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    1. stephen moran

      But not a hemline above the knee.
      As I said earlier – “a w-a-n-k is a long time in politics” – Is Tractorhub a rural Tory niche market . I’ll never be able to listen to the Wurzels “I’ve got a brand new Combine Harvester and I’ll give you the key” again in the same way.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Did Neil Parish MP watch the full tractor porn film or just look at the trailer ?

          1. Mad


            I’m much more of a BGG man myself

            I heard Neil is eagerly awaiting the sequel
            Hot Farm Action V2: Bull Does Her (Bulldozer)

      1. anti bot

        hey run away, you forgot to respond. Do you think it acceptable to watch porn in work in front of women?

        1. Duncan Wheeler

          Why not? He just got caught is all. The high moral ground you take on all issues stinks of bullsh*t. I bet you’re mind is a sewer, like those sweaty clergymen giving out about sin while doing far worse themselves.

        2. Micko

          Anti Bot suggesting that it’s ok to watch porn in work, but only if you do it in front of men…

          1. anti bot

            hey run away, is it acceptable to watch porn in work? Why comment if you can’t debate? Why personally attack me, and then run away. Have you ever worked and be allowed to watch porn in front of others. What is wrong with you? Apologising for a perv, who resigned, and can’t justify why its acceptable. And yet, I’m supposedly not all there. Shows you’re intellectual capacity.

          2. Mad

            Do you or have you ever watched porn anti?
            Answer this time please and don’t run away.

        3. Kin

          I think if a MP IS WATCHING PORN at work or anyone at that it’s acceptable on par with having a dump in the middle of the parliament

          I would of thought due to security personal devices should be surrender at the door and a closed secure system is used with all devices like communications and lap tops retained in the chamber plus they are all reviewed by security
          Let’s face it we all heard how criminals hacked into parliaments world wide and state agencies like our HSE

    2. Kin

      Sad thing is wrong-doing and looking at porn in parliament is just not a male thing
      A persons sex dose not decide the degree of honesty compassion and intelligence or morals
      That is the person
      Politics is a sewer and the only thing that will clean it up is accountability

  1. stephen moran

    Day 66 of the 3 day Special Military (liberation blitzkrieg) Operation and some more on those not so super duper brand “Windowmaker” papier-mâché Russian Tanks (look away now apparatchik Tankies) that are proving ideal for the Ukraine Mission Impossible as they self destruct in thirty seconds – the ones with the detachable turrets.


    But fear not as Russia have Matchbox, Meccano and Airfix all lined up to tender for 1,000 (and counting) replacements. They are just haggling if batteries are included. The companies are actually all currently working flat out making tens of thousands of cardboard cutouts of young Russian lads who sadly won’t be able to make it to the glorious triumphant May 9th Parade. Oh they do love a bit of marching up and down for the not so Grand Old Dope of Moscow.

    Too much winning.

    1. Kin

      And it is not the weapon that finds the design fault
      Nothing ever made by man was fool proof
      Even the titanic
      I love to see the utter glee in one upmanship and the pure joy in a war that should never of happened when NATO and a comedian stuck their head into a rabid tigers cage
      Knowing what a bastard that tiger was they kept on and on antagonising him
      Now we all have to live with the consequences
      And as the hundred thousand refugees arrive here who is paying for it
      All the price gouging
      So be happy as we now have to live with massive price gouging and a Cold War that will be a deep freeze compared to the one from 1950 to 1998

  2. Fearganainm

    Greens accuse Fine Gael of trying to ‘outdo the Healy-Raes’ as turf war escalates


    “The Coalition ‘turf war’ has escalated this weekend after the Green Party privately accused Fine Gael of trying to “outdo the Healy-Raes” with its opposition to Eamon Ryan’s solid fuel regulations. The Sunday Independent can reveal that Mr Ryan, the Environment Minister, intends to push ahead with plans to ban the sale of commercial smoky fuels — including smoky coal, turf and wet wood — contrary to claims last week that the minister was mulling concessions. While his officials are still working on the regulations, the plan remains that small rural communities of under 500 people will be exempt from any ban on selling and gifting of turf to neighbours and friends under measures due to come into effect on September 1…”

    1. Kin

      The more dissent the better
      Until they start banning packaging there is no credibility from this governments the gouge people with carbon taxes

        1. Sara

          This is your extraordinary journey
          beyond mapped landscape and into unknowns
          but my knuckles will jigsaw rocks like keys
          filling locks to smooth roughness for your soles.

      1. Kin

        Tough every round and she did us proud
        Sad thing is with the kinehans involvement in sport no home bout can be considered in this country until the sport is cleansed from gangland scum

  3. Mad

    Mixed feelings
    I don’t want to see Katie get hurt
    Every fight now she seems to get more of a battering than the previous one

        1. Kin

          I think it’s because the only ones that can afford or would pay up to €3grand on one of those jackets are drug dealers
          Often saw the little scum bags in brown Thomas buying them
          And if any person not associated with the drugs did want one I doubt they want to be tarred with the same brush

          1. Vlad X. Novichok

            That’s why the Canada Gooses store on Grafton Street closed and had to pretend it was a ‘pop up’.

