This morning.

Via Reuters:

Face masks are set to be no longer mandatory in airports and on flights in Europe, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have said.

The new recommendations will come into effect from 16 May.

“From next week, face masks will no longer need to be mandatory in air travel in all cases, broadly aligning with the changing requirements of national authorities across Europe for public transport,” EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky said in a statement.

Europe plans to drop mandatory mask requirements for air travel next week (RTE)





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103 thoughts on “Take Off

  1. SOQ

    Gerard Waters is clearly familiar with a certain section of the Broadsheet commentariat so.

    Re: face nappies- long over due. Silly superstitious nonsense should never have been in the first place.

    1. Nigel

      When you look back on this, always remember – you were radicalised by the wearing of face masks during a viral pandemic of airborne transmission.

      1. SOQ

        Not at all radicalised- I followed Sweden- and the science.

        You were the ones engaged in the pysop- history will judge- in fact, it already has.

        1. Nigel

          I’d deny it too, if I were you, it’s so profoundly silly, but it’s also deadly serious, since it’s part of an astonishing campaign to undermine piblic health.

          1. K. Cavan

            Unfortunately, Nigel, either deliberately, if you’re a shill or accidentally, through your ignorance, you’ve got it all assways. The entire Fake Pandemic was specifically designed, from top to tail, by people like Bill Gates, to damage the Public Health & it’s hard not to acknowledge how successful they’ve been.
            The handful of premature deaths from the virus itself are dwarfed by the numbers who have & will suffer death & serious illness from the Fake Vaccine clinical trials, which were dishonestly labelled as a “vaccine rollout” & this figure will be, in turn, dwarfed by the death & suffering caused by the almost total withdrawal of normal healthcare for two years, along with other incidental causes, like the weakening of the immune systems of millions, through lockdowns & social distancing, along with spikes in suicide induced by isolation & loneliness & the stress caused by unemployment & bankruptcy forced on the population by an ignorant & uncaring, if not openly hostile, State sector.

        2. Kim The Cardassian

          HAHAHAAHAHA you did in your hole “follow the science”. You are so full of crap SOQ you should get your own show on RTE

          1. K. Cavan

            I actually admire ignoramuses like you, Kim, you’re not held back by your lack of knowledge, you just get out there & proudly, defiantly, make a complete eejit of yourself.
            Say it loud, Kim, “I’m thick & I’m proud”.
            Idiot Liberation, Now!
            (We’ll call it “IDLIB”, for short)

          2. SOQ

            Is thick a thing now?

            ‘I support the thicks’ does have a certain ironic ring to it I suppose.

          3. anti bot

            Have you had covid? I’ve been suffering for 2 months now. it is not a dismissive disease for some people. But go on spread your quanon pure poo. Do you have a confederation flag in your front garden.

      2. K. Cavan

        Nigel, while Coronaviruses are airborne, they are not a virus that infects people via aerosols, that particular evolutionary niche has been taken by the very successful Rhinoviruses, which give us what we commonly call Summer Colds or Headcolds, by floating for long periods of time in warmer Summer air & which have a smooth construction, with no visible corona.
        Coronaviruses are heavier & encapsulated in a layer of lipid, which enables them to survive for long periods of time on surfaces, from which they are transferred to the fingers & most commonly, infect via the mucus membrane of the eye, when the host happens to rub them.
        Masks, which cause people to touch their faces far more often than normal, most likely cause far more infection with any Coronavirus than would otherwise be expected & were an utterly ineffective innovation, thought up not by doctors or scientists but by psychologists, as their main impact is to constantly reinforce the impression that we’re living through a Pandemic, which luckily, is something none of us has ever experienced.
        Masks are about as effective in preventing Respiratory Viral transmission as a hankie or even the hand, brought up to block a sneeze or cough, otherwise they’re a complete joke, designed to make eejits out of idiots.

        1. Nigel

          Thie most common mode of infection is via respiration, though of course masks also help with transmission via droplets in eyes nose and mouth from coughs and sneezes. Yay masks.

