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        1. TenPin Terry

          Integrity ?
          Here’s Sir Beer back in May 2020 demanding Boris sack Cummings over his Barnard Castle trip before Durham police had even concluded their investigatiion.
          So surely Sir Kneelalot has to go in similar circumstances – this is the standard he’s set himself.

          Personally I hope Starmer doesn’t resign – he’s Boris’s greatest electoral asset.
          And this week has shown the hypocrisy of the man who has lied over who was at the beergate party and who insisted swigging beers and £200 of curry is nothing like an uneaten cake, no booze and 9 minutes of No 10 staff congratulating Boris on his birthday before going back to work.
          Voters in Labour’s old red wall seats have already twigged Starmer as a pompous prig which is why they didn’t vote for him last week.
          Remember, this was the man who campaigned for Corbyn as PM and tried every trick in the book to overturn the Brexit referendum result.
          He’s a dull loser.

          1. andrew

            As a Lib Dem supporter, I would say that Boris is now a liability to the Tories. Labour are a mess and if the Tories had another leader right now, they would be miles ahead of them. Boris is what’s holding them back. It’s like watching two fellows racing one another with painos strapped to their backs. I have a lot of friends who support Tories – several who are active in the party – and I would say at least half would like to see Boris replaced.

          2. scottser

            ah, three-tit – i knew you wouldn’t be able to leave it in your pants for once. it’s called ‘integrity’ and it sort of looks like this:

            boris: ‘i never did that. i couldn’t have, and if i did i didn’t mean it. you know me, i wouldn’t do that so even if it’s proved that i did indeed do it, then of course i won’t resign. i’ll commission a report instead. oh look – a war!


            starmer: fair cop. if i’m fined i’ll resign.

            but obviously as a tan and a tory, you would have no idea what ethics, standards, responsibilities and honesty actually mean in practice.
            have a look and see what liz truss is up to today, for example. andrew is probably right above – truss is jockeying for position knowing that boris is toast.
            but yeah, it’s all about starmer and fukn curry..

          3. TenPin Terry

            Box Office Boris will lead the Tories into the next election.
            Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
            He has no credible replacement and is a formidable campaigner.
            Labour’s problem is that they have spent the last year mounting increasingly personal attacks on him and his wife rather than present a coherent and alternative economic and political plan.
            Glass House – meet stones.
            They’ve just been hoisted by their own petard.

          4. scottser

            three-tit, you’re just dribbling now.
            labour’s problem is that they haven’t been ruthless enough in highlighting johnson’s profligacy. as for betamax boris, he’s the type to leave a huge floater in your bog at a party and leave before the next person uses it – there’s no way he’s going to stick around and deal with the mess he’s created.

          5. scottser

            andrew – a vote for truss is a vote for more of the same:
            david henig put it well:
            ‘Would be an interesting move for a UK Foreign Secretary to declare the US and EU wrong, the views of Northern Ireland voters irrelevant, and trade conflict with our key partners a good thing. All because of an international treaty she voted for.’

          6. TenPin Terry

            As if by magic the latest poll drops …

            Westminster voting intention:

            LAB: 36% (-3)
            CON: 35% (+2)
            LDEM: 10% (-1)
            GRN: 8% (+2)
            REF: 4% (+1)

            via @YouGov
            , 05 – 06 May


        2. TenPin Terry

          Labour’s current problems are one of arithmetic.
          They’re currently 159 seats behind the Tories.
          Last week’s elections show they’re continuing to build support in areas they don’t need to – metropolitan and university towns – and losing it in areas they don’t want to.
          Protest vote waverers in the south loaned their vote to the LibDems but come the GE and the prospect of another coalition involving them and Labour will see many of those votes return to the Tories.
          I predict another Tory victory with a reduced majority of around 30.
          Unless Labour ditch Sir Kneelalot in favour of a smart operator and there are not many of them on the Opposition Front Bench.
          Anyhow we’re only midway through this administration which has had to cope with COVID and Ukraine – Boris’s response to both of these still earns him credit in the bank.

          1. scottser

            too many tory voters think boris isn’t to be trusted, not to mention a good chunk of his party. moderate tories are genuinely horrified at any number of actions that include his lying to parliament, inviting death threats on starmer and then dismissing them as nothing, 37 billion in contracts gone missing, asking the navy to sink boats full of immigrants and then sending them to rwanda, signing and then ripping up a treaty with the eu.

            bear in mind three-tit, you’re right about starmer. labour won’t get in at the next election unless they’re in coalition with the lib dems or greens.

