Darwin’s Natural Selection


Last night/this morning.

Darwin, Australia.

Australia is to sign up to the international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on May 22 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Once signed, the treaty will enable WHO’s constitution to override local constitutions during a pandemic or other health emergency.

Last week,  Taoiseach Micheál Martin, when pressed on Ireland’s intentions toward the treaty, said:

“In terms of a pandemic, what is required is very strong global interaction and co-ordination among all the members of the WHO, which did not quite happen at the beginning in this regard.”


…via The Australian Spectator:

…The advertised pretext for a global health treaty is that countries were wrongly allowed to take bespoke approaches to Covid – in particular, their vaccine roll-outs. According to the WHO, this endangered the health of the whole planet.

A more accurate reading of the situation comes from discussions had at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations launched at the World Economic Forum in 2017, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and a consortium of nations that include Australia. The Liberal government pledged a further $100 million to CEPI in March, 2022 to add to the $1.5 billion it has raised from other governments.

CEPI’s mission is to create ‘equitable access to vaccines’ because they do not like the volatility (and competition) of the free market. This is the same organisation that poured a fortune into RNA and mRNA vaccines for the WHO’s DiseaseX scenario which – less than a year later – was put into emergency production to combat Covid as a ‘proof of concept’ exercise.

Their stated objective from the beginning, long before Covid, has been to find a way to force Western governments to purchase vaccines in bulk for the Third World under the banner of ‘equity’.

The handling of the Covid pandemic is being used as an excuse to justify what was already designed and publicised. In this light, the proposed Global Pandemic Treaty is – first and foremost – a trillion-dollar business deal.

Being discussed is a $10 billion per year ‘preparedness fund’ along with an additional $100 billion emergency fund – that you pay for. Who knows what else is coming…

Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty (The Spectator)

Last week: Anti-Treaty

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19 thoughts on “Darwin’s Natural Selection

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      with a capital F,
      they bring in forced vaccinations here and it’s just another reason to leave.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          India, where it’s impossible to enforce f all because the bribe is always king

    2. toby 32

      Fact is the creation of vaccines must be taken out of the hands of the pharmaceutical industry and a world body set up that researches vaccines new drugs etc
      These are then passed on to companies to manufacture
      The world will have to find this through their contributions
      Governments will have to then fund them
      The point is profit is removed along with shareholders
      The only reason why it was an emergency is that no one was working on developing new flu virus and it is a virus vaccine until’ it was top late
      We had the warning from soars the swine flu and not one government heeded the warning
      Now its happened the only fly in the ointment is the drugs companies and the greed of the whole medical industry
      Its a case of why cure anything as long as a fortune can be made from treating the problem
      The world is where it is from the greed of globalisation
      We see this now when we see russia invades Ukraine and the general public is gouged to death
      Just wait to see what happens if the west goes to war with china

  1. freewheeling

    Unfortunately, we don’t get a say in the singing of this treaty. That’s the whole point of it. Just get a malleable national signatory to sign away a little bit of sovereignty once and that’s the start of it. It’s a bit like Lisbon Treaty – once they get away with doing it this way once, they’ll do it again for other things. Introduction of global governance by stealth, backed by (and for) big money. What could go wrong?

    1. John

      The lisbon treaty was voted on by the people as it needed a modification to the constitution.
      This will need the same if it is to modify our constitution unless the government finds a way to legislate around it.

  2. doobee23

    Finally it becomes clear why the response to covid was such a debacle, despite all the international modelling of pandemic scenarios (one such huge international effort concluded late 2019, that specifically focused on a potential coronavirus pandemic). Governments pretended they were caught off guard and flying blind, in actual fact these last couple years were carefully planned to create the conditions for global governance by unelected players.
    What politician wouldnt sign up to a treaty that absolves them of responsibilty for unpopular actions such as indefinite lockdowns etc etc?
    This is the biggest power-grab in the history of humanity, it spells the end of democracy as elected goverments cede all independence to unelected officials in the event of a potential health threat.
    Our government has already made it clear that it will not even be debated in the Dail as the exececutive has the power to sign international treaties.

    1. Nigel

      ‘carefully planned to create the conditions for global governance by unelected players’

      So the botching of pandmic responses because of a lack of global preparedness was deliberate in order to justify setting up a body for gobal pandemic preparedness. Whereas now it’s actually harder because a bunch of geniuses have decided the pandemic was fake, the response to the fake pandemic was deliberately botched, the vaccine is being used to poison everybody in the world and the new body is a massive evil power grab. They could have set up the body before the pandemic, saved lives and not had anywhere near so much conspiracy hysteria directed at them.

      1. doobee23

        Who would have dreamed of singing up for a treaty like this before the covid debacle?

        1. Nigel

          Plenty of people were warning that the world needed to prepare for future pandemics. They would have.

      2. Kin

        Politicising the pandemic did not help and now the likes of Pfizer are bigger than Jesus
        They made more money than these price gouging oil and gas companies made out of this war

        It’s time vaccine researching was taken out of the pharmaceutical industry for this pandemic just showed the world the form of the whole industry

        A special vaccine division staffed by scientists must be set up financed by the worlds government tasked to researching new vaccines and drugs and pharma just allowed to manufacture
        The cost of drugs alone vary from 13.5% of our health budget to 17.6% in the USA
        bring in medical insurances costs for drugs then around another 20 to 30% in the USA alone

        Maybe if drug research was out of the hands of pharma the world might just see cures for cancers instead of sucking the life out of the patients bank accounts by the medical industry

        Maybe with constant research and the removal of any research from private companies we might never see another pandemic again and many diseases finally beaten
        But this will never happen due to the greed of the human being

    2. SOQ

      What politician wouldnt sign up to a treaty that absolves them of responsibilty for unpopular actions such as indefinite lockdowns etc etc?

      The politician’s self interest- they are quite happy to sign away all of your rights as long as it makes their job easier and their job has less and less responsibility- but ALWAYS with the same if not more wages.

      In fact most of them would be quite happy to go full Zelenskyy and be a complete puppet as long as they are raking it in.

    1. SOQ

      Careful now SailorGerry- you’ll have the shills and the psychotic calling you names if you keep linking to that sort of thing.

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