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  1. Fearganainm

    How to game the single transferable vote within days of an election by parachuting in someone who wasn’t even elected. She was only a gunrunner’s daughter…

    Emma Little-Pengelly co-opted into Lagan Valley to replace Sir Jeffrey Donaldson


    “Former DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly has been co-opted into Lagan Valley after party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson earlier confirmed this week he would be remaining as an MP in Westminster…”

      1. Ian - oG

        I find the attempt to reach out to the yoof by the tories to be highly entertaining.

        Between these mindless slogans (”levelling up” is my favourite) and then people like Michael Gove being utterly hilarious (you have to admit, he is pretty funny if rather creepy) they do provide stellar entertainment.

  2. Gabby

    Irish media raised hyper expectations about Brooke Scullion in the Eurovision song contest. Pundits should now address the question What is a good song?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Pound Shop Tops Of The Town efforts will never have a chance of a Eurovision final appearance.

        1. Tom J

          @ Terry, I’ve been like that several times, it’s the hangover that gets me, but I keep doing it.

          1. TenPin Terry

            A toasted bacon sourdough sarnie with ketchup and some vigorous jiggery-pokery will soon have you sorted lad.
            Give it a few hours then imbibe a welcoming sharpener.
            Take it from TenPin.

  3. Eamon

    Posting at 2.35am? Don’t you know I like to read these before I go to sleep? Can I see the manager please?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Siteserv eh?
    So who is guilty of impropriety?
    What’s ‘Angry’ Alan Dukes’ reaction now then? At the time he was saying all sorts about nothing wrong with the debacle, and even said “ There are people around who see conspiracy in their tea leaves” (A quotation and result that shouldn’t be lost on the Vaccine pushers on BS mind you)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        – No – forced to take them if I wanted to see some of my family. (I’ve told you that a number of times mind you, but you still think you’re being smart)

        Now, why do you hate all protestants? You haven’t explained that one.

        1. bisted

          …poor Giggser…the man made you a mudblood…but…Jeffery Donaldson will be wearing his christian fundamentalist fish badge today…I dispise people like Jeffery who define themselves by their faith…as I’ve explained before…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Nope. You stated that you hated all protestants. Now you’re trying to say ‘people like’.
            So why do you hate ‘all’ protestants?

          2. bisted

            …aren’t people who define themselves protestants defining themselves as religious?

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Make your mind up lad. You were specific about hating all protestants. Now it’s everyone who is a member of a religion?
            But you haven’t explained why. Many protestants have been baptised but don’t define themselves by that faith. Likewise Catholics. You stated you hated ‘all’ protestants, and extended it to ‘all’ catholics, but not to Quakers.

          4. bisted

            …ah now Giggser…as Broadsheet archivist in residence and keeper of gotchas you should know that I despise all people who define themselves by religion…now, your cultural catholic or prod is a different matter – they’re not sure what they are but very sure what they’re not…few people can be both things at the same time…except you of course…a vaccinated anti-vaxxer…

        2. GiggidyGoo

          The ‘define themselves’ line took its time? An afterthought. Yet you stated you hate ‘all’ protestants (no mention of defining themselves).
          C’mon now – don’t be a Nigel.

      1. Joe F

        Bodger, you need to up your game as regards moderation on this site. Is there any limit on what can be written on his site because some of it is not very nice. Obviously, some people don’t mind that sort of thing but some people do and are not impressed by it.

        1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

          It’s fair game if you’re one of Bodger’s tankies – lay off the swear words and anything is fair game.

          If you’re not one of their special little tankies tho…

          1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

            Except when there’s a shotgun involved. A useful analogy for the point being made.

    1. Ian - oG

      Rand Paul is a bought and paid Russian stooge.

      Rand’s speech starts at around 5:12. Powerful stuff which will resonate with the absolute scumbags who support him.

      You can almost see the traces of Putin’s sickly yellow jizz dripping from Randy’s mouth.

      Thanks SOQ, everyday you provide top tier comedy gold!

      1. hmmm

        Ian – oG is a Nazi supporting scumbag.

        Yes there is no evidence for this claim but if Ian oG can make baseless accusations so can anyone.

      2. Micko

        “ Rand Paul is a bought and paid Russian stooge.”

