219 thoughts on “Sunday’s Papers

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Times like these, I’m relieved a sex deprived sicko like Sad doesn’t live anywhere near me.

          2. scottser

            White guy shoots up the place, murdering 13 and is arrested? I imagine black folks are thinking that a black guy in the same situation would have been killed by the cops without hesitation. .

          3. TenPin Terry

            Well as 93% of black murders in the US are carried out by other black people I’d say there’s a pretty good chance yer man would have been shot by one of his own before the cops could get to him.
            Chicago is always tasty for black on black killings but relatively quiet so far in the city this weekend.
            Just two teens were among at least five people killed and 23 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday, 5 p.m.

          4. K. Cavan

            That’s right, andrew scottser, cops, faced with a guy shooting up the place with an automatic rifle, take time out to figure out the colour of his skin, before deciding what to do. After all, if he’s black & they shoot him, CNN & The New York Times will label them racists, they’ll be tried & convicted for murder.
            Let’s just watch the coverage of this, compared to Wuakesha.
            Compared to what, you say?

          1. K. Cavan

            It’s amazing, how the media managed to deliver all this, pretty much contemporaneously with the announcement of the shooting, yet never managed to unearth the racist rantings & threats to kill whites, of the black man who drove his vehicle into a Christmas parade in Wuakesha, mowing down children & elderly participants, even though private individuals could access them, isn’t it?
            Not just that, but the majority of the media reports hinted that it might’ve been an accident, a ludicrous claim if you saw the video but, of course, not many saw it cos the media couldn’t find it, could they?

        1. Fearganainm

          “Unfortunately this sort of thing goes on all the time in the States.”

          Did the incidents that you’re referring to involve shooters driving several hours to find a place mainly inhabited by people of colour, and did the shooters all livestream the shootings, having uploaded a racist ‘manifesto’ trying to justify the murder of random innocents and encouraging others to do the same?

          1. K. Cavan

            No, Ferg, the last mass racist killing in the US was done, in the style of Muslim terrorists in Europe, by car but you won’t have heard much about it, for reasons you haven’t the wit to question.

          2. Fearganainm

            “…A government official told The Buffalo News that the semi-automatic gun that Gendron used in the shooting had “the N-word” spelled out in white paint on the barrel, and also the number 14. The official said “14” refers to a 14-word statement that is popular with white supremacists. “The statement is, ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white people,’ ” the official said…”

            “…Gendron has been investigated by law enforcement before. In June 2021, police in Broome County were called by officials of a local high school who told them Gendron had threatened violence in comments made to fellow students. “A school official reported that this very troubled young man had made statements indicating that he wanted to do a shooting, either at a graduation ceremony, or sometime after,” the same government official familiar with the case told The News. State Police were sent to investigate and Gendron, under a section of state mental health laws, was referred for a mental health evaluation and counseling, the official said…”


          3. Micko

            “ very troubled young man” “mental health issues”

            Clearly he deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail or the funny farm.

            But are you surprised that someone with those mental health issues would also believe in mad ideas about white supremacy?

            You’ve posted 15 times here on this subject in this thread. Clearly you’re a bit radicalised yourself.

          4. Fearganainm

            Whereas you only posted a few ‘look over there’ links to try to ‘normalize’ what is clearly racist motivated mass murder, eh, Micko?

            Hopefully you’ll acknowledge that targeting, for example, an 86-year-old woman who’d just popped in to buy some groceries after visiting her 88 year-old husband in a care home because she is black is neither ‘normal’ criminality nor ‘just like all the other shootings’.

          5. Mad

            Reaching for the lube again already Fearg?
            You’re some man for one man.
            Daisy must be made up

      1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

        Bit close to the bone? One of your bedfellows up to no good?

        Again as Daisy said, thankfully we have very strict firearm regulations in this country.

        Christ knows what you tankie Q types would get up to if we didn’t have them.

        1. Mad

          Nah just Fearg getting lubed up again when he hears about a good mass murder or war crime

          PS GFY Vlad wtf you on about bedfellow?

        2. Mad

          Oh I get it now – you’re projecting again!
          Go back to bed there with Daisy she has something for you and maybe good old Fearg will lend you his lube.

          1. Fearganainm

            Pull your nightie down when you’ve finished ‘posting’, you twisted little pervert.

          2. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

            Whittled down to a stubby little nubbin.

            That what those Mad rapey notions will do to a chap.

            Nasty business.

            And sometimes that pushes the mind towards the most awful and obscene of atrocities.

            Hence, the strict firearms controls on Ireland being a very good thing.