          It was not thought up by psychologists, it was already common practice in Asian cities due to air pollution, and it spread from there.

          1. K. Cavan

            You’re communicating through your anal spinchter, as usual, Nigel, inhalation is not a common vector for Coronaviruses, they have not evolved for that, otherwise they would not have lipid encapsulation nor the corona, which gives them their common name.
            The Logical Fallacy of assuming something is effective because lots of people do it, well, it’s typical of the kind of hocus pocus fake science you specialise in, being entirely ignorant of the subject you have the brass neck to address.

          2. Nigel

            Covid spreads three ways, and that’s the most common. Screeching insults and cod science won’t make it different.

          3. anti bot

            which one of the commentators on here harassed the FG TD. An elected woman, therefore open to abuse. Certain people on here will pile in to support the man involved

          1. Fearganainm

            You didn’t read the article did you? If you had you’d understand why your own link was irrelevant.

          2. Chris

            “You didn’t read the article did you? If you had you’d understand why your own link was irrelevant.”

            Your link was from one of the publications that has been ‘corporately captured’ thus thoroughly unreliable – as the phenomena mentioned in the BMJ article (the UK’s most prestigious medical journal).

            That you think it ‘irrelevant’ – brings me back to my first point – “You’ll never learn”.

          3. Fearganainm

            So not reading the article because you don’t like the source allows you to ignore all the research and arguments – many critical of the WHO – which appear in it. Don’t tax that fragile brain of yours whatever you do.

            Meanwhile you think a single article by a philosopher and a psychiatrist, in which they develop on arguments they advanced during their worthy work challenging Glaxo Smith Kline and Forest Laboratories, somehow addresses the arguments from specialists in airborne transmission.

            Are you sure that you even know how to science?

          4. Chris

            “How to science” I’m aware and understand the scientific method. Ever heard of the replication crisis? It’s a symptom of the scientism you can’t differentiate from actual science.

            Now go post a hundred links from the corporate captured Guardian, like a clueless idiot.

          5. Fearganainm

            OK Chris, why didn’t you just say that you don’t understand anything about airborne transmission?

      3. jonjoker

        Isn’t it interesting that hot-air hand dryers were never banned during the pandemic. Surely they are one of the best methods of circulating whatever virus the user is breathing out? To other public toilet-users at the very least.

    2. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

      Just as your mask is finally slipping right off of your face.
      Coincidence? I think not.
      Go collect your pfizer pay and Russian rubles.

      1. SOQ

        Did you remember to flip IP number after swapping usernames? I bet you didn’t.

        Do you even know how to flip IP numbers?

        1. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

          In the warblings of your creepiest alias
          You have been found out pharma boy.
          C’mon how much are they paying you and do they know you are drunk on the job?

    3. Kin

      And planes jammed to capacity
      Breathing in all that air
      To be honest SOQ I will never fly again
      No wonder half the nation are off sick
      By the way I did get covid with the jab and it was mild but until I tested negative after 14 days I had to stay off work which I can I’ll afford to do because I do all the cooking
      This week we have to close because we have no staff

  2. Micko

    To paraphrase Unmutual a few months back

    “Dropping them Monday, but why not today?”

    “Dat’s de science” ;-)

    1. U N M U T U A L


      During our flight safety demonstration the crew announced “we recommend removing your covid mask before putting on the oxygen mask…”

      I kid you not…

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    What will the crybaby whingebags have to complain about now that masks are being phased out, as expected?

    1. K. Cavan

      Well, Dolly, should you continue to grant us access to your stinky brain-farts, there’s that, right? You do hang around here, like a bad smell, which is pretty nauseating.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I’d say your sense of smell in your dank, incel basement was destroyed years ago. Been followed by MIBs anywhere interesting for your booster shot yet?

  4. tom2

    But I thought mask and vaccine mandates were just the start of ever increasing restrictions? What happened? Has it turned out that you were talking bollocks all along and that these were temporary measures to control the spread of a deadly disease?