    1. Kin

      Well the gardai have been responsible of letting drugs get out of hand
      I think we need to get the FBI to do our policing and leave the Garda to what they excel at as in praying on motorists gathering revenue through fines
      Personally I would take all the squad cars off them and put them on bicycles

    1. Mad

      Sour grapes Giggidy?

      How do you like them apples?

      He probably feels like a bit of a Pratt this morning.

      A serious question though. Presumably this sentence was handed down a few days ago. How come it takes into the weekend for it to be a top headline? Often wondered about that.

  4. Kin

    See now another hero is now a criminal just like Boris Becker
    But let’s see
    Governments fleece the people every day and those in control of their finances decide what tax they pay
    But who are the criminals
    Every world leader has the power to involve themselves in a war
    But the people are the ones who do the dying the suffering
    Stephen roach is an icon and a sporting hero and he is no criminal

  5. SOQ

    Dr Robert Malone

    “If vaccine companies wished to avoid liability for their pandemic vaccines, the best strategy that they should use is to not market those as licensed products in the target county, but to just deploy them under an emergency use authorisation. “

    But he goes onto explain that an emergency use authorisation cannot be mandated for the US military personnel, so they used a sleight of hand to license other products which the according to the FDA, are the same.

    But the legal distinction of the product is not just what is in the vile, but also the documentation about the vaccine, especially the informed consent disclosure from within the packaging insert.

    “The manufacturers will not sell the licenced products in the United States because otherwise they will incur liability issues and be forced to disclose information they do not want to disclose.”

    Where Is Comirnaty? Why Can No One in the United States Get the Licensed COVID Vaccine?


    It stinks to the high heavens.

    1. Tom J

      @ SOQ, Does Dr Robert Malone think that it’s ok for the army of the Russian federation to murder innocent civilians in Ukraine or is it just you.

      1. SOQ

        Do you think it is ok for the Azov Nazis to use Ukrainian civilians as shields by setting up in residential areas close to schools and hospitals?

        Do you think it is ok for the Zelenskyy puppet regime to conscript and send civilians to the front line to be slaughtered?

        Do you think it is ok for the Ukrainian authorities to issue machine guns to civilians so that the invading force had no choice but to kill them?

        Do you think it is ok for civilian women and children to be held against their will as bargaining chips in the steel works in Azovstal?

        Does that answer your question? Or it is just using a stupid tactic under one of your aliases to distract from the posts made in good faith about an entirely unrelated topic?

        Why you are allowed to do so on this site is another story.

        1. Tom J

          @ SOQ, it does not answer my question but I will answer yours.
          I do not think it is ok if any side is murdering civilians, and if the perpetrators are tried and found guilty, I do believe that the death penalty should be considered.
          And why am I allowed post on this site. It’s to expose evil people like you.

          1. SOQ

            I have answered your question- not only is the targeting of civilian populations wrong, it breeches the Geneva convention. But it happens, it always does- including in Ireland not so long ago- the innocent ALWAYS suffer.


            But, I am sick to the back teeth of you people claiming the moral high ground for no other reason other than you are too bloody lazy to even attempt to educate yourselves as to what is really going on.

          2. Nigel

            Yes you’re mad not because of what’s happening but because of your perception of who has the moral high ground, even though that was determined by who was the aggressor, ie, Putin.

        2. Nigel

          None of these things would be (allegedly or actually) happening had Putin not invaded.

          1. Kin

            To be honest it takes two to tango and before Putin invaded it was like come dancing with NATO and zelenskyy
            I just cannot understand those cheering on a war believe there are rules
            Yeh rules in killing other people right
            War is brutal it’s not fair it’s legalised murder
            The only way to prevent that is do not go to war full stop

          2. Nigel

            It only takes one to invade. That one was Putin. The only ones cheering on tha war are the ones ranting about Azov Nazis and calling Zelensky a cokehead and puppet, all Russian propaganda.

          3. SOQ

            Even recognising that Azov is “far right”, as most MSM has done, should be sufficient for a sizable number of the “I support the current thing” people not to support the current thing.

            The ‘not all fascists are bad’ campaign appears to be quite successful among the hard of thinking westerners- like you.

          4. Nigel

            The existence of the Azov Batallion doesn’t justify the Russian invasion, or mitigate its effects.

            ‘should be sufficient for a sizable number of the “I support the current thing” people not to support the current thing.’

            Which current thing? Ukrainians currently defending themselves or Russia currently invading Ukraine?

          5. Duncan Wheeler

            Still haven’t bothered to read any recent history concerning the area I see Niggle.

          6. Nigel

            I haven’t read anything that justifies an invasion by Russia, that’s for sure, or any actions by Russia in relation to Ukraine.

      2. Duncan Wheeler

        @ Tom J. More high moral ground with air whilsling through the empty spaces in your brain.

          1. Tom J

            @ Duncan Wheeler, No there is no need to beg, you can be as different as you like.