          2. TenPin Terry

            You actually believe all this nonsense you write about Boris inviting death threats on Starmer and sinking refugee boats ?
            I try not to engage with you for the simple reason it’s clear you’re not the sharpest tack.
            Obviously I haven’t learned my lesson.
            If you want intelligent discourse try to bring at least a smidgeon of commonsense to the table.

          3. scottser

            well three-tit, what i believe about starmer is immaterial because i don’t vote in uk elections. however, you should be concerned about why hundreds of thousands of voters abandoned the tories to the tune of 400 council seats. are you really going to tell me that none of the reasons i posted above resonated with those people?

            you should also be a bit more serious about what the party is going to do to get those votes back aside from trying to swing your tiny, union jack covered mickey around the place.
            but real debate isn’t your thing is it?

          4. TenPin Terry

            Real debate ?

            ” a huge floater in your bog ”
            ” your tiny, union jack covered mickey ”

            * sniggers *

          5. scottser

            and that’s why you lose, every time.
            you know, when you bury your head in the sand like that, your arse sticks out for everyone to kick it.

          6. TenPin Terry

            So you’re not looking for ” real debate ” then, just hurling abuse like a red-bottomed monkey flings his turds to get attention ?
            I was right in the first place – ignore the child and hopefully he’ll go away.

        3. Kin

          And my look at the Philippines
          A return to the Marcos dynasty with bongo

          I was there a year after the revolution
          I went to the Marcos residence which housed the command centre where bongo was in charge
          Saw the plans to fire on the people headed by cardinal sin and the orders by bongo to murder those protesters
          Thankfully the army refused to carry out that massacre
          Now the people vote for the very man who gave the order
          Dark days ahead for the nation and people
          The good news for the Marcos family is the investigation into the $ 10 billion of the nations money they stole ferried out by US helicopters when they fled the country is dead in the water

          A dark day for one of the most gentle peoples

        4. K. Cavan

          Are you sure Sir Keir Something is actually a politician, scottser? He’s not very active in politics.

          1. scottser

            fair point, i use the term loosely – he has all the charisma of a used teabag.

          1. TenPin Terry

            And answer came there none.
            The applause you can hear is the sound of one-hand clapping …

    1. Kin

      I would say being an ex head of the CPS that he got away with the debacle of when he was charge of the CPS and Jimmy saville case was dropped that he hopes a few strings can be pulled so he is not charged with beergate
      Evidently what’s good for the gander dose not apply to him
      I would love it if the police did issue a fixed penalty fine as like it or not his little dinner did breach the rules just like Boris

      1. K. Cavan

        The truth is that politics has proved a step too far for Sir Keir Something, he wants out & feels that he might nudge Johnson towards his exit by his good example, while currying favour with his bosses, with the gesture. Johnson will just laugh at the idiot & hope that the simpleton Rayner will get to lead Labour into their dark, dismal demise.
        It’s all down to the political leanings of the DPP, which Sheer Something surely already knows. An empty gesture from an empty man. Labour are done, stick a fork in their ass & turn them over, before they burn. Labour tires out even the strongest constitutions.

  1. Hughie Luas

    The Queen is on the LUAS!

    Psyched! Thank you Ma’m.

    (PS: Derry Girls is not as good as it used to be)

        1. K. Cavan

          Would you stop with the wallpapering, Ferg, we already know you’re an empty-headed fool without any opinions of your own. Stop labouring the point, we get it.

          1. Fearganainm

            KKK Cábún issuing orders?

            You can’t successfully do that, you failed human wreckage.

            Try to sort out your impotence.

  2. stephen moran

    It’s ironic that Biden signed the 2022 iteration of the Lend Lease Act today on 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s (not Russia’s) defeat of Nazi Germany given the massive impact the original Lend Lease Act FDR signed in 1941 played in enabling that victory which was acknowledged even by Stalin. Actually the USSR didn’t fully repay the US barter loans until the 1970’s. Of course 2022 version will now contribute equally towards defeating Russia in the current war.

    1. SOQ

      I think you will find that Russia was the major component in the USSR- so not sure why the distinction.

      Today was a day where people who played a sizeable part in the defeat of Nazism were in some places banned from celebrating by people who are currently funding, training and supporting Nazis- absolute clown world.

      As for defeating Russia- no super power is ever defeated without a world war- is that what you want?

      1. ANO

        America’s trips through Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan would suggest that it’s possible for a superpower to experience defeat outside the realms of a world war.