          3. Mad

            Your post needs more war porn Fearg
            And we also need another 20 of them
            You’re below your usual quota of mass irrelevance
            More on Peter Andre’s balls as well please
            Good bot

          4. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

            I’m not the one with the rapey notions and clearly lord knows what else is going on in that Mad head of yours.

      2. TenPin Terry

        Lads, seriously, the best thread I’ve had the pleasure to read in a while.
        Creativity, humour, a charitable lack of malice.
        Like Broadsheet of old.

        1. Hughie Luas

          Agreed. Pukka jousting. It’s almost as if you walked into the Oxford Union. It’s like you are there in the room, immersed in the flourish of oratory. I can even smell the sweet bouquet of fine wine. Or is it hyacinth?

          10 year olds playing conkers.

        2. SOQ

          The mentally deranged talking to itself under 3 or 4 profiles while saying nothing you mean?

    1. Kin

      Jesus listening mehole addressing the nation regarding the famine commemoration
      Listening to the absolute poo flowing from his mouth like a slurry tank spreading manure in a field
      Famines do not happen in democracies he says
      Not that rules out
      When we cannot house our poor we have fuel poverty and food poverty and a government unable to stop price gouging
      It’s a bit of a sham
      These idiots prance around the world and do exactly what our new masters tell us
      As Ireland faced famines france had theirs Belgium had theirs Scotland had theirs Italy had theirs russia had theirs america had theirs
      And today many line up at food banks and soup kitchens as we speak
      It’s time this government pulled its finger out of its bottom and tackled price gouging and profiteering
      Not sit and pontificate about a famine under British rule

      1. TenPin Terry

        But that’s the modus operandi of the Irish government and its media lackeys old sport.
        Drone on about something that happened a century ago in the hope no-one asks difficult questions.
        If three quid and a Supermarket Sweep of Lidl’s middle aisle for equipment is the sum total of Ireland’s defence spending.
        And hospital A&Es now resemble a mix between a Mogadishu abattoir and the bar from Star Wars.
        And the opening of the last social housing built in Ireland was covered on RTE by a fresh-faced Pat Kenny.
        And your next social welfare payment is authorized for you by a Ukrainian migrant.
        The question is – what DO they spend your taxes on ?

        1. Kin

          Actually tin man Ireland spends more money per head of the population than Ukraine on the military
          They have fighter jets a navy high tech missiles we cannot even muster a crew for the second hand tugs Ireland bought from New Zealand
          Ukraine near on six billion
          Ireland 1.1 billion

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that you’d be sympathetic towards a child abuser and his enabler family.

          1. anti bot

            I see soq has his Mad name on today. Even with his other names he help being a sexist pig. I’m guessing he’s so small that nobody notices him.

          2. SOQ

            Why does this site attract such nuts? And more to the point- why does this site allow them to flip names at will? It really is very toxic.

  1. SOQ

    Ukraine’s win of the Eurovision puts paid to any notion that the Eurovision is not political.

    It will be interesting to see what Ukraine looks like in twelve months- one thing is for certain, it won’t look like now.

      1. SOQ

        The power of propaganda.

        They haven’t gone away you know- not much chance of a black fella popping up in that act eh?

    1. stephen moran

      Indeed Ukraine will be free from the fascist neo-Czarist Russian invaders in less than 12 months time at the rate they’re losing this war at – Putin is 0 from 2 in the battles thus far – so much winning

      1. SOQ

        The idea that Ukraine is winning this war is a joke. It is as it was, a scam, with billions of dollars being poured into it then funnelled right out again. The only hope the Azov Nazis now have is if Poland invades the west, at which point what we know of as Ukraine is no more.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Sounds like someone drank a whole bucket of conspiracy koolaid for breakfast.

          2. TenPin Terry

            What did you breakfast on today Daisy ?
            I would imagine a sophisticated lady like yourself would be served quail’s eggs, kedgeree and devilled kidneys in bed by an oiled Chippendale.
            Perhaps a tincture of chilled Veuve Clicquot ?

          3. TenPin Terry

            The fragrant Lady TenPin delivered me a fine sausage sandwich in the marital boudoir this am.
            Unsure whether I was in the mood for Ketchup or HP she went half and half.
            She does the weekend shift and I provide the Yorkshire Gold and Vegemite on sourdough toast weekdays.
            Seems to work well.

          4. jungleman

            Let me re-phrase:

            Why would Poland invade western Ukraine? What on earth are you talking about?

