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  1. Hughie Luas

    Full lunar eclipse overnight (3-4:30 AM). Comments should be as normal as usual so by morning.

    1. Kin

      The taxpayer is just pure game
      I would love to know how exactly the state can reduce a persons state pension because they undervalued their home?
      I wonder will the refugees all 200 thousand they have planned to take will pay tax
      And it’s only fair anyone housing refugees have their property tax removed

  2. Tommy Bohan

    Another day, another front page of British royals from the English, I mean Irish, Daily Mail.

    1. Kin

      God the bedrudgers
      I doubt the royal family will ever be able to celebrate a monarch being on the throne for 70 years again
      Let’s face it Charles will be pretty bad value for money so let their be a king Willie (no pun intended &bet scottser will love that)
      Watched the celebration and it was fantastic
      Of course the spin off is going to bring in plenty of tourists

  3. SOQ

    The Platinum Jubilee is a fantastic opportunity for the people who can’t afford to heat or eat to celebrate a woman who owns a £3 million hat, a £25 million chair, 30 palaces and a £1 billion jewel collection.

      1. stephen moran

        I think Sri Lanka will be getting all the wrong kinds of Chinese souvenirs according to the FT as I predicted about a month ago here despite the usual knownothingism trolls insisting they knew better.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Looking forward to celebrations over the Platinum Jubilee four-day bank holiday weekend in June.
      We’re in the advanced stages of helping to plan a street party near our UK gaff – proper old school bunting and cream teas with pork pies and lots of strawberries.
      It’s a great way to meet the neighbours and have a natter – a couple of families have put up Ukrainian refugees so they’ll really appreciate the fun – and we’ll raise a few bob for charity.
      There won’t be a community in the land where some sort of celebration hasn’t been planned.
      ” Spectacular moments in London and other major cities will be complemented by events in communities across the UK and the Commonwealth, allowing people to join together in celebration and thanks at a national and local level.
      Plans for the Platinum Jubilee are being developed in conjunction with some of the UK’s leading creative minds, event organisers and world class digital design companies. Using the talents of the UK’s cultural and creative sectors, the programme will engage young people from across the Commonwealth and use new technology in exciting ways. ”
      I’m no royalist but there’s going to be some knees-up in Blighty that weekend.
      Her Majesty is a beloved institution.

      1. scottser

        when she dies the royal family will degenerate into an irrelevant and expensive mess. give it 50 years and you’ll be looking at the republic of england.

      2. SOQ

        To the person behind this goading Charger / TenPin character- why do you need to spend so much of your life living in that fantasy world? I am not having a go but is it some sort of mental illness where you feel better hiding behind a caricature?

        Surely you must be aware that nobody actually believes your spiel and BS- so why bother?

        1. TenPin Terry

          Shouldn’t you be knocking one out over your Putin wallposter ?
          You see, that’s far more polite than ” do one “.
          Kinder, gentler BS™

          1. TenPin Terry

            Caricature ?
            I’ll have you know I’ve spent the weekend grappling with computer art apps to create a poster for the event. I’m rather proud of it.
            Lots of red, white and blue, some heraldry and the inevitable lions rampant.
            If it’s anything like the Golden Jubilee street party then it’s going to be a cracker. It was like a good Paddy’s Day but without the feckless drunks and boggers wearing leprachaun hats.
            And you Queenie ? Another weekend doing Putin’s propaganda work for one of the most homophobic regimes in the world and spreading the latest anti-vaxx conspiracy lunancy ?
            You poor thing.
            The gayers I know are a lot more fun.

          2. SOQ

            No one believes your caricature BS? No more than in your previous Charger incarnation- so why the need to do it?

        2. Mad

          Ever consider it just really is just some sad, fat, bewildered, unhappily married (to equally disgustingly obese) obnoxious “Nobjocki” SOQ?

        3. Mad

          Isn’t a bit like being a bad drag Queen then SOQ? You know it just becomes a mask of sorts

          1. SOQ

            Yeah you are right except with a bad drag act you can just move onto the next YouTube. I just don’t see the point is all.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        ‘We’re in the advanced stages of helping to plan a street party near our UK gaff’

        The effect Coronation Street has on the simple minded.
        Eh Chuck.
        1966 !

    2. Kin

      Well it’s actually money well spent regarding tourism but let’s face it that money could be spent on the poor
      Fact is SOQ it’s the same all over the world governments strolling around like giants
      Meanwhile instead of peace being the number one priority the west is just fuelling and prolonging the suffering of the Ukrainian people
      Billions on weapons for what
      At the end of the day Russia is the winner
      They are just about to take possession of ukraines industrial heartland and the poor saps left with having to live with the consequences
      They will withdraw and of course the Ukrainians will eat a poo sandwich
      Of course the elite will relocate and odds are on zelensky will head to the USA with his billions

      Unless NATO and the EU invade Russia
      The question we must ask ourselves is
      Is Ukraine and zelensky worth WW3
      The answer is no but the Ukrainians are going to suffer for decades with a ruined nation and the debts to pay for the war and we depending on how long this lasts are going to be thousands of euro out of pocket

      And who pays for the rumoured 200 thousand Ukrainian refugees

      1. Kin

        My god mad maybe she is doing a new video for like a virgin remixed
        Maybe the pope might do a little dance going down the steps of the Vatican in a reenactment of the late great dave Allen’s sketch to the sound of the striptease song

  4. Mad

    Is it really necessary to continually wheel out that desiccated old coconut at this stage of her life?