    1. Zaccone

      Its going to be pretty interesting seeing how the tinfoil hat brigade like SOQ spin the continuing return to complete normalcy. Where is the New World Order’s master plan to control us all now?

      Normal life has resumed exactly as it was in early 2020 as far as I can see…

          1. Chris

            Yes – it is evil, that you lack the insight to their plans as such is a deep moral failing.

          2. Nigel

            Special insight provided by the reactionary culture war politicisation of paranoid thinking and online conspiracy-mongering.

          3. Nigel

            I’m all for the reforms and public funding and transparency they propose, but I didn’t see any case being made in there against a treaty to enable global pandemic responses, or about the proposed treaty being an evil plot to take over the world. So, just you guys.

          4. Chris

            “Making the 80% privately funded WHO a supranational governing body” but your “all for the reforms and public funding and transparency they propose”. Who has the power to implement their proposals? Idiot.

          5. Nigel

            Probably shoud have thought of that before we had a pandemic that’s been killing millions and gave us a pressing need to create a body to oversee future pandemic responses. But you’re still completely making up the idea that it’s an evil plot to take over the world.

          6. Chris

            “gave us a pressing need to create a body to oversee future pandemic responses”

            No, it really didn’t.

          7. Nigel

            The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work very well, which would be pretty bad.

      1. K. Cavan

        What rancid stone-covered pit have you made your current abode, Zaccone? The enforcement of digital ID, via “Vaccine Passports” won’t happen in June, in your bizarre fantasy-world, no? The plans for CBDCs, linked to these digital IDs, isn’t on the horizon, there, no?
        Man, you really are dumb. Go back to sleep.

        1. Zaccone

          Eh…Ireland. I haven’t worn a mask or been asked for a covid cert once since January. Almost half a year ago now. I’ve been going to gigs, bars and crowded sports events. Everyones happy, everyones living life literally completely normal, its great.

          If anything its even better than pre-March 2020 because people appreciate the joie de vivre more now that its back, everyone’s having a great time.

          “No you see the grand global control conspiracy isn’t here now, and wasn’t last month, but _next month_ it for sure will be”…. I look forward to hearing in June why its actually going to kick off in July. Then in July for August. And so on. Its pretty hilarious.

    2. K. Cavan

      If you’d care to look back, Tomtom, I repeatedly predicted that Sars02 would, like every other novel Coronavirus, mutate into a highly infectious but non-fatal variant, in this very forum.
      What subsequently happened was, I was correct, not that I arrived at that prediction myself, I have a large number of actual experts in the field to thank for my knowledge, though I did have to study, so I wouldn’t end up entirely ignorant & talking through my ass, like you.

      1. SOQ

        But they don’t care K. They don’t care about the masks and the lockdowns and the leper passes and the clot shots as long as they can sneer and snipe and claim they have got one over on others.

        Such is the mindset of a narcissist.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Now that they have no “face nappies” to wail about at their ever decreasing rallies, they’ll have to go back to their original hobbies of overt racism to pass the time.

      1. Nilbert

        Climate skepticism, transphobia, and that long-held concern they always held for Yemen and not just because of Ukrainian Immigration…
        These are the next items on the agenda.

    1. Nigel

      What about people with disabilites, the immunocompromised, people in vulnerable categories? What about people who actually care about them? You lot have been demeaning them since this began.

          1. Chris

            No one has been demeaning them, you’re just using them as an excuse to defend your ridiculous assertions.

          2. Nigel

            Every time you mock someone for worrying about catching or spreading covid, you’re demeaning them. And you guys do it a lot.

          3. Chris

            I haven’t mocked anyone that’s bought the propaganda. Those that seek to inflict it upon others are worthy of scorn.

          4. Nigel

            Have people with disabilites, the immunocompromised, people in vulnerable categories bought the propganda? Would you give them medical advise to the effect that they don’t have to worry about covid? Or that other people don’t have to worry about spreading it to them?