        There’s an argument to be made that the relatively protracted nature of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has already served as a defeat of sorts for Russia.

      2. stephen moran

        The distinction is that Ukrainians made up at least 30% of the Red Army post Stalingrad, some historians put it as high as 40%. In the new Russian rewrite is history that fact along with the winning assistance afforded by the US Lend Lease Act to the USSR (and the UK) have been totally airbrushed. Indeed we should recall that when Lend Lease was signed the Soviets were courtesy of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact actually aiding and abetting Nazi Germany. The USSR invaded Poland in 1940 (Katyn massacre 1940 in which 22,000 Poles were killed by the Soviets NKVD etc.) not the other way around.

      3. andrew

        “I think you will find that Russia was the major component in the USSR- so not sure why the distinction”

        Ignorance to add to you usual lies.

        Russians made up less than half of the Soviet Union,. so, yes, the distinction is very valid.

          1. andrew

            That is not what you said.

            You said Russia’s dominance within the USSR was so great that there was no valid distinction between Russia and the Soviet Union. Pathetic backtracking now. As usual, every comment you make is either a downright lie or else idle speculation or baseless conjecture. You’re a dishonest fool.

          2. SOQ

            I said that “that Russia was the major component in the USSR”- which should be no surprise because Russia was the largest and most populous country within the block.

          3. andrew

            “I think you will find that Russia was the major component in the USSR- so not sure why the distinction.”

            Try to stop lying. You degrade and insult this website.

          4. SOQ

            Are you saying that Russia was NOT a major component in the USSR?

            Interesting deflection- a bit too close to bone was it?

          5. andrew

            Are you being deliberately stupid?

            Your point was that there is no valid distinction between Russia and the USSR. I explained why that was an ignorant comment. And yet YOU talk about deflection. You’re an idiot.

          6. SOQ

            “Russia was the major component in the USSR”

            “Russia was the largest and most populous country within the USSR?”

            “that Russia was the major component in the USSR”

            That is exactly what I said. The battle you are fighting is with not with me, it is with yourself. Stop trying to drag other people into it.

      4. Junkface

        “Today was a day where people who played a sizeable part in the defeat of Nazism were in some places banned from celebrating by people who are currently funding, training and supporting Nazis- absolute clown world.”

        Where to begin with this nonsense? The number of actual nazis in Ukraine is tiny. There were a hundred or so in one or two Azov battalions. Ukraine is a country of 45 million people! Ukraine’s army is around 200,000 men. The west is funding and arming a totally justified retaliation against an invading force of starved Russian dummy slaves, corrupt Lieutenants and Generals. They are pure cannon fodder from Russia’s poorest regions, fighting for a mentally ill dictator with delusions of grandeur. Plus! Russia’s own Wagner division are actual nazis with swastikas covering their bodies, and they have higher numbers than the Azov division. They are also purposely sent in to brutalize civilians.

        Anyone siding with Russia in this war is a nasty troll, or else an easily led dimwit hooked on Tucker Carlson’s latest grift, or just conspiracy theory rubbish.

        1. Me So Harney

          Junkface spouting nonsense..

          Who is Ukraines national hero again?

          And who bestowed him this accolade?

          1. Junkface

            When did you fall out of the simpleton tree?

            Everything I stated there is true. This is based on current data and reporting on the ground.

        2. K. Cavan

          You’re lying Junkface, there are at least 13,000 members in Azov, Ajdar, White Hammer & the other Nazi groupings, there are statues in Ukraine of their founder Stepan Bandera, who was such a psychopath that the Nazis locked him up in Berlin, when he visited. The Galicia SS Regiment’s activities in WW2 are historic fact.
          You’re clearly a dishonest scumbag & you can’t lie your way out of your support for Nazi fanatics, you creepy fascist System Pig.

          1. SOQ

            Ukraine is riddled with Nazis, not just popping up beside the coke head of Kiev, but littered right through the history of the place.

            But these people will never be convinced no matter how much evidence there is, because to do so means they will have to question the propaganda they have been fed.

            At this stage it should be clear to any right thinking person how the Nazis’ came to power before- and horrendous as it may seen, pretty obvious that they are planning to do so again.


