Boylan Point



Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Former Master of Holles Street Dr Peter Boylan (above left) addresses protesters at a National Maternity Hospital protest rally outside the Dail (Leinster House). The ownership of the site by the Religious Sisters of Charity has led to concerns  about the influence of Catholic ethos.

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews


Committee hearing to discuss planned NMH move (RTE)

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15 thoughts on “Boylan Point

  1. Kin

    Every nursing professional has the right to moral and ethical choice
    As long as religious institutions have sway over hospitals we will forever have savita’s
    Fact is the health professionals refused to treat her without their ethics dictating the care she got
    They effectively left her to die
    I wonder are they still in their jobs?
    Maybe time the HSE and minister of health is asked in the dail

    Just bin the project and source land that has no connection with the Catholic Church or any religion

  2. Toby

    Peter Boylan needs to take. chill pill. Its almost personal now between himself and his sister in law Rhona O Mahony. Women’s health should not be an ideological football and Im surprised that the anti religious fascists are happy to be represented by a male pale and stale man to mansplain women’s health.

      1. Toby

        For many “right thinking” loons unfortunately it is. If it has a collar, a habit or a penis, kick it. Seriously, these off the rails secular fascists would easily swap women healthcare for a go at a priest or a nun. Bunch of hypocritical wife swapping sodomites.

    1. freewheeling

      Boylan only interested in kicking nuns. He’ll gladly delay maternity hospital for more years if he gives him that opportunity. So, no, he’s not about women’s health – he’s about historical revenge on the religious establishment he had to work under for years, what little there is left of it in this. He’s a pathetic figure at this stage.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Boylan is a brave and principled man who has carried the fight for Secular health care. We congratulate and applaud him. May there be many more like him.

      2. Kin

        Freewheeling it’s not about revenge it’s about justice
        Maybe all medical professionals should sign a pledge that they put their patients needs above their religious morality
        Savita died just because of that
        I bet the staff are still working in the industry
        Fact is you cannot have Catholic ethos involved in our countries tax paid for services
        Maybe if they want to do what they want then they pay for the cost of building it and staffing it

        1. freewheeling

          Since when did getting a healthcare facilities for the State become about a crusade for justice. If that’s the case, then Boylan isn’t the only one who needs to take stock of his priorities.
          Maybe if the State/Boylan want to do what they want to do – if “justice” is that important to them – let them reject the deal, and the land, a go pay for the cost of that himself.

          Compare his behaviour with the likes of Jimmy Sheehan who quietly went about building healthcare facilities for decades (including the Hermitage). Boylan is a gasbag, and simply wants what he wants – he wants to excoriate the religious and/or for the State to appropriate (private) property. Would he be allowed call for asset seizure unchecked, were it any other institution’s property? Doubtful. If its just to seize one insitutions property, but not another’s – what are the criteria that make that justice and not discrimatory revenge?

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