        Good to see both sides of this debate can dabble in conspiracy…

        Carry on!

        1. Ian - oG

          Both sides can but I only ever see you get animated when its from one side Micko, kind of puts your claim to be neutral/impartial in doubt?

          1. Micko

            Well, I think a lot of what SOQ and others say is conspiracy too.

            Just that when he and others say something conspiratorial, there’s plenty on here to call them out. No need for me to pile on.

            In reality though, you’re all at it.

            “YOUR conspiracies are rubbish, but MINE are grounded in facts”

            Pretty funny…

          2. SOQ

            Conspiracies happen- history is littered with examples of them. Why all of a sudden we are supposed to trust the powers that be, is the real mystery.

          3. Tom J

            Give some examples of historic conspiracies. For example was JFK assassinated because of a conspiracy.

          4. Micko

            Well, I agree – some conspiracies do occur.

            Just not on the scale that would be required to pull off most of the stuff that gets bandied about here IMO.

            Too many people would need to be involved.

            The powers that be, don’t really have that much power. It’s the collective will of the people that shapes our society and the direction it goes in. That can be influenced for sure, but not forever.

            Look at Covid, most people were terrified for two years. Then people caught it when it became more infectious. People (mostly) realised it wasn’t that bad and the mood of society changed.

            Covid restrictions gone overnight… (or Monday) ;)

          5. Ian - oG

            So no link between Rand Paul and illegal Russian funding Micko?

            None at all? Not a smidgeon?


            But hey, while we are here, tell me more about these conspiracy theories I push on here (outside of my claims about Rand Paul)?

            ”You’re all at it”?

            Am I? Where? When?

            I’ll wait.

            For the record I generally operate on the presumption that incompetence and stupidity can account for most of the crap that goes on in the world. Not some shady cabal of any political leaning.

          6. Micko

            You’re a lad in Ireland Ian.

            How could you possibly have a clue what is or isn’t going on between the politicians of two separate nations?

            I’ll wait…


            “”You’re all at it”?”

            Yes, I refer to your post above and your conspiracy theory that this particular senator is in the back pocket of a foreign nation at war.

          7. SOQ

            I agree Micko- most people cannot get their head around the scale of what is going on but the starting point is to think globally, because that is what the globalists do.

            Take the vaccine manufacturers for example- they have such power as to be able to bully and blackmail entire countries into signing contracts with secrecy clauses that even the EU are afraid to break.

            They demanded indemnity for poorly tested products and now the respective governments are going to have to pick up the tab- and clean up the mess.

            That is a conspiracy fact, not a theory.

          8. Ian - oG

            Oh I don’t know Micko, how do people know what is going on on the other side of the planet?

            Exceptionally high smoke signals?

            Anyway, I note outside of my Rand Paul claim you have nothing, as I expected.

            Rand Paul has links to illegal Russian money, not directly of course, but then despite my views of him he ain’t stupid.

            However, what is solid 100% fact is that Rand Paul lobbied trump successfully for a pardon for a man who was convicted of illegal election funding. Fact.

            Then the same guy gets indicted AGAIN….. :) For. The. Same. Thing.

            But hey, compare that to Iron Sky Ukrainian Nazi biolabs whydoncha?

            TOTALLY the same thing yeah?


          9. SOQ

            What evidence do you have that Rand Paul is linked to Russian money?

            Or is this just another of those muck throwing bluff things?

          10. Micko

            Well, again. I don’t know on that one SOQ.

            I think the vaccine manufacturers went into this with the intention of creating a very safe and effective and (importantly) profitable vaccine.

            Which on the whole they did (I hope it stays that way too)

            But, has the vaccine killed people? – Yes. Was that the intension? – Nope.

            To be honest, if I ran through an emergency use never used before medicine to the majority of the population, I’d bloody want indemnity from being prosecuted too ;-)

            That being said, pharmaceuticals companies (and most companies) have an absolute horrendous track record of treating people like dirt.

            Plus, even IF there are vaccine deaths occurring on a grand scale (None of us know if there are – how could we), it won’t be until the will of the people changes and most people decide to look for answers. If there are any to be found.

            At this point in time I think people just want to forget about the whole bloody thing. The alternative is too hard to deal with. Head down and motor on.

