A field, somewhere.

An bhfuil fhios ag éinne cé hé féin?

Translation: Do you know the mystery hairy piper with the big hands?

Sandals with socks (not visible).

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6 thoughts on “Drone Shot

  1. Sara

    K. Cavan’s always playing with his pipe. Trying to get it to work. Too many steroids. Could be him.

    1. Hughie Luas

      No, it’s not K. Cavan. It’s an uilleann piper (uses the elbow). K likes to blow hard into his.

  2. K.Cavan

    Ah, you’re talking about me, again, flattered by the attention, naturally but what stupendously boring lives you must both lead. Sara’s even imagining me playing with my pipe, oooh-err, well blow me! The bad News for you, Hughie Luas, is that I’m open-minded but don’t really swing that way. Never understood the attraction of bestiality, TBH.
    When I say stupendously boring lives, I understand I’m exaggerating, since clearly neither of you has a life.
    So, Get A Life, Losers!

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