          5. K. Cavan

            Well, jungleman, Ukraine is going to be carved up & Poland would like to take back the part of Ukraine that was part of Poland, when it used to be the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. Just like the US, they’re taking advantage of Ukraine being a basket case.
            They are massing an invasion force, allegedly.

    2. Fearganainm

      “It will be interesting to see what Ukraine looks like in twelve months- one thing is for certain, it won’t look like now.”

      You think 80 days of bombing hasn’t already radically altered the look of large parts of Ukraine?

      1. SOQ

        That is not what I said and besides, if the place is such a war torn zone- how are celebrities and politicians able to fly in for their teeth ‘n tits photo opps without safety concerns ?

        1. Nigel

          It’s because coke-head comedian Zelensky drove back mighty denazifier and champion of liberty Putin from the capital, Kyiv.

          1. hmmm

            More shameless lying.

            The Russians never attacked Kiev.

            They did however make a feint towards Kiev, meaning the Ukrainians had to deploy to defend Kiev tying up their resources.

          2. K. Cavan

            Hey, Nigel Mitty, any news from those “Notorious Nazi Mercenaries” (double-jobbers, eh?) who you claim are fighting for Russia, the country that defeated the Nazis in WW2, against the guys who worship those who fought for the Nazis in WW2?
            It’s just that you’re the only person on the planet who knows about them, it seems. Let me know, if you hear any news.

        2. K. Cavan

          I saw a post from an Irish woman in Lviv, earlier, she’d had a nice meal with some friends, then finished up with some drinks in a late-night bar. Lviv is closer to Berlin than the frontline. Yet millions of “Ukrainian refugees” are pouring into Western Europe. By the time most people realise they’re being completely gaslighted by the media, it’ll be too late.
          As for Mass Shootings in the US, they’re reported or ignored on the basis of the perps race. Same way as 14 Afro-Americans killed by cops is news plus (mostly peaceful) riots but 6,000 killed by other Afro-Americans is not news & those black lives don’t matter, for some reason. All news coverage of overseas events goes into every country on the planet via three huge news agencies, AP, ATP & Reuters, all owned by Corporate America.
          Meanwhile, most people still think there’s a programme called “The News” that honestly reports, with no political bias, exactly what’s happening in the world & that based on watching this programme, they actually know what’s going on.
          Look at that performance above from Fergananim, is that the act of a rational person? He’s constantly regurgitating this corporate crap over this forum, trying to ensure that nowhere will be free of the propaganda, it’s inserted into every nook & cranny. He’s probably a glowie, a shill, just like that mass shooter, who’s rantings read like a clichéd libtards take on what someone who disagrees with the One True Narrative might think, mostly because that’s exactly what it is, created in the wake of how Musk’s threat to ensure Free Speech on social media runs counter to every government in The West trying to shut down freedom of expression, followed by all freedoms, in lockstep.
          The people trying to remove Free Speech are never, ever the Good Guys, no ifs, no buts, no excuses & they have a plan, too. US Corporate Neo-Fascism is by far the biggest, most powerful political movement on the planet, it’s vicious, bloodthirsty & drunk on power, it’s currently operating an actual meat-grinder of humanity in Ukraine, killing thousands but Look! A guy in a shop shot some people, it must’ve been like downtown Chicago on a Saturday night! We must censor everyone with non-conformist views because that will stop mass shootings, definitely it will, sure, they’re practically the same thing.
          Aren’t they?

          1. Fearganainm

            The deranged killer’s ‘manifesto’ is littered with the exact same racist crap that you spew here regularly, KKK Cábún.

            He’s your ideological soulmate.

            Maybe you’re angry that he’s created a PR problem for the National Party and other promoters of racism.

          2. Nigel

            ‘Same way as 14 Afro-Americans killed by cops is news plus (mostly peaceful) riots but 6,000’

            Leaving aside the dodgy numbers, it still gets me that people pretend not to understand the difference between things that are crimes for which people get punished, and things that are extra-judicilal murders by the police and for which punishment is a vanishing rarity. Also, that they blame people protesting police violence for being subjected to police violence. Oddly enough, some of these people also think there is a vast evil conspiracy by the state to murder and oppress them.

          3. SOQ

            Actually no Fearganainm- he appears to be more the sort you cheer on?

            The white supremacist terrorist who killed at least 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York and livestreamed it, Payton Gendron, published a fascist manifesto using the same “black sun” Nazi symbol used by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov militia, which NATO is arming & training


          4. Fearganainm

            Some old quockerwodger

            I suggest that you should actually read the mass murderer’s ‘manifesto’. Aside from one illustration that you’ve lovingly grasped on to he used many other images too, replete with ‘great replacement’ memes and arguments, statistics relating to Black criminality, ravings about Jews etc. The full house that’s being employed by racists all over the world – including here in Ireland.