      5. Kin

        SOQ I watched the scenes in Russia yesterday and all the old soviet flags on display
        And Russia was the driving force of the Soviet Union
        It looks like Putin has the full support of the Russian people

        When the dust clears Russia and Ukraine will have to reach an agreement
        And I would say
        Russia will annex the heartland of industrial Ukraine
        Which is Russian speaking or those areas will be de militarised independent areas under Russian protection
        Russia will of course trade with China India and non NATO countries
        So the only victims will be the Ukrainian people the EU citizens and life will go on but of course a massive recession all over the EU

        Putin will still be in charge and zelensky will have to answer to his people when they cop on
        Macron announced yesterday it will be decades before Ukraine will be members of the EU provided European principles and policies bring Ukraine into line with European values
        Mind you to weaken the dose of reality in store for Ukraine is that the EU might set up a second or two tier solution for them that all I can say would be like a dose of the austerity we endured after the crash with no protection from the EU

        The other option will be WW3 between NATO and Russia and we can see where that would possibly result in

        1. Junkface

          You seem to be under the illusion that Russia has a competent army on the ground. They don’t! Its a total kleptocracy, meaning at every level of command somebody steals assets and sells them for cash. This is why the Russians are losing grip of Kharkiv right now. They are hopeless, demoralized, hungry and have low ammo and fuel.

          Each time a russian general goes to the front to push his army forward, he gets killed. As he probably sold all of their ammo, food, and fuel rations months ago. Its the gift that keeps giving. Russians are pathetic, delusional and purposely misinform their own people. Russia is currently losing thousands of young, educated people to the brain drain, leaving for the west. They are running low on money, technical parts for new weapons, food, the sanctions are starting to hit. China are backing off. They will become the next North Korea at this rate. Hopefully the other vast regions will break away from the Russian empire.

          1. andrew


            The chump who claims Roger Cloutier is holed down in the steelworks in Mariupol wants another commenter to corroborate a comment with sources

            Hahahaha you couldn’t make it up – except he just did hahahaha

            What a cretinous brain donor!

          2. Junkface





            Take your pick. I mean, this is not hard to find or cross reference. Do you understand how google searches work? It’s also confirmed daily on Sky News, BBC, Euronews, on a thing called TV.

          3. Me So Harney

            All western CIA infested boltholes for dingbat subscribers..

            Like yourself..


          4. Kin

            Junk face
            Apparently they did not commit their full military to crush Ukraine
            I suppose looking at the battle ground it was more like tactics by Ukraine similar to the Taliban in afghanastan hamas in Gaza the US in Vietnam and look at what it made the most tech savvy armies in the world look like

            Fact is failing WW3
            It’s just time and Russia is going to gain
            Ukraine will be thrown to the wolves and life goes on
            Russia is going to gain the heartland of industrialised Ukraine
            As for trade with the west Putin already has new markets and the west will not be able to do one thing about it unless they put embargo’s on China India and other nations that will buy discounted Russian produce which will be more than they were paying two years ago but nothing as expensive as opec oil and US oil
            But hey keep dreaming

          5. K. Cavan

            Junkface, your junk facts are hilarious, you’re living in a fantasy world of your own creation, I don’t think even the most extreme fascist elements in our media is actually spouting this garbage, which means you made it all up yourself.
            Do you make “daar-daar” noises as you move your toy soldiers around?
            Holy crap, this conflict really has brought the creepy neocon types out of the woodwork, hasn’t it?
            Junkface probably sat watching the bombing of Iraq, shouting “take that Sadam!”. What a gimp.

          6. Junkface

            This is well known data from the Russian invasion. If you are so brain dead that you cannot decipher data from reputable reporters just because they work for big papers, then I wish you good luck on your mental downward spiral. There’s also former Russian military commanders confirming this info on Triggernometry and other podcasts.

          7. Me So Harney


            Yeah sure it was..

            Every one of those “sources” is a useless, warmongering, intelligence infested cesspit..

        2. Nigel

          ‘It looks like Putin has the full support of the Russian people’

          It can look a bit like that when you throw critics and protesters and dissidents in jail.

          1. Kin

            The west also dose that
            Look at Julian assange for one
            And listen to Irish MEPs who want Clair Daly’s head for her comments views and freedom of speech
            Look at Chelsea manning rotting in a jail for leaking dirty deals
            The world is the same and many critics against wars ended up with early retirement
            Look at doctor Kelly who was found dead when he exposed the smoking gun that led to NATOs destruction of Iraq
            If one German tank finds its way into Ukraine to attack Russian forces what ever dissent Putin has from any Russian will melt into the night
            Russia still remembers nazi Germany and Nazis

          2. Nigel

            ‘The west does it too,’ with a few high-profile cases? The point stands – easy to make it look like you have popular support when you put anyone who says different in jail.

