Corridors Of Power


This afternoon.


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19 thoughts on “Corridors Of Power

  1. Kin

    It’s not just that but watch RTE news Chanel that after 9am the news channel shows Catholic mass
    This state is no longer Catholic

  2. Kin

    But not being buggered by an agent of them or beaten senseless or have your child buried in sewers os sold off under the trafficking
    All crimes these orders have been found guilty of

  3. Mary Brennan

    Well we are a catholic country,if u went to other countries haven’t they their artefacts display and dare u have an opinion on them .we might not agree with them but you would have to respect that country ,and the wouldent have other rooms for other religions.we should respect other religious and have places for everyone to practice their religion.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        While I agree with that, I should point out that the oratory in the first tweet above is in St Vincent’s Private hospital. Many of the patients are being treated for life threatening illnesses, and some are at end of life care. They find the presence of the oratory comforting.

        Also, when not in use for Mass or other services, it is available as a place of contemplation for anyone, regardless of religion. Also within the same hospital a room is set aside specifically for those of Islamic faith to pray if required. While not sanctified (or whatever the equivalent is) it is private and available, and quite a few staff use it.

      2. Tom

        Catholic ethics is largely responsible for the very existence of hospitals, but that’s only a minor fact in the great truth that secular medical ethics – and the deliberate killing of human beings that it endorses – is wholesale good.

        1. Mad

          How is caring for the sick an exclusively Catholic trait you bigoted wanquer? You are welcome

          1. Mad

            Are you really that ignorant? As the great prophet Nigel said:

            He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie (in the ignorance stakes)

            John 1:27

    1. Kin

      There are Protestants there is Jews there is Muslims and they are all Irish women and men so we are no longer a Catholic nation

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      The SVHG have gone to great lengths to insist that they are secular with no religious influence, this simply proves otherwise.

      An organisation steeped in lies of omission cannot be trusted.

  4. Kin

    God is god he has many names but Christ is supposed to be the son of god the messiah not god
    No where is it said Christ is god in any scripture or bible
    Or even in archeological proof
    Just warped teachings from man made churches
    Yahweh is the name of god from the Jews that Christ was one

  5. Hughie Luas

    Jebus H Boylan, there’s a sign on the door that says “Saint” Vincent’s. Tough one.

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