            Trust you to clutch at a Putinbot talking point rather than reject the rabid racism espoused by a racist mass murderer and employed here and elsewhere by like-minded misfits.

          5. Nigel

            Gonna take a wild stab in the dark and suggest this guy wasn’t a Ukraine supporter

          6. SOQ

            That “Payton Gendron, published a fascist manifesto using the same “black sun” Nazi symbol used by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov militia” would indicate that he is aligned to the same Nazi ideology.

            Also- petty name calling means you have already loss the argument.

          7. Fearganainm

            That Some old quockerwodger would seek to deflect from any kind of meaningful analysis of White Supremacism and its promotion both online and in the real world says a lot. That he’s happy to ignore multiple deaths to shove a Putinbot agenda says more.

            Do you think that Dua Lipa would have carried off the white paper prison smock that Payton Grendon wore for his court appearance more stylishly?

            Your shallow opinion being key to such questions, and all.

          8. SOQ

            Name calling means you have lost the argument- I will engage with the white supremist Nazi supporting shill no further.

          9. Fearganainm

            Lying hysteric invents ‘rule’ to duck out of dealing with reality.

            Off you trot, Putinbot.

          10. Fearganainm

            Probably the same descriptor that applies to the fact that 80.7% of the murders of white people were committed by white offenders (FBI’s Expanded Homicide data from 2018).

          11. Mad

            Well as the population of the US is 76% white ethnicity so that stat pro rata makes sense.


            Black homicide rates are seven to eight times those of whites though Blacks have a rate of poverty only four to five times that of whites


            In about 80-90% of the cases, the Black victim was killed by another Black,


            Got anything else Fearg?

            Maybe you could paste in another 15 pieces about Peter Andre’s chipolata to try to distract us all (but fail) from how much of an airhead you are?

          12. Nigel

            I’m curious as to what conclusions you are drawing from this in the context of the discussion of a white-supremacist-motivated mass shooting?

            Addendum – and, um, why are you using data from 1983 to reach that conclusion?

          13. Mad

            Sigh @Nigel, aka a drunken uncle at a wedding

            Have the stats changed much since love?
            You don’t actually know or you would surely say it.
            Hint: sit this one out pal

          14. Nigel

            Posting 1983 stats and then saying, we’ll, It’s just been 40 years, surely nothing will have changed seems a bit odd when you could just post current stats?

    3. :-Joe

      Haha ye, britain gets 12 points from Ukraine and gives ZERO in return….

      British public give Ukraine 12 and come second…

      Total joke…

      Proof again that “The public” always know better than temporary bloodsucking politicians do every single time…

      What did Ireland(The Eurovision establishment of Linda Martin’s past glory) give Ukraine? .. Jaysus…


    4. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

      So UK top the jury vote (deservedly so too). Where politics play out most obviously. The UK.

      And the public vote – again THE PUBLIC vote – awarded 439 points to Ukraine. That must make millions and millions of Europeans Nazis.

      By the way that means that the great voting public of 37 or 38 countries awarded 12 points to Ukraine.

      Sorry Tanqie, this is one piece of your bull qrap that’s a pathetic miss.

    5. Kin

      I was so surprised Ukraine won I just could not watch it
      Yer man’s face
      Was he wearing camouflage

    6. TenPin Terry

      Germany gave Blighty their 12 but still finished last behind France and Ireland fail to qualify.
      It really doesn’t get much better than that.
      I rather liked the Swedish entry tbh. It would have got my 12.

    1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

      Don’t worry Tel, I reckon next year’s final will be love from London.

  2. Hughie Luas

    This Eurovision farce should have ended years ago. It’s not as good as it used to be (Derry Girls syndrome again).

    The Ukraine song is utter dung, if you could call it a song. FFS. Worst ever winner in musical terms. But hey, when was it ever really about music? Or Europe.

    1. Kin

      Dustin’s entry was totally was bang on and they have never forgiven us for it and never will

      1. K. Cavan

        Seems to me that the Eurovision is the perfect cultural representation of the EU. Utter crap that nobody really wants, promoted, pushed, hyped by the media, despite almost universal disinterest, so the mouthbreathers end up watching it anyway.

    2. Mad

      I for one am delighted to see that phrases like utter dung are now an essential part of the discerning commenter’s repertoire! Carry on!