            The idea that Ukraine could or would invade Russia is beyond ridiculous.

          3. Kin

            The west dose it too with a few high profile cases
            Fact is these cases are reality and hypocrisy reins
            They have banned every. Bit of media the other side reports
            Just like Russia
            But one weapon the USA dropped that no one else has and that’s not just one atom bomb but two
            And remember those MOABs the yanks were bragging of
            The ones they used and the atrocities of the Iraq war the tottered the rendition
            Watch the Mauritanian
            Then guantamino bay
            All of course justified as the war against terror 9/11 that bush revelled in
            Just stop throwing rocks as you live in a greenhouse and deflections do not win arguments or debates

          4. Nigel

            Yeah, you’re sort of babbling all over the place – the original point remains – it’s easy to make it look life you have popular support when you put anyone who disagrees in prison AND you have complete control of state media, while you’re at it. If propaganda is a weapon of war is the West entitled to treat it as one, and therefore block it? Putin certainly does.

            Since I haven’t done any of the things you mention, I’ll throw all the rocks I want.

          5. K. Cavan

            That’s right, Nigel. I assume your referring to Zelensky’s recent outright banning of all opposition parties? Or perhaps his, also recent, establishment of a single TV station to replace all the previous ones?
            NATO’s Cold War warriors represent an existential threat to Russians, Ukraine is merely another kip for the US to exploit, you’re an idiot if you think Russians actually want more nukes pointed at them or they think having their natural resources looted by the US is a good idea.
            The majority of the world has already passed its judgement on this conflict & in the process, passed The West by.

          6. Nigel

            No I’m talking about Russia, a corrupt kleptocratic state that routinely jails opposition politicians and anti-war protesters and pumps out state propaganda through state-controlled media.

            The only problem for Putin with Ukraine being in NATO is it means he can’t invade Ukraine, so he invaded before Ukraine joined NATO.

    2. K. Cavan

      Is Putin surrounded & about to surrender, stephen? Still? He just doesn’t know when he’s beaten, does he?
      It’s remarkable, not ironic, that Biden actually remembered his name, never mind was actually able to write it down.

      1. stephen moran

        the fascist neo-Czarist invading Russians are losing and badly – due to the endemic corruption of the officer class their armed forces are under equipped and outgunned – when your leaders swan around in superyachts your troops end up with papier-mâché tanks – that’s the way totalitarianism (doesn’t) works. Putin knows the game is up – hence the downbeat speech yesterday free from his usual bellicose self delusional bs.

  3. SOQ

    “We’re Grand”: Yemen Urges Bono Don’t Even Think About It

    QUICKLY intervening before anyone could arrange an impromptu underground gig for them, the people of Yemen issued a joint statement to Irish singer and U2 frontman Bono, stating that they’re grand for any future visits.

    “It’s great to see all the world leaders, their wives and popular rock bands flocking to Kyiv for photo shoots, it’s really brave of them and doesn’t look one bit opportunistic,” the Yemeni people added, “but if you guys were ever to insist on sending us such ‘gifts’, can you please make sure those celebrities bring food instead of songs with them; there’s 17.4 million of us classed as food insecure and another 1.6 million of us are on the brink of total starvation and we can’t eat music”.


    1. Cato

      If ever there were an open and shut case of the hackneyed stopped clock concept … delighted for you and yours. Please click on the link.

      1. SOQ

        And if there was ever an open and shut case of a dysfunctional creep hiding behind multiple user names…

        1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

          That’s hilarious coming from you Q and your cruel cast of choads. The pot calling the kettle a 6 piece dinner set.

          1. andrew

            He seems to have retired the Duncan Wheeler one after it became all too obvious. No doubt he has created a few more to replace it.

          2. SOQ

            I only ever use one username- ever.

            Give me the IP numbers from which all comments have been made on this site for one month, and I will with fair certainty identify those who use multiple usernames.

            There is no doubt but that those who spend their time switching between aliases have at best, personality disorders but more likely some form of mental illness- their influence is toxic and harmful to this site.

          3. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

            You’re a committed VPN/ToR user. You said so yourself ages ago. You can be whomever you want to be, whereever you want to be.

            So none of your oul nonsense washes…

          4. Tom J

            @ SOQ
            Give you the IP addresses, what would you be doing with them and who is going to give you them. Sounds a bit KGB to me.

      2. stephen moran

        Waterford Whispers is a famous satirical site – it’s like the Onion – I assume you are being ironic here and haven’t taken this article at face value or seriously ????

