Anyway the suspect’s motivations are possibly religious/ant-western.

    1. Micko

      Probably not a good idea to speculate on why these lads were killed. Just gonna make people more and more enraged unnecessarily.

      Just the facts ma’am…

  6. Fearganainm

    Gardai suspect both Sligo victims were killed by the same man

    Subscription required but the opening gist is here:

    “Gardai believe the two men found murdered at separate locations in Sligo this week were killed by the same man who befriended them on Grindr, the gay dating app. Detectives are continuing to question a man in his twenties who was arrested in Sligo at 1.30am today under section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984.The suspect, who is originally from the Middle East but is a naturalised Irish citizen living in Sligo, was arrested by an armed response team. Detectives had identified him from CCTV footage taken close to one of his victims’ homes. Analysis of data and phone traffic shows he was in communication with the two victims shortly before they died. His mobile ‘phone and other technology are being examined…”

      1. Oro

        That’s shockingly violent. Dreadful. What a terrible terrible thing to be done to these men, purely because of who they are.

  7. Peter Dempsey

    Trans Rights Activists remind me of religious people.

    They promote a radical expressive individualism in which people are free to do whatever they want and define the truth however they wish, yet they try ruthlessly to enforce acceptance of transgender ideology.

    1. SOQ

      I will not mention any names but I have seen an individual on twitter attempting to shoehorn the Trans thing into these sad events, which in my opinion is opportunistic- and in very bad taste. Yes violence against both groups is equally wrong, but such reeks of trying to make it about something other than what it is.

      My prediction is that this guy is closet and battling with himself. Many do, and if such manifests in a violent manner, it is usually against themselves- meaning suicide. Either which way, whether it be against themselves or others, the root cause is usually always internalised homophobia.

      RIP to both poor souls.

      1. Mad

        I’m convinced a lot of the abuse you get on here is from similar types – I’ve called them out before and happy to do it again- Fearganainm, Daisy, Nigel, Three Tit Tommy and Oro

      2. Oro

        You could post the tweet without the authors name for context. Context is very important in using a tweet as a reference. I may (prob would) have an entirely different read on a tweet than you would, our own biases can betray our belief of our own objectivity and then the whole conversation becomes a bit redundant.

        As a foil to your comment, we now have 4 comments on this thread trying to shoehorn trans activists into these sad events, which in my opinion is opportunistic – and in very bad taste.

        1. Mad

          Why is it opportunistic if it’s how people like that actually think? What you should be asking seeing as you mention context, is whether it’s just one dose mouthing off on Twitter or reflects a wider view out there in society- the latter would be very troubling but the former not so much. It’s a bit like your analysis on many topics where you tie yourself up in knots trying to put others down because they disagree with you on a topic.

        2. Peter Dempsey

          “Trying to shoehorn trans activists…”

          @Oro – we are highlighting TRAs who are making these heinous crimes about something that it is not.

          Based on what The Times have reported re the suspect’s background, it is possible that there is a cultural / religious angle to these murders.

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