      1. Hughie Luas

        Dung and Bumbum should be official terminology.

        Meanwhile, good look to the Ukrainians hosting it next year. Somewhere.

        It’ll probably end up in the UK anyway.

    1. Kin

      One thing that has emerged is globalisation is why we are all suffering
      One war and the whole planet is being gouged
      In 2002 Ireland was one of the major exporters in fertilisers
      Now no more
      Just imagine if China was sanctioned
      The instant implosions of our economies
      It’s time we ended this dependence on the new order demanded by multinationals/globalists
      It’s time we reintroduced self sufficiency where we grew our own food manufactured our own needs and only imported what we cannot grow and manufacture

      1. jonjoker

        One relatively small war, Kin.
        There’s lots of stuff happening that doesn’t meet the eye – and we’re paying for it.

    2. stephen moran

      As I said previously Globalization peaked in 2008 (as measure by global trade as a percentage of global GDP) – Trump reignited the mercantilist fetish with his protectionist tariffs (which the US consumer ends up paying) and this trend was then extenuated by vaccine nationalism during the pandemic, China’s Belt and Road (debt trap diplomacy) and now on-shoring and protection of supply chains for “national security reasons” – Of course this has been egged on by gross economic mismanagement in places like Sri Lanka (where the Rajapaksa clan ran the place into the ground with voodoo economics – twin deficits and no reserves) and El El Salvador’s genius decision to promote and adopt Bitcoin as legal tender on the advice of the lunatic US libertarian fringe (file under what could possibly go wrong) who of course don’t have to pick up the tab for the disaster. The tripling of fertilizer prices will mean a fall in yields for staples such as rice come harvest time (a mere 8-10% drop in crop yields could see 500mm go hungry). Tunisia (the only country to emerge from the ill fated Arab Spring with a democracy) has slipped back into its old autocratic ways due to food insecurity and there will be dozens of military coups and uprisings this years globally when the food price shock really hits home come September when countries exhaust their emergency warehoused stocks of wheat etc.

      1. Mad

        I’m reading Globalisation and it’s Discontents again.

        Only just started into it but the main thesis so far appears to be that Trump’s “reform” of globalisation only made it worse: and that overall globalisation wasn’t so much a bad idea – because for example it increases global food supply – as just poorly implemented in many ways. You gotta love economists all the same.

        1. stephen moran

          Well Trump destroyed the WTO (World Trade Org) with his failure to appoint appellate judges – The ironic thing is that Globalization whilst it lifted billions out of the World Bank’s definition of poverty which is earning less that $1.90 per day on a Purchasing Power Adjusted basis adjusted basis (i.e. a $ in Gabon goes further than one in Geneva) but it increased wealth and income disparities within countries due to gross domestic economic mismanagement, endemic corruption etc. in these countries. For example 2 of the countries with the highest Gini coefficients (which measures income / wealth inequality within a country – the higher the number the worse the disparity) are South Africa and Brazil (South Africa is the worst globally btw and what corrupt kleptocratic party has been in power there since 1994 ?). No prizes for guessing that Russia is right up there with the worst of them Comrade.

          1. Mad

            Shouldn’t that be down there?

            I’ll read more and come back to you on your other comments. Thanks for offering your insights for now.

        2. stephen moran

          Yep – up there in term of a very high Gini Coefficient i.e. a very unequal income and wealth distribution – – the “down there” was a sloppy turn of phrase

      2. K. Cavan

        What a pile of steaming cat-poo, stephen, you must be having a laugh, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, what are you like?

        1. stephen moran

          So do enlighten me about the factual errors ? Tell me all you know about the economic woes of both ? Sri Lanka sold it soul to the Chinese and elected the Rajapaksa clan which led to endemic corruption , nepotism and gross economic mismanagement – they will default formally in July unless China rips another chunk of their sovereignty away if they pass on giving them a penal bailout (they already have foreclosed an a port and an airport) -and they currently have bigger fish to try with their own imploding domestic economy – re El Salvador, – well everyone knows about that suicidal tale of economic woe with their idiotic embrace of crypto which is neither a store of value nor a medium of exchange. As I said the Ayn Rand right wing libertarian loons who were cheerleading this madness with all the bravery of being out of range don’t have to pick up the tab – the heavy indebted citizens of the country do. Sad to report US imperialism wasn’t at fault in either case !

    3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      ban is the wrong word, they have asked exporters, not to sell to private companies etc like in China to prevent hoarding that in turn pushes prices up. Actually India has offered grain to countries that need it.