            Speaking of which, it’s 11am and I haven’t done a tap yet this morn ;)

            Ian – yer sounding a bit hysterical. Calm down chief. It’s all good.

          11. Ian - oG

            ”Ian – yer sounding a bit hysterical. Calm down chief. It’s all good.”


            My false equivalency has not held up, I will now resort to attacks on your character/demeanour.

            Right so!

            @SOQ: Oh I dunno, maybe try a channel other than CCP approved social media?

          12. Micko

            “attacks on your character/demeanour.”

            Not intentional Ian. Just that you seemed very upset and invested in this. My intension was to defuse the whole thing. Prob not the best wording on my part alright – bit crass.

            As I’ve said before, I think you’re an nice bloke and my intension was not to upset you or say anything about your character.

            Apologies if I did.

          13. Ian - oG

            Ah Micko, if only more people could be like you. I’d like to think despite having different views we’d get on famously.

            Anyway, no worries and to be fair I was being a little conspiratorially minded as Rand Paul himself has not being directly linked to dark Russian money but people linked to him have so I was reaching a little bit but perfectly fine to put the hand up and say so. So no need for any apologies here but I do appreciate it all the same.

            Have a good weekend dude!

          14. Ian - oG

            FFS Micko, I am really starting to think you are a close mate of mine?

            We have very similar arguments then end up getting tanked and then it’s Saul Goodman….


          15. SOQ

            I really find it bizarre how people are so quick to dismiss everything apart from the official narrative as having some sort of nefarious motives, while completely ignoring the elephant(s) in the room.

            Take the current Ukraine situation- not only is there a language barrier, but the Russian media has been completley banned here. And, what is being pumped out by our state channels is so propagandised as to be beyond the realms of possibility at times.

            And still, the slightest mention off something from an independent source is dismissed as stooge, when it is glaringly obvious that we are not getting even a quarter of the truth.

            We had two years of this with Covid before the truth started to emerge- are we going to have to wait two years with Ukraine too?

          16. Tom J

            @ SOQ, Would those be pink elephants you are talking about. You seem to be seen a lot of elephants in the room lately.

          17. Nigel

            I love that you think a Republican senator can be trusted to shed some light on the ‘official narrative,’ whatever that is, to be free from nefarious motives, to count as an independantt source for anything, and, finally, to tell anything resembling the truth. Also any belief that he is motivated by fiscal responsibility is surely faux naivete, nobody could believe that with a straight face.

        2. TenPin Terry

          Nice one Micko.
          Sometimes I wonder if you and I are the only people on here with some manners and decency.
          Costs nothing etc, etc.

          1. TenPin Terry

            No thanks.
            Micko is a decent cove who is consistent in his even-handedness.
            You, on the other hand, are a tosser.

      3. SOQ

        Yes of course- everyone who has an issue with $40 BILLION being sent to a foreign country in the middle of one of the worst inflation spikes in US history, obviously has to be a Russian stooge.

        Couldn’t be possibly be any other reason, like- wanting to know where the money is actually going?

        1. Tom J

          @ Me So Harney, why does SOQ,s misery make you happy. You seem to get all excited when someone says anything to him.

          1. Tom J

            No, I’m eleven, so mind your language. I’m sure one of your tik tok friends might be able to help you figure it out.

    2. Tom J

      Why does other people’s misery make you happy. You are gloating at the thought of Ukraine being denied financial aid.

          1. SOQ

            I don’t but as per that speech- I am pretty sure Rand Paul does and further more, if he was wrong, he would be pulled up on it very quickly.

            Did you even watch it?

          2. Tom J

            So how does Rand Paul know what the Russian’s spend on defence, unless you told him or he is a Russian spy.

          3. SOQ

            Is this stupid question morning?

            Russia and US know exactly what each other’s armies’ spend and what exactly they have bought. That is what a country’s intelligence do, gather info on the enemy- especially super powers.

          4. Tom J

            Nobody knows what the Russian’s spend on military equipment, not even the Russian people. The only people who know are the military and Putin himself.

          5. SOQ

            You think the US don’t? The intelligence services of the largest super power in the world cannot even roll it up to ball park figures?


          6. Tom J

            The same intelligence services that missed the terrorist attacks on the US, even though they were aware of the terrorists. Whatever.

