Last night.

Don’t worry.

It’s just for genealogical fun and not HARVESTING.

Via Claire Byrne Live:

Genealogists Maurice Gleeson and Hilary McDonagh joined Claire Bryne on RTÉ One to discuss the results of the presenter’s own DNA test.

Is there nothing she won’t do for the nation?

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9 thoughts on “RTÉ DNA

  1. Sara

    Unlike some people whose whole family DNA down the generations is represented by one house in deepest Wicklow.

  2. Kin

    Ideal spot for the national maternity hospital and they can move RTE to some spot worthy for a viewership number smaller than Manchester like a garden shed
    Maybe Clare Byrne’s or even Marty (party in your pants )Morrissey’s shed
    Job done

  3. Mad

    I always said she was good looking at least by Irish media standards.
    No wonder there’s a bit of Norwegian in her

  4. Slightly Bemused

    I must admit to being disappointed in that piece. Not so much the information as the presentation, I thought it lacked a lot of lustre, and could have been better presented.

    Little Slightly had her DNA checked, in part for medical reasons. I was interested in the fact I had told her of where our family is from, going back due to my Dad’s research about 10 generations (a few fewer on his side) back. I rattled it off, apparently her DNA confirms this. The one that really surprised me was while I knew of my Welsh and Scottish heritage, the Cornish was a small surprise, but not much given my Dad being from Cork.

    My Mum bemoaned her honeymoon with the man, as they visited graveyards in Jersey on her first trip outside of Ireland. He was some romantic :-)

    I will say that while I have nothing against DNA histories, please learn the actual stories of your families, from the chats with Grandmas and Grannies, the tales of Grandads and Great Uncles. And if you can, get those down on paper. who knows where they will lead!

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