      1. Mad

        Thanks for clarifying Janet
        There is so much misinformation and agit prop peddled here daily it’s hard to wade through it all sometimes .
        PS did you see my BBC article about trans sports the other day?

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            good read, I have ran with men and sparred with men (and let’s say some spirited wrestling too) and if trans are keeping even some of that explosivity it’s as the article says unfair and I’d add dangerous.

    1. Mad

      Ah sure we had one here earlier this morning as well Giggidy. Daisy even had her plastic mickey out and all. And just the sight of it arouses the cisgender males ( or is it binary- I can’t keep up ? ) she swamps around with in her own private t’internet Everglades. Snap, crackle
      And also paps.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Never watched that series – thought it was some hobnobbery upstairs/downstairs yoke. It’s looks very funny actually.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Sad still obsessing over me after what was probably a terrible night’s sleep.

        I doubt you’re safe to be around other humans without a shock collar.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Congratulations to Sam Ryder on the success in Eurovision.

    The No. 1 could be classed as a political Turin Shroud.

    1. Hughie Luas

      In fairness, it was the best entrant. The UK will host the competition next year I would say,

  4. NM

    . Naomi Wolf: “We’ve seen internal documents from the CDC showing that they always had planned six injections, so it’s not over yet. From the beginning, [they] had planned six injections.” So who’s ready to take their next two or three?

    1. SOQ

      All one has to do is look at how many does each country has purchased? This is somewhat concealed within the bureaucracy of the EU of course, but nothing a half decent journalist couldn’t pull out- if we had such.

  5. TenPin Terry

    A shocking story in the Sindo about a family forced to move into a church after repeated racial attacks from local youths were left uninvestigated by An Garda Síochána.
    Amaka Blessing Aigboboh, her husband Christopher Enoch and their four children said they were subjected to repeated attacks after they moved into the council house on Dromcarra Avenue in Tallaght in 2013.
    The family settled a legal action with South Dublin County Council late last month for refusing to move the family to a safer house in another estate.
    Clearly conditions have not improved since the EU found Ireland had the second worst record in Europe for racist abuse and attacks on black people
    The report makes disturbing reading and something for which this country should be deeply ashamed.


    1. Mad

      Why should “this country” be ashamed of a few feral knackers out in Tallaght? Diarmuid Rossa Phelan had the right idea though in fairness

    2. K. Cavan

      Well, if a random family of illegal immigrants from a country that would never allow a single Irish person to immigate complains, then things must be bad, eh?
      Imagine an Irish person arriving in Nigeria & announcing to the immigration officials that they’d come to build a Better Life for themselves? After the cops were finished laughing, the prospective immigrant would be thrown in a cell & flown home on the next flight.
      No Open Borders in Africa, they’re not stupid.

  6. Kin

    A little piece you can Google
    When your back is against the wall and all we hear is we cannot a little article re post war 1946 to 1947 when a nation at war had such a shortage of workers thanks to a war and of course 158 thousand built in one year
    With virtually no builders left alive

    Massive rationing massive shortages full stop and millions homeless from blitzed housing then of course nations crippled economically from a world war
    Search term on Google


    Read it and then realise cannot is not acceptable

  7. SOQ

    Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living

    It’s a common misconception that Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is only caused by the HIV virus. This simply isn’t true.

    When immunodeficiency disorders affect your immune system, your body can no longer fight bacteria and diseases.

    Some common ones are:
    • Radiation or chemotherapy, which can lead to a secondary immunodeficiency disorder known as neutropenia
    • Infections due to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can result in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
    • Leukaemia, a cancer that begins in the cells of the bone marrow that can lead to hypogammaglobulinemia—a type of secondary immunodeficiency
    • Malnutrition, which affects up to 50% of populations in underdeveloped countries and leaves people vulnerable to respiratory infections and diarrhoea

    But some of the less common causes include Drugs or medications.

    So it’s perfectly possible for a medication or drug to cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and data published by Public Health Scotland, the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the Government of Canada, the UK Health Security Agency, the UK’s Office for National Statistics, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control strongly suggests the Covid-19 injections should be added to the list.