        1. Me so Harney

          As oppose to you posting fake stories about not so dead Russian Generals or the Ghosts of Snake Island BS..

          Get off your soapbox nonsenseboi..

          1. andrew

            Fake stories???? Hahaha you utter numpty

            Tell us again about Roger Cloutier – go on, please!! The ‘tick tock’ bit was the best – a vapid twit swallowing every conspiracy nonsense he sees on Facebook. What a dopey joke you are.

          2. andrew

            Well seeing as I never claimed to know, not sure why you’re asking me – you’re the one who claims to know. I would assume he’s at home, most likely in bed right now.

            Know any different? Go on… if only for the giggles

          3. Me So Harney

            So you don’t know whether he’s been seen in the last 2 months or not..


            And I’m the numpty.. Nice self own there andrew..

          4. andrew

            So if someone hasn’t appeared at a public event in 2 months, there is reason to believe that person is in an underground bunker in Ukraine? I don’t really like to scoff at another person’s ‘intellect’ but… eh, really? That’s the level of critical thinking you employ? To me, that seems like quite a leap.

            Do you have any actual evidence that he is there? Or even that he hasn’t been seen? Because 4 seconds on the old Google machine between this and the last sentence in this comment tells me that he was seen in Germany at the end of April…


            “Self own”? Eh, no… keep trying though, chump!

          5. Me So Harney

            Those snaps are from 2019. No masks on anyone.

            Nice total fail and self own yet again andrew..

        2. SOQ

          Of course Waterford Whispers is a satirical site- and they are absolutely nail on the head with this story because only a satirical site would be allowed to get away with it.

          The idea of rock concerts and actresses and politicians flying in and out is as laughable as the propaganda that there is no Nazis- it is a white wash.

    2. Kin

      Yes SOQ the pure hypocrisy
      It’s as plain as the nose on your face
      These Yemeni people are regarded as savages by the west rag heads hayrabs
      Their suffering is brought on themselves
      Heavens forbid the celebs dropping in and how Bono has changed
      No bans of Saudi oil
      No ban on NATO members supplying arms and no please by the EU leaders on the slaughter the cluster bombs etc
      And little chance of Ireland taking in Yemeni refugees by the thousand
      Maybe mehole Simon Leo should visit Yemen and show some sort of solidarity and dispel Saudi diplomats even the EU confiscate Saudi assets or even Iranian assets
      Maybe if Yemen became a Roman Catholic nation the attitude might change

      1. K. Cavan

        Yes, Kin but the WEF aren’t going to send another of those pics to a compromised ex-rockstar & tell him to get over there or write another “poem” or whatever, just for 377,000 dead ragheads, now, are they?
        I mean, stephen must have calculated a hundred million dead in Ukraine by now & that’s just from Covid.
        Of course, most of them were Russian soldiers, who’ve been on the retreat since it all kicked off, sure they’re defending the outskirts of Moscow from the forty-something conscipts, equipped with NATO hand-me-downs, that comprise most of the Ukrainian army, now & Zelensky is in a coked-up delirium, having achieved what Napoleon & Hitler failed to do.

    3. K. Cavan

      The sight of former rock star Bono appearing in Ukraine demands that we ask for God’s sake have these people not suffered enough? He couldn’t even manage to persuade his own rhythm section to tag along, they might’ve drowned out some of his patronising, lowbrow blather.

      1. Kin

        Married my wife and decided I would take a bullet for her
        I would die for her but sadly not my country for let’s face it would you for mehole eamon Leo
        I reckon you would agree about both but that is normal

  4. Nigel

    Hey Bodge, remember when you ran a piece on the D’souza documentary on election fraud? Maybe an update, y’know, for balance?

    ‘After a legal settlement, OANN runs actual facts about Georgia election workers who were relentlessly lied about: “…results of this investigation indicate that Ruby Freeman and Wandrea ‘Shaye’ Moss did not engage in ballot fraud or criminal misconduct.” ‘


    1. K. Cavan

      That’s right, Nigel, there was an increase of 27 million in the total ballots cast in Biden’s election & there’s a perfectly rational explanation for that. Biden’s laser-sharp repartee & astonishing mental acuity, coupled with Harris’ ability to, eh, be a Woman Of Colour, just drew them out by the millions, definitely, that could’ve happened, right?
      Biden/Harris got 81 miion votes, they definitely did. What’s more, given his scintillating performance as POTUS, he’ll get even more when he attempts to get re-elected. No, really, he’s actually planning on running for the Senate again.


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