  6. Hughie Luas

    Sunday, 1st May 2022 11:30 AM IST latest comments list:

    SOQ on Saturday’s Papers
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    Tom J on Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]
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    Mad on Colette Colfer: A New Religion
    Mad on Sunday’s Papers

      1. Mad

        If this is it I’m sure Hughie will let us know.
        Personally I preferred him when he was Buzz Eireann

    1. TenPin Terry

      15 posts during the night by Beret Boy™.
      A Saturday night at that when most chaps are out on the cobbles enjoying themselves.
      Obviously he much preferred an assignation at home with Mother Thumb and her four lovely daughters while watching the boxing.

      1. Duncan Wheeler

        You may be very naughty sometimes, other times you get it just right. And no sense of humour bypass to boot.

  7. TenPin Terry

    Delighted to see Kevin Myers having a high old time, finally able to celebrate his big libel win over RTE with 90 or so friends and supporters at a swanky nosherie.
    Lots of Jewish friends there for a man vilely traduced by the state broadcaster as being a Holocaust-denier.
    One of the finest writers of his generation has been far too quiet lately, another victim of the cancel culture.
    If you haven’t read his memoir Burning Heresies I urge you to do so.
    Wonderfully written.


    1. RuilleBuille

      Myers did plenty of cancelling himself but like most bullies didn’t like the serve returned.

    2. Sara

      Is there anyone at that even under the age of fifty? I don’t recognize one person.

  8. SOQ

    Huge protest in Owatta yesterday- spurred by the Thunder Biker Club this time. This is what happens when a large percentage of the people cop on to what the subversive WEF are about.

    Very impressive mortgage of the streams broadcasted here.


    Loads of swastikas being waved- no wait, that is the Ukraine now isn’t it? But we don’t count them because they are the nice Nazis I suppose.

    1. SOQ

      Unlike other commenters generating white noise, I’ll post similar topics together so that the uninterested can move on.

      Also big protests in Melbourne against the vaccine mandates. It is quite extraordinary that at a time when a countries are cancelling ALL CoVid-19 vaccines- knuckle draggers like Andrews are still demanding people risk their lives and health to take this toxic muck in order to earn a living.


    2. anti bot

      ah go on. is it acceptable for Russia to invade another country? Simple yes or no? As predicted yesterday, you are on here 24/7 but can’t answer a simple question.

        1. anti bot

          How does that answer the question running man. is it acceptable for Russia to invade another country and kill innocent people? Yes or no. If yes explain why. Maybe your echo can answer? Can one of your multiple aliases please stand up?

          1. Annie 14 Tennis

            Oh shut the ‘* up B9. Anti bot? Gobs Height
            Go on. Tell us why you can’t shut up? Is the question too difficult? Ah go on. Tell us.
            Clown. Why are you such a clown. Go on. Answer. Why don’t you answer?

  9. TenPin Terry

    Reluctant as I am to return to Ginger Growlergate™ it seems the actual source of the story and user of the words ginger growler was the Ginger Growler herself.
    Along with the growing attention turning to the hypocrisy of Keir’s Beers it perhaps explains why Labour are not further ahead in the mid-term polls.
    Box Office Boris is relishing the fight.


  10. Duncan Wheeler

    This really illustrates the redundant nature of the dross that is ‘todays papers’
    “Man watches porn on phone”. Shock horror not much.

  11. SOQ

    Russian Defense Ministry: 80 civilians were evacuated from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol

    The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the evacuation of 80 civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, who were held there by Ukrainian nationalists. There are women and children among those who left the factory. People wishing to leave for areas controlled by Kyiv have been handed over to representatives of the UN and the ICRC.


    There is videos doing the rounds but I can’t find any online so far. NY Times say only 20 but the videos suggest way more than that.

    It is highly likely that these people were held against their will because otherwise, they would have left before now- they certainly had opportunities to do so.

    1. Nigel

      Russia supporters OUTRAGED and BEWILDERED that survivors of Russian invasion Not In A Hurry To Surrender To Russia.

      1. SOQ

        Already the interviewed are saying that they sneaked out through a hole in a fence Dumbo.

        1. Nigel

          Well, now they’re safe with the army that invaded their country, flattened their city, slaughtered their neighbours, filled mass graves with captured civilians, raped women, relocated up to a million Ukrainians, seperated children from families and forcibly conscripts caprured Ukrainian men. What a relief that must be.

    1. Annie 14 Tennis

      That’s something a spacer would say. There should be some grey matter between the Tom and the J, but there isn’t.

  12. Shayna

    A bad day at the office today for The Ulster and All-Ireland Champions, for sure – Shayna’s disappointed, angry, ponderous, mostly embarrassed. In 2003 we took the scenic route to Croke Park, Hopefully history wlil repeat. A great manager and player, Feargal and Brian are they?

    1. Mad

      Hard luck Shayna you can’t win them all
      Derry and Rory are up and coming and it was their day

      1. bisted

        …agree Shayna…the new boys are no Sacred Harte…Tyrone hadn’t a prayer…

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