    Stick her in the county home and let her forget who she is

    1. stephen moran

      I’ve often thought that the most utterly useless “profession” imaginable are so-called “Royal watchers” in the media – talk about parasites existing off parasites – its the ultimate dung heap – LIverpool supporters and the Sex Pistols had the right idea

      1. Mad

        Couldn’t agree more. The breathless commentators they have on during special events are a breed apart

      2. TenPin Terry

        One Vowel™ – you don’t have a single follower on your Twitter feed.
        Not one.
        Do you really think you’re in the best position to talk about popularity, Mr Burns ?

    1. Kin

      I thought there was laws regarding selling firearms
      Surely this guy needs to also be held account for his customers actions
      Maybe the death penalty as an example for gun shops to realise its not boiled sweets or flowers they sell

  5. stephen moran

    You know how you see some Ayn Rand neo fascist white supremacist GOP whore economist on Fox selling the snake oil of crypto as emancipating you from the bondage of fiat money and the Yankee $ and then you are imbecilic enough to go an base your whole economy around this crock of faeces ; well. who could have predicted this would happen ?


    1. Mad

      Again total agreement. Maybe crypto currencies have a place, like digital online banks but can’t figure out what people who are otherwise quite intelligent see in them.

    1. Fearganainm

      1 dead, 5 critically wounded in shooting at church in Laguna Woods


      “…A Taiwanese congregation was in the church at the time of the shooting, Undersheriff Jeff Hallock said. Authorities are interviewing more than 30 people who were inside the church at the time. The victims were described as mostly Asian and mostly of Taiwanese descent, authorities said. The oldest victim was 92. A law enforcement source said officials believe the suspect was a 68-year-old Asian man who is originally from Las Vegas. The source said after the suspect opened fire he was “subdued” by parishioners. No other details were available…”

      1. Ronnie

        Unfortunately this happens every day over there Fearganainm.
        Move on, it’s sad but it is what is is and always will be in that country.

  6. Fearganainm

    Backlash as €100k earners qualify for affordable homes scheme:


    “Buyers on incomes of €100,000 will be eligible for a government affordable homes scheme that will give them interest-free subsidies, the Irish Independent can reveal. This has been described as unacceptable by the opposition.

    There is an allocation of €60m this year to deliver around 550 homes under the Affordable Housing Fund, a scheme signed into law by Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien. However, it has emerged that the just-published regulations underpinning the scheme will allow home buyers on incomes of up to €100,000 qualify for it.

    Sinn Féin housing spokesman Eoin Ó Broin said this made a mockery of the word affordable…Sinn Féin’s Mr Ó Broin said: “The eligibility criteria are far too broad and would see scarce resources going to people who don’t need it.” He said describing €410,000 homes as “affordable” made a mockery of the word…”

    1. Mad

      What should the level be then and what methodology do you propose for benchmarking it?

      1. Nigel

        I support Ukrainians who are being murdered by an invading army fired by this guy’s ideologies. Are all Ukrainians Nazis who deserve to be murdered? Is that what you support?

        1. SOQ

          Every single Nazi should be dispatched back to hell where they belong- no exceptions- crystal?

          1. Nigel

            How many tens of thousands of non-Nazi civilian deaths are worth it to achieve that end?

          2. SOQ

            How many tens of thousands of non-Nazi civilian deaths are going to occur if they are not neutralised? ‘Bash the fash’ isn’t such a trendy thing now so?

            Vacuous morons.

          3. Nigel

            How many people wouldn’t die if Putin didn’t invade? All of them.

            This is what happens when you outsource your fash bashing to another fash.

            War apologist.

          4. bisted

            …wow…there’s Nigel up early…or is it late while you ‘wait in line’ for your daily Democrat spin…your proxy armies now include the lands of eternal sunshine…the sun never sets on NATO…

          5. bisted

            …sleepy Joe seems to have Zelenskys ear…perhaps if he had pledged US help to stand against nazis in Ukraine and helped him fulfill his election promises then Russia would not have felt it necessary to denazify Ukraine…

          6. bisted

            …don’t you have enough baddies to contend with…Republicans are baddies…we all got that message from your whinging during Trumps time in Washington…all four years of it…

          7. Nigel

            I was talking about Putin. You’re the one whinging about Democrats, Republicans, Trump, NATO…

          8. SOQ

            You have no clue about Ukraine history Nigel and what is even more bizarre is that you have no wish to educate yourself either. It is like you are proud of your ignorance.

          9. Nigel

            You keep invoking Ukraine history as if it justifies the invasion, and yet it never does. For example what is it about the Ukrainian famine caused by Stalin that justifies this invasion? What is it about Putin starting the separatist conflict that justifies this invasion? To pick just two episodes of Russia messing with Ukraine.

          10. Strutting Andrew

            SOQ, with the greatest of respect, and I know you’ll ignore this comment as is your wont, but do you have any notion of what a Nazi is? Honestly – try it as an exercise: list 5 basic characteristics: intense nationalism; mass appeal; disdain for liberal democracy; obsession with creating a homogeneous society without dissent or challenge; xenophobia, racism and homophobia; dictatorial rule; anti-intellectual, atheoretical movement; emphasis on the will of one charismatic leader; totalitarianism; expansionism…

            Can you honestly say that when you consider all this, you think of Ukraine (which let’s face it, you knew zilch about two months ago) and not Putin’s Russia?

  7. TenPin Terry

    That’s such a good picture of the first cruise liner of the season docking at Cobh – there’s something almost historic about it.
    The fragrant Lady TenPin occasionally badgers me into a cruise – I must say I don’t really like them but of course I’d do anything for the love of my life.
    Not keen on those big hotel on water monstrosities – I rather like the more refined Cunard ships like the Queen Mary/Victoria.
    Although if I had the choice I’d rather not be on them at all.
    Give me nice beach bar and some Caribbean choons with my friend Victor skinning up between serving ice-cold Red Stripes.

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