          5. Chris

            Your charge was that I was mocking them – now you slither to what ‘advice’ I may give, imagining me as an ‘authoritarian’ on the matter. More faux arguments based on nothing but your truculent attempts at point scoring.

            Nil points.

          6. Nigel

            You guys mock anyone who’s worried about covid, they’re sheep, they’re thick, they’re cowards, hypochndriacs, etc, then pretend the people I mention don’t exist. I’m glad that there’s enough shame in you not to give them the logcial advice that would derive from sincere belief in all the lies you guys are happy to spread.

          7. Chris

            “then pretend the people I mention don’t exist” You can neither tell the truth nor argue in good faith – baseless accusations, whataboutery, strawmen – followed by some quip on evil/secret plot etc. Tedium ad nausea.

          8. Chris

            “And yet you keep avoiding them” Yet you said I was mocking them – you can’t even keep your accusations straight in one comment thread. Time waster.

      1. K. Cavan

        Whatboutery & ludicrous, malicious accusations, against those who dared disagree with the junk science you gleaned off the telly & your regurgitation of worthless MSM tabloid gossip, Nigel?
        You really are one disgusting, amoral lowlife.
        Sous le poutain!

        1. Nigel

          You deliberately lie about how covid spreads to justify your extremist position on the wearing of masks to reduce the spread of an airborne virus. You deliberately lie about the vaccine in order to scare people off from taking it to bolster your nihilistic enabling of conservative extremism which has mutated into its current form of magical fascism.

        2. Steph Pinker

          KC; the mask oppression mandate within the EU to non-authoritarian countries and flights will be lifted from next week; bow down on your knees and be grateful to fly again and be free :)

          lots of love,

          Nietzsche :P

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Gas comments. About moaners. And look who’s doing the moaning. Led by? You guessed it. The bould Daisy O’Conspiraloon.

        1. K. Cavan

          Oh man, imagine being close enough to Dolly’s bottom to hang on every word she said, the rancid smell would sicken the strongest constitution, Giddy.
          Dolly Brainfart’s virtue signals, as she acts as an ineffective but repetitive conduit for the nascent fascism extolled by Capitalist Oligarchs’, while dementedly believing herself to be some sort of “radical activist”, that’s comedy gold & we must thank her for her service, though I’m sure her role as a shill for paedophiles & neo-nazis is its own reward.
          “Ho ho, hey hey, some stuff about the KKK”
          Yay! You go Dolly, go away, go very, very far away. Now, keep going. No, further…in fact, go home, Dolly, we don’t want you here, have you not got the message yet?

          1. Fearganainm

            You have all the intellectual acuity of a post-windscreen encounter gnat, you befuddled wreck.

            Maybe you should concentrate on your fantasies about Justin Trudeau?

            Anything to keep your racism in check. Does the National Party really want a Liberace character like you?

          2. Fearganainm

            No, You so puny, that doesn’t rescue KKK Cábún from his personal dilemma. I’m sure that he appreciates you rushing forward to offer yourself up as his fluffer though.

          3. Me So Harney

            Whilst you fluff poreshenko and then trudeau.. At the same time..


          4. Fearganainm

            “Rightbackatcha” an hour and four minutes later isn’t the speedy riposte you imagined it to be when you were struggling to come up with it.

            Incidentally, I’ve cited Poreshenko once and can’t recall citing Trudeau ever, unless his name featuring in an item of news counts. It might do with you as yourself and KKK Cábún are somewhat akin to the Casie and Driesie of Broadsheet.

          5. Me So Harney


            I fluffed poroshenko but I didn’t fluff trudeau.. To the best of my knowledge.. Honest..

            You support trudeau and his “liberal democracy”.. You know the one that froze bank accounts of supporters of the mass cop killing (Daisy’s my source) trucker convoy..

            So who cares if you didn’t cite him, you still fluffed him.

          6. Daisy Chainsaw

            What you want is and always has been irrelevant. KKKCabbage. Open the windows in your incel basement and let some oxygen in. It might ease the hypoxia.

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