          1. Nigel

            Boo hoo the US has more money than Russia sending the couple billon they found down the back of the sofa to Ukraine.

    3. SOQ

      On a similar subject as Rand Paul- LBC Radio host Nick Ferrari asks Johnson in Helsinki

      “No country on the planet has sent more financial aid, military aid, to Ukraine, than the UK.

      “Reports of £2 billion and rising, yet back home we hear the pensioners spend all day at home in the library because they can’t afford to heat their home, and one man set fire to his driftwood to try and get warm.

      “To those who say you are very good at supporting Ukraine, but you are lamentably poor at supporting your own people, how would you respond?”


      1. Nigel

        It is a lot of money, to be fair, and the Tories are ruling over ever-increasing poverty and misery as if that’s their official policy – it is – but it’s nothing compared to the billions squandered for things like PPE given to Tory mates and chums who were unqualified to do anything other than fart in the rain and failed to deliver and took the money and ran. If they’re lucky the billions going to Ukraine won’t end up lining the pockets of Poshpal FoltingChottingley III, a louche baronet who spends his days with his head up horses’ backsides but who Boris needs to pay back for spilling a drink on his silk cravat when they met once in a pub during a Bullington hunt-the-homelss riot and who is sure to put 2 billion in Ukrainian aid to good use purchasing more horses’ backsides for his unfeasibly narrow head.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Nigel – leave the Boris-bashing to One Vowel™ and his ‘ friend ‘ Beret Boy™.
          They’re filled with so much more hatred than you and provide many more lols.

          1. SOQ

            ‘Dog ate my homework’- sez man who’s wife is worth more than the Queen of England.

      2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I’m going to be honest I’m usually the one buying the sexy underpants for my partner and I always liked the fella on the Calvin box, the white shorts and nothing else is a fine sight in the kitchen making my eggs,
        not sure the advertising you describe is going to spur further purchases from moi .
        I’d love to know the percentage for wemon buying men’s clothes, for the man in their life.
        Well apart from runners, I always shop in the men’s section because for some reason runner manufacturers seem to think you want to run in the colors of a liquidized Barbie.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Do you turn your eyes away when you find the skid-marked underpants in the washing basket though Janet? :-)

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            na, he grew up washing his bumbum, saves a fortune in TP and much cleaner, all you need a a discreet bucket and cup

  5. SOQ

    A pregnant trans man stars in Calvin Klein’s Mother’s Day campaign

    The renowned clothing and lingerie brand became a trend by showing in its photo production Roberto Bete, a pregnant trans man who is about to give birth to her baby Noah, along with her partner Erica Feeha transgender woman.


    Calvin Klein are about to test the ‘go woke go broke’ theory. Gillette didn’t fair too well and it certainly is an unusual marketing campaign to sell over priced men’s knickers

  6. Fearganainm

    Stormont’s major parties slam DUP after Jeffrey Donaldson confirms party won’t nominate speaker


    “Stormont’s other four major parties have slammed the DUP for refusing to back a new Assembly Speaker today. The DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson confirmed his party will not move forward without changes on the protocol. Without cross community support, a Speaker cannot be installed and the Assembly cannot function, even in a reduced role…”

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Take it as an advance from little Aodh/Siofra’s cashola haul. There’ll still be enough left over for the new Playstation, games, bouncy castle, meal with 20 close relatives, etc etc.

  7. TenPin Terry

    We’re back baby.
    Rip-off Ireland has returned with a vengeance as hoteliers ready themselves for a summer of fleecing visitors and locals alike.
    Car rental prices – between €150-200 a day – are now among the highest in Europe.
    And unlike times past the greedy fuppers now have the excuse of COVID to gouge the punters.


    1. GiggidyGoo

      I thought you’d have figured out ways of saving money on vehicle hire – if there’s only two of you, then hire a small van instead of a car. It’d be handy for you too, as you could save on accommodation and sleep in the back. You wouldn’t notice any difference to the Bedsit.

  8. TenPin Terry

    My regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Lord Nigel of Farage.
    Single-handedly responsible for the Brexit referendum, superb public speaker and now accomplished broadcaster Nigel is an interesting character – he devotes his holidays to touring WW1 battlefields of which he’s quite an expert.
    Mind you I’m not THIS big a fan as this lady who he meet while broadcasting his show from Hull.




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