This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin  2

Speaking on his way into Cabinet, the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan (above), said he believes the plan to relocate the National Maternity Hospital will be agreed today.

Via RTÉ News:

He was asked about the concerns raised by his Green Party colleague Neasa Hourigan last night.

The Dublin Central TD said she continued to have “heartfelt and genuine concern around the pushing through of this deal”.

Ms Hourigan said the Cabinet should “pause this decision for further scrutiny” because “all transactions are built on trust … trust that doesn’t exist right now”.

She added: “I repeat again the need to release all relevant, legal documents related to share transfers from one entity to the other and to either remove ‘clinically appropriate’, clarify it or add rights based language to the documents to protect those receiving services.

Minister Ryan said he was aware of Ms Hourigan’s concerns but there would be no change to the term ‘clinically appropriate’. It was in the legal documents and clarity had been given on it, he said.

Ryan expects Cabinet to agree hospital relocation today (RTE)


This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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12 thoughts on “Expectant

  1. hmmm

    Why do these secularists have such a fetish for murdering babies?

    And in the “National Maternity Hospital” of all p[laces…

  2. Gringo

    Fairly bizarre situation to have a government minister attempting to convince us that a lease agreement is the same as ownership of a property.

  3. Dr.Fart

    ok so that’s a straight up lie then.. Ryan saying “clarity has been given” on the clinical inappropriate line. People have been asking for that and it hasn’t been given. It’s one of the main issues. If it’s been given, ask him to reiterate what was given? He’d mumble and flounder while wiping his glasses and looking wistfully into the middle distance. He’s just dismissing anything on the matter. If he was being honest he’d say “look, its hardly up to me. Martin and the lads have been held bent on shoving this thru, they won’t be listening to me”

  4. GiggidyGoo

    The question now has to be – whose paws are being greased? For Donnolly to say that leased land would be owned by the state for 299 years raises more than one red flag at this stage.

    Who will benefit financially from this? Will there be yet another tribunal in a decade or so?

    Donnelly should come clean. Next it’ll be that details are buried for 75 years and accessibly by no one of the public.

    No wonder he has a security barrier built around his house.

    1. anti bot

      Good man Goo. Why does an elected political need a security barrier around their home? How do you know he has one?

  5. Toby

    Thank God for that. About time we stood up to the tinfoil secularists and their panic spreading. Worse than Catholics any day.

  6. toby 32

    Nothing less than the hospital built on public land owned by the people of Ireland not the state and that means a constitutional entry as state is the government will be good enough then build it and build one that is fit for purpose not all bells and whistles to suit the consultants
    A functioning maternity hospital that provides the services that’s needed
    Maybe situated in the midlands or where ever it can be reached to benefit all not just Dublin
    Then it might be just worth the wait

  7. Kin

    Humpty Dumpty sat in the dail Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    Hopefully come an election he will be history

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