    1. K. Cavan

      All very well, SOQ but Nigel says that the media told him that the Miracle Vaccines are Miracle Vaccines, so they must be Miracle Vaccines.
      The Covidians don’t actually understand what a “Syndrome” is. Most people think “Chronic Illness” means it’s something very severe, for goodness sakes.
      These are the Plain People, salt of the earth, you know, morons…

  8. TenPin Terry

    The Irish Times reports, through gritted teeth one would imagine, that British military intelligence delivered a damning assessment on Sunday of Russia’s Donbas campaign. It reckoned that Russia had lost about a third of the ground combat force deployed in February, and its offensive in the Donbas had fallen “significantly behind schedule” and was unlikely to make rapid advances during the coming 30 days.
    Extraordinary losses for Russia where reports this week suggest they’re refusing to take back the bodies of their dead troops in a bid to hide their losses.
    No word on Irish Intelligence assessment yet, mainly because he’s having the weekend off visiting his Mammy in Sligo where they always watch de Eurovision together.

    1. Me So Harney


      “British military intelligence delivered..”


      Nonsense for the feeble minded..

      1. TenPin Terry

        Irish Times readers are feeble-minded ?
        I tend to agree and they’re usually among the better-educated Irish citizens…

        1. jonjoker

          This is a Ukraine website, with a pro-Ukraine message:
          Do you see that region in the SE and East of Ukraine? it was conquered by Russia back in February, an area about the size of Ireland containing Ukraine’s main industrial region. Much of the population is Russian, and most of the population is Russian-speaking.
          This is a new reality – not one I like, but one that unfortunately came about in response to NATO and the EU trying to move Ukraine further into their orbit. One we have to deal with – and the best way of doing so is accepting that Russia’s war has gained them a lot of new territory which they won’t be easily dislodged from. We don’t need to like this, we don’t need to officially recognise it, but we do have to acknowledge the reality of it.
          The unipolar world that came into existence at the end of the 1980s has now disappeared, We won’t be returning to “The End of History” any time soon, IMO.

    2. K. Cavan

      Funnily enough, TPT, people on the ground in Ukraine are, guess what? Yes, reporting that the Ukrainians are suffering heavy losses & that Russians are having to dump the bodies of the AFU soldiers in mass graves, because the Ukrainians are refusing to pick them up, despite offers of ceasefires to allow this.
      At this stage the Ukronazis are sending in conscipted, untrained over-40s, with second-hand Western weapons, against tanks & missiles. I’d say they’re destroying the tanks with their bullets, constantly chipping the paintwork, making rust-spots inevitable.
      It’s an utter obscenity, the poor idiot Ukrainians are being used as literal cannon-fodder by Zelensky & his handlers in the CIA, so they can turn around & appeal to the West for a bigger slush fund, which will follow the billions spent & looted in Iraq & Afghanistan, into a Swiss bank account.

  9. GiggidyGoo

    “ In the analysis of jury voting by the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) pan-European voting partner after the Second Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, certain irregular voting patterns were identified in the results of six countries.

    “In order to comply with the Contest’s Voting Instructions, the EBU worked with its voting partner to calculate a substitute aggregated result for each country concerned for both the Second-Semi Final and the Grand Final (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting records). This process was acknowledged by the Independent Voting Monitor.”

    Irregular voting patterns eh? Maybe regular voting patterns are what the Eurovision boyos consider ‘irregular’.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Perhaps Ireland should complain and beg to become the 26th country in next year’s final …
      Back of the net™ !

      1. GiggidyGoo

        We never complain about Eurovision. We know the standard of our entries. When they’re good, they’re good, when they’re bad, (thanks to Linda Martin and Co.), they’re bad.

        It must gall you though that back in 2021, despite always having automatic qualification, Blighty managed to score the astronomical point tally of…..NIL. ‘Harsh and Hilarious’

        At least blighty got its act together this year and put in a decent entry which under different circumstances would have won.

        1. Mad

          In fact they have finished in the “relegation places” on several occasions in the last decade


          But then sure they love glorifying a crushing defeat and hailing mass suffering and annihilation as some kind of “victory”. Dunkirk anyone? Charge of the Light Brigade?

          The brigade was not completely destroyed, but did suffer terribly, with 118 men killed, 127 wounded, and about 60 taken prisoner. After regrouping, only 195 men were still with horses

  10. TenPin Terry

    Those magnificent men at the Air Corps and their flying machines that keep breaking down.
    Mehole stranded in Brussels as his staff scour remote airfields for an airworthy crop-sprayer to get him home.
    What happens if there’s a real national emergency such as an invasion by Her Majesty’s finest squaddies – as seriously discussed by RTE this week – and Mehole is stuck in a Brussels Travelodge about to tackle the Big Value Breakfast including extra rashers for €11.99 when he should be back at home organising the pitchforks and walking sticks to defend the aul’ sod ?
    ” We shall fight them at the Centra hot food counter and we shall defend our right to act the maggot after a feed of pints.We shall never surrender our Johnny Onion Rings. ”
    Not the Department of Defence’s finest hour…

    1. TenPin Terry

      Over now to the Air Corps headquarters at Casement Aerodrome where tests are underway to find a Government jet suitable for the international prestige Ireland attracts.
      Spokesman Dick O’Dastardly said ” Ah jaysus and begorrah we’re only after having a bit of a sesh last night so we haven’t quite run through all de safety checks like ”
      ” Give us time for a breakfast roll and a cup of tea to get the heads sorted and we’ll soon be up,up and away to be sure to be sure.”


        1. TenPin Terry

          That’s the city of entitlement for you.
          They’re still hacked off their drunken, ticketless fans scored an own goal of 97 dead Liverpool fans at Hillsborough when they could only manage to kill 39 Juventus fans at Heysel.
          Always were a whiney lot but then what do you expect from a city with so many people of Irish descent living there …

          1. TenPin Terry

            Everyone in football knows the truth.
            Funny how many Scousers conveniently forget Heysel.
            They’ve been whining every since Maggie whupped their asses.

          2. Mad

            @Tom he and Daisy in particular, now also latterly joined by Fearg as well for the most part, cruise along the bottom invariably…

          3. Tom J

            @ Mad.
            Say’s the guy who wanted the Russian’s to drop a nuclear weapon on Ballyfermot. You have a short memory.

          4. Mad

            See you actually don’t even care to figure that out for yourself Tom. You’ll never even miss it.
            Proves my point.

          5. Tom J

            @ Mad
            I know very well where it is and I know a lot of people from that area. You on the other hand couldn’t care less about your fellow men and women. If it does get hit by one of your Russian missiles it would be so catastrophic that even obnoxious fcuking pricks like you would be wiped out.

          6. Mad

            Well you know what Sartre said Tom, hell is other people. Sure look it can we just settle for wiping out Neilstown and call it quits?

    2. Hughie Luas

      When are we getting those SAAB/BAE Gripen fighters and the anti-ship missiles?

    1. TenPin Terry

      On the plus side at least it’s not a ” moving ” statue of the type that attracts thousands of thick Irish people thinking it’s the second coming of Christ …
      ” Are de bleedin’ hands bleeding yet Seamus ? ”
      ” Who knows Paddy ? I’m still cross-eyed from de scoops last night like ”

      1. Mad

        Did suffer terribly

        The brigade was not completely destroyed, but did suffer terribly, with 118 men killed, 127 wounded, and about 60 taken prisoner. After regrouping, only 195 men were still with horses

        1. TenPin Terry

          59 posts today.
          Nearly a third of all contributions.
          The very definition of a person with no life other than a virtual one.
          I’m assuming you wear incontinence pads to save going to the jacks ?
          You poor thing.

          1. Mad

            1. I ate food
            2. I drank something
            3. Ireland is shiiite
            4. I love Boris
            5. Everyone’s Giggidy

            Ready? Repeat ad nauseam

  11. stephen moran

    Sweden will apply for NATO membership simultaneously together with Finland on Tuesday. Turkey have withdrawn their implied threat to veto their application – Vlad Putin the master strategist strikes again – so much winning

    1. Fearganainm

      And only 1,300-km of ‘new NATO-improved’ border for Mr. Putin to worry about.

      That ‘beating back NATO encroachment’ plan’s going to have to be looked at again.

    2. stephen moran

      Yeh it’s called the will of the people – funny concept called democracy not that the peoples in any of the countries so admired by the Gulag fascist boy scouts here ever get to experience it – right wing parties won 2.15% of the vote in the 2019 Ukraine election – even Sieg Heil Hermann Kelly’s black shirt scum could muster more I’d say – as there are quite a few Irish pondlife jack boot polishers around judging by the dysfunctional flag shaggers on here

      ……..at the rate the Russians are retreating Ukraine will be able to host the Eurovision in Crimea next year

      1. bisted

        …who do you think Comrade Zelensky will send to Crimea to tell the pensioners there that they’ll have to give up their Russian pensions…but hey, they’ll have a song contest…

        1. stephen moran

          Oh Putin will be toast by then – burnt toast – like 10,0000’s more of his fascist scumbags – the only good Russkie is a dead one – the whole cesspit country is either complicit or compliant – Mother Russia is a whore that must die

        2. Nigel

          Who do you think Putin will send to Ukraine to tell all the civilians that he’s killed tens of thousands of them and displaced about a million. Maybe he